In the mountains of western Hunan, several earth-rock iron gates slowly hit more than a dozen Dongfeng heavy transport trucks out of the deep tunnel, with an effective range of 9,000 kilometers. The dark green body of df2 highway mobile intercontinental missile quickly stood upright and pointed to the sky in the night.

In the mountainside of Taihang Mountain, more than a dozen trucks with the same heavy weight drove out of the cave gate, and the sharp warhead of df2 intercontinental missile pointed to the sky.
Dozens of intercontinental missile silos have been stripped of camouflage, and df5 intercontinental missile silos have accumulated strength. It may take more than ten years or even decades to develop a successful intercontinental missile, but it will take a few minutes for the world to learn its anger!
More than 30 missile launching trains have been launched, and those sparsely populated railway sections on the east coast of northwest China have gone fast. df9a railway mobile anti-ship ballistic missiles have been annihilated, but df9, which is derived from it, still does not despise the range of 5,000 kilometers. Enough!
Calm and deep, the blood in the East China Sea has not dissipated. The submarine carrier Wu Shen and two 92-type nuclear submarines surfaced, and the launch hole cover of submarine-launched intercontinental missiles stopped without saying a word. The dense launch holes there made the world gasp.
A 93 strategic nuclear submarine in the South China Sea surfaced.
The Andaman Sea Soul strategic nuclear submarine surfaced.
These strategic missiles pointing to the sky are like Optimus Prime to support the collapsing sky.
Seeing this scene, the original boiling water was noisy, and both the west and the east fell into a dead silence, and everyone was suffocating.
Nuclear war has been clamoring for decades. Is it really coming?
China almost moved its nuclear arsenal and brazenly turned its nuclear strike force.
The Ministry is determined to burn one’s bridges and burn one’s bridges, and the whole world is frightened by the madness. It has indeed reached a desperate point. Almost all military powers regard it as a piece of fat and fat, waving knives and forks, and want to cut off a piece. Even those monkeys that have been repaired to death by it are eager to try to grab some residue. Although only a few friends are weak in strength, they are powerless to make up for Zhangjiakou’s loss. Everyone agrees that Beijing has no choice but to move the capital or surrender. Now China has given a third choice besides moving the capital and surrender. You want to? China’s Foreign Ministry remains silent, which is more terrible than the devil’s roar.
Tumen Liesov will read the newspaper in his hand and raise his eyebrows. "Show all the nuclear weapons. Would you rather die than surrender? Interesting! "
Chief of staff, the heart is almost stopped. "China is crazy! If we continue to attack Beijing, they will not hesitate to smash the nuclear weapons in their hands and suspend the attack! "
Tumenlisov will say, "Don’t order the frontline army to speed up the attack!"
Political commissar with "are you crazy? This is to force Beijing to press the nuclear button! "
Tumen Liesov will say, "I just want to see if they have the courage to press that button! Chinese people have always liked to bluff, and they won’t take extreme measures if there is still a little room for compromise. Now Beijing is only threatened. They can fight a Stalingrad-style defense war in Beijing. They can retreat to the south bank of the Yellow River to continue their resistance. They still have vast depth and abundant resources, but don’t you think it’s a problem to show nuclear weapons at this time? " He waved his arm and stressed, "This is probably a threat in disguise! Marshal gave us two bullets at Zhangjiakou and Chengde to test whether a Chinese country has the courage to take reciprocal revenge at the risk of nuclear war! If they really dare to fight a nuclear war, there will be nothing to fight, and they can negotiate. If they dare not, the war will be over! I must find out whether they are vain or have really given up hope and want to pull us together! "
Will roar Chinese and foreign Mongolian front-line army offensive more fierce can not stop!
Hundreds of computer elites from all over the country are working hard at the Republic Space Center, tapping the keyboard lightly, and the shower can’t tell the points at all. Everyone looks solemn and races against time without blinking. They have been working continuously for several days, eating and sleeping are all solved at work, but no one has complained that they have to keep their eyes open. The logistics staff have watched it more than once.
Until some guys can’t keep their eyes open, but they still knock on the keyboard until they faint. Li Huan, a guy who was furious with Liu Weiping, has long since disappeared. His hair is unkempt and his eyes are bloodshot, and he is fascinated by the smell of smoke. He works with instant noodles and puts them next to him. I don’t know how many times I changed them, but I didn’t care to take a bite. No one dares to get close to him and make a little noise. He will be furious in the past two. Last month, this unscrupulous guy directed a group of ministries to launch several cyber attacks on the Soviet Union, and the results were either turned back by the same well-trained Soviet hacker forces or had little effect. Unlike Japan, most departments in the Soviet Union still managed ————— God knows how they handled massive information by these stupid things, and extremely complicated calculations made the whole country run at a high speed! A large group of hacker elites are blind to the Soviet hacker forces’ watertight defense and counterattack, and the most lethal virus has no use for those damn things! Successive failures have pushed his anger to the limit, and anyone who dares to hit the gun will die miserably!
A tall female soldier with eyes and long hair suddenly jumped up with a hint of childishness in her magnetism and excitement. "Success! Success! "
The gray-haired computer professor beside her slapped the desktop and shouted excitedly, "I also succeeded!" Damn it, the original code has finally been deciphered! "
Li Huan leng a roar "still leng stem what? Does the horse want to wait for me to help you with the antidote to kill the virus? "
Members of the Central Military Commission of Xishan Strategic Command Center are sitting here quietly, nervously watching the changes in the battlefield. The Soviet army still seems to be approaching, and they will never give up until they break through Beijing. Everyone’s heart sinks with every step they take. Some people have closed their eyes and waited for fate judgment.
At this time, Li Huan’s tired voice sounded in the conference hall, "Report that we have killed the double-headed eagle and implanted brain virus in the pre-satellite system. Nine satellites are returning to normal, and Beidou system will be restarted in five minutes at the latest!"
The chief of staff shook his hand, and the hot tea shook out and drenched the back of his hand, and his eyes were moist.
Finally killed that damn virus …
After paying a high price, I asked the double-headed eagle to help me send nine military satellites to Taitai. First, the double-headed eagle delayed the launch date and then threw the satellites everywhere, so they were not sent to the scheduled orbit. After extremely hard work, they finally transferred these satellites to the scheduled orbit. When it started, they found that they were inexplicably infected with the virus. If they didn’t say anything, they almost infected the entire satellite communication system! Drive the army
I had to hold my nose and continue gps. At the same time, I ordered Li Huan and them to kill the virus as soon as possible. After a whole week of sleepless work, it was finally done. Unfortunately, it was too late. It was too late for all the navy soldiers to see it.
Another equally young voice rang out in the hall, "The repair work of Tianjian II has been successfully started!"
There was a commotion in the hall, and several female officers’ eyes were hot and tears are not obedient spewed out.
"Tian Jiansan is fully prepared and fully charged. Please instruct to hit the target!"
The Chief of General Staff turned his eyes to the old man and slowly nodded his head. He couldn’t put it on the end. The teacup said in a strange voice, "!"
Chapter DiErSan Death Snow Boiling Sea ()
The red words in the Kremlin rang.
Borrossi rove took the words to feed a.
The words were that the Chinese defense minister called the old man and said bluntly in Russian, "Stop attacking Beijing or perish together!"
Borrossi Love said, "Surrender and pay the Soviet Union 200 billion rubles for war reparations, and we will give you peace."
The defense minister said, "We didn’t exchange money for the habit of peace. We prefer to sign our names with bayonets stained with enemy blood!"
Borrossi Love shook his hand slightly and said, "In this case, I can also say something. If you are unwilling to pay war reparations, we can get them ourselves. But I have to warn you not to move nuclear weapons. The number of nuclear weapons in the Soviet Union is ten times or even twenty times that of you!"
The defense minister said, "But you didn’t have ten or even twenty lives more than us!" "
This conversation is over.
Borrossi rove slowly put the words out and became very worried. He frowned after learning that the Saresagan base was destroyed, and he didn’t stretch.
Ulanova came in and picked up the files he swept in his rage and put them on the table one by one and asked softly, "What’s the matter? Is China still unwilling to surrender? "
Borrossi Love said, "They are adamant that if the foreign troops approach Beijing, they will …" Here he sighed and didn’t say anything because he didn’t have confidence to force China to bow.
Since 1945, this country has never bowed its head to anyone. The Soviet law made them bow to the NATO law. Even the NATO aircraft carrier battle group and the Soviet intercontinental missiles aimed at them at the same time made them hold their heads high.
Ulanova came up behind him and gently massaged his temple, saying, "Why don’t we call a truce with them and stop fighting? Although I don’t know anything about military affairs, I also know that the national economy has collapsed and it is difficult to support a protracted war."
Borrossi rove wry smile "that also have to hold on, we have no way out, the Chernobyl nuclear explosion exposed the weakness of the Soviet Union. Even if we don’t attack China, China will attack us after a few years. At that time, I am afraid that the Soviet Union won’t even be able to mobilize an army to compete with them. I can watch them rampage in the Far East, take away large tracts of territory gained by their ancestors in hundreds of battles, and insert red flags all the way to Lake Belga, Sayanling and Kuye Island."
Ulanova said, "What?
What happened to those desolate lands and China? Even Lenin’s mentor admitted that the Soviet Union’s continuation of the Far East territory from Russia was obtained by improper means and should be returned to them. Why can’t we return this part of the territory to China in accordance with Kushuai’s will in exchange for their assistance to jointly fight against NATO? "
Borrossi rove’s face flashed a trace of irate anger and immediately suppressed it, but the tone was still a little harsh. "Sonia, you remember that although the Soviet territory is vast, there is no extra inch! I can accept all political transactions except territory! "
Ulanova murmured, "In the end, we have lost the land ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Borrossi rove didn’t speak. There were too many accidents in this day, which exhausted him. First, Liu Weiping killed NATO headquarters and forced NATO to terminate its military strike plan against China. Then the Baikonur Space Center and the Sareshagan base were bombed to the ground, which greatly affected the Soviet strategic strike force. I finally took Zhangjiakou and others, but instead of China surrendering, I came out of the cave with intercontinental missiles and nuclear submarines that surfaced! Victory and failure have never been so closely intertwined as they are today. Unfortunately, an n1 rocket was launched before the attack on Baikonur Space Center. Although the weapons that "Peace" could not be delivered to the scheduled orbit, the powerful space industry of the Soviet Union enabled the Soviet Union to rescue it, so that it would eventually be docked with Mir and built into a weapon capable of destroying everything, but it would take time!
The second particle beam launch base in the hinterland of Ryazan Prefecture has been completed and will soon be put into use to suppress China in the same way as the Saresagan base, but it is more than enough to stop intercontinental missiles flying to the Soviet Union, but it will take time.
Since the war, there has never been a Soviet side. It is like a vicious dog with sharp teeth chasing behind the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union can run hard or it will be bitten to death.
Fighting to the death and unyielding China, NATO became the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was still fierce and good at fighting. It broke the Chinese army’s defense lines and wiped out the Chinese army by tens of millions, but every time it defeated the Chinese army, it mobilized three divisions. Every time a line of defense is broken, the Chinese army builds two stronger lines of defense in depth. Facing the Great Wall, the army is United in the north and south. Facing NATO and Europe, the thunder is gathered. Borrossi Loff feels a sense of breathlessness. It’s really tiring to sit in this position. It seems that the whole Russian land is pressing on him, and the terrible pressure will almost crush him!
The bell interrupted his meditation. It was the command of the Outer Mongolia Army. He took it and his face suddenly lost color.
"The Chinese military used tactical nuclear weapons to retaliate against the frontline corps!"
The fierce fighting in North China has become more and more fierce. The Chinese military fleet is struggling to advance in the sea. The Soviet front-line aviation fleet is coming in wave after wave, which may drown them at any time. However, in terms of the situation and other crises, they will eventually firmly protect the bomber fleet. More than one fighter fuselage blocked the missiles that were fired at the bomber. The Chinese military was determined to make the Soviet army extremely surprised and smashed the seven dragons to fight for the top, and the ten dragons to fight for the top, and the f2 to fight for the top … Although they suffered heavy losses, they eventually rushed forward without turning back.
"Damn Chinese people, aren’t they really afraid of death? They’re still rushing!"
A5 The early warning engine room was in a hurry, and all the crew members had lost their habit of being cold and quiet, and became hysterical. Looking at the bloody pieces of smoke and flames all over the sky for a long time, even these dispatchers could not bear it. When they saw another squadron of Chinese fighters charging the line, someone scolded them and faced this kind of undead opponent, who would be under great pressure.
However, their pressure seems unlikely to last long.
A strong green light is emitted from the mountains in the hinterland of Xinjiang, straight through the sky, suspended high, and the geosynchronous orbit mirror satellite refracts back and penetrates into the atmosphere. When it is nailed to a5, the light spot has spread several times as big as peanuts. However, considering that this light beam is emitted from more than 10,000 kilometers away, it is extremely rare for a lightsaber to do this. The smoke rises out of the slurry and splashes out. The tail of the early warning aircraft is gently pulled off by the high airflow, and the airflow drags everything that can be pulled. The disintegration of the early warning aircraft Ling was in the midst of fierce fighting, and the Soviet pilots were in an uproar. The second early warning aircraft also became a ball of fire flying all over the sky, which made people feel shocked!

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