After Xu retreated, Cai Shaochu waved a hand at random and a dark green curtain rose from all sides, wrapping everyone up and completely isolating the outside world in an instant.

This skill makes Harlan, Evie, Augusto and others envy. This represents Cai Shaochu’s thorough refining of Muyuan Palace. 许退解元域封印后谷神星四大遗宫发生异状复苏时候蔡绍初就在木原宫正殿俄联区安列维奇赶来后已经有些晚了 相反水原宫哈伦、伊维、奥古斯多三人几乎是在发生异变时就前后脚赶到水原宫正殿 三人眼光自然发现了水原宫水眼不同了争取炼化三人当场大打出手快将狗脑打出来了还各出阴谋诡计就了争夺水眼控制 最后战得力量消耗大半各自重伤然后姆亚人达拉克带人杀过来了 不过哪怕是此时此刻论是哈伦、伊维还是奥古斯多都不觉得他们前行有问题 就是运气不好 若是他们当中有人能够抢先一步炼化水原宫水眼力说不定刚才突破到六卫行星级强者就是他们当中某一个人 甚哈伦、伊维目光还有意意从许退身扫了一眼 这个会议仔细算起来其实是一个通气会 就是蔡绍初、神话主乌拉、还有许退将他们知道有宇宙通道节点包括小宇宙情报部拿出来众人探讨了一遍 其许退又特意了一趟将姆亚人尸体炼化成血晶和魂晶方法推广问题 当然魂晶负面力量问题许退也郑重了这一点 尤其是蔡绍初对这一点非常肯定 蔡绍初话说这是阳谋! 当姆亚人是修炼资源这件事逐渐推广后就会形成一种大势 一旦这种大势形成就可阻挡! 会议进行了半小时就结束了 Next, the participants will deliver the meeting to their own homes in the shortest time through their respective channels, and […]


A hearty sound.

"Yes!" Zhou Jia turned around and saw the bearer’s eyes not stunned. "Don’t leave Mo’s predecessors?" "Is it me?" Someone nodded and stood near on crutches. Gray hair and wrinkled face, people are old, but their voices and eyes are still young The body has a high-spirited spirit that belongs to young people. The surge […]


This power is only to heaven.

There must be some details in it. You can’t see anything normally, but if you slow down, you may get something. It’s like chasing a girlfriend for the first time. You can see that you have a face and a figure. After a long time, you can discover more mysteries and details. It’s a pity […]


A low sob interrupted Lu Zhang’s thoughts.

"What’s the matter with you, madam?" There is a little uneasiness in Lu Zhang’s voice. He has seen his wife cry like this. In his mind, his wife is a great woman, strong and full of wisdom. He often teases that if she is a man, she will be a rare hero in the world. […]


"Here we are!"

Time falls, and the person who got the news hurried to meet him. "Three ancestors are waiting in the backyard." "hmm" backyard Green orange tree Qian Ji changed into a white robe and lay in a soft chair. When he saw a threesome, he raised his hand and fell down. "Laughed" He grinned bitterly. "I’m […]

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