Gu Qingshan grabbed heavenly sword and pointed it at that group’s operation method.

The group’s magic method suddenly disintegrated in the sword wind.
Gu Qingshan entered the oblivious ecstasy and mused while fighting.
"It’s the technique of flying immortals, which must be able to resist all attacks and escape …"
Speaking, he has reached the edge of the boundary.
Behind him, Asura is erupting like a frenzy, surging with all kinds of attacks such as skills and weapons.
Unfortunately, these attacks were blocked by five long swords.
Root method approaches him.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Body mans
Gu Qingshan stepped out of the barrier and looked behind him.
"… my sacred pillar strength has been growing to resist these Asura attacks naturally."
"But he will be injured in sword training."
"In this case, I must also look for those more powerful attacks than expected before I can further study the blocking method-"
His figure flashed into the sky and he didn’t know where to go.
Half an hour later
Somewhere in the depths of white clouds
An island built with cloud.
Turtle saint interested in way while drinking tea.
"Do you want to try to resist my attack?"
"Yes, I think Jian Xiu is not only an attack, but also should ensure his battlefield survival rate" Gu Qingshan said.
"Then don’t learn from me?"
Said the turtle saint, touching a turtle shell reluctantly from behind.
"You enter this turtle shell, and I promise that as you get closer to it, your defense ability will increase greatly, and then you will put on a suit of armor outside-you won’t die at all!"
Gu Qingshan looked at the turtle shell.
If you promise, Jian Xiu will fight with his turtle shell on his back …
That picture is too beautiful to watch.
I’m afraid there won’t be anyone to be a sword repairer anymore!
Gu Qingshan barely smiled and said, "I appreciate the kindness of my predecessors, but my swordsmanship road will be for those who practice swordsmanship in all the world in the future, and they may not be able to get the tortoise shell of their predecessors."
Turtle saint thought it was the same. I couldn’t help sighing with regret.
"Then forget it. You want me to attack you so that you can hone your resistance, right?"
Gu Qingshan turned into a ghosting shadow that was directly blown out of the clouds and flew like a shell.
Kamei Sheng withdrew his fist and sighed, "This is not as simple as creating a sword tactic, but creating a road."
"I know"
Gu Qingshan sound qi
He let out layers of sword awns and gently fell in front of the turtle saint
Kamei San looked at him in surprise and said, "Are you blocking it? That’s not so fast-"
Turtle holy voice suddenly stopped.
It quietly looked at Gu Qingshan eyes gradually more complicated.
"Senior come again" Gu Qingshan laughed.
"So that’s it … it’s really a shame to have done this."
Kamei San became serious and clenched his fist again-
Tens of thousands of boxing shadow superposition together but toward Gu Qingshan stung.
In the air, a crack in the clouds exploded.
Gu Qingshan was shot out again and the whole person disappeared into the sky.
Only to see a sword mans flash across.
He reappeared in front of the turtle saint, covered in dripping blood.
However, he didn’t feel thoughtful. "The strength of the sword tactic is enough, but I can’t respond in an instant. About 20% of the attacks are not blocked."
Kamei looked at him for a long time before saying, "Don’t you feel pain like this?"

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