"I haven’t heard that charm can drop IQ …"

Qin Mu Ye looked at the fighting with the witch and the wizard, and it was much better to roll back and forth and fight with the hooligans.
This is purely a middle-aged man with kidney deficiency fighting a 60-year-old woman.
Talking about magic? Qin Mu Ye didn’t see anything, and there was indeed magic around him, but the wizard didn’t start it at all, and he rushed out after the witch came.
When the witch saw this, she didn’t think about releasing magic, but she resisted with her hands.
While Qin Mu Ye is squatting watching two people scuffle thinking do you want to sell?
After all, this fight is really unsightly.
There was a lot of noise. Qin Mu Ye also noticed that all the Rapunzel girls in the tower leaned out and showed incredible expressions.
To say that he looks good, he has a unique charm temperament, which is like facing a succubus.
Qin Mu Ye, he has also seen that the succubus is a late Lord.
He doesn’t know if there is a succubus in this fairy tale world, but this temperament is really not something that ordinary people can withstand.
From song to appearance, it’s really fascinating, which makes me have an impulse to dissect and find out what this is.’
Good looking? Can you eat when you look good?
If modern and peaceful times can really be eaten as food, the world in Qin and Mu Ye obviously can’t be eaten as food, and even Qin and Mu Ye can’t get food here.
"Value? Now Rapunzel is bigger than witches and wizards."
He thinks that this Rapunzel is of extraordinary origin and may have some special blood.
Slowly got up, and the magic in their hands bloomed and they wrestled with each other. At the same time, they felt a sense of crisis and were frozen by a layer of scarlet crystals before they came to react.
When Rapunzel saw this scene, she couldn’t help covering her mouth and was surprised. The whole body could not help but shrink inside.
Qin Mu Ye looked up and took out the tinder box and rubbed a copper coin, so the dog jumped out of the void.
"Go get me the tower man" Qin Mu Ye commanded a.
He can fly wonders, yes, but there is no need to go there in person. Just let the dog go. The dog can jump. At present, I don’t know what the principle is
The copper coin dog’ woof’ and then pounced on the whole dog, so it disappeared in Qin Mu Ye’s field of vision, and then the female screams and noises came from the tower.
But the sound comes quickly, calms quickly.
Then the copper coin dog came out with Rapunzel, which faced each other’s hair. Qin Mu Ye was really knowledgeable
"Now that this place belongs to me, what do you think?" Qin Mu Ye asked 1 very kindly.
Lettuce shook her head and dared not lie.
"Very well, I like your inside story. If you have any opinions, you can tell me directly that I will explain the body to you." Qin Mu Ye is still very measured in doing things.
There is a high probability that he will not be able to solve the problem when he is alive, but if he dies, he will be left with a corpse to explain casually, and he will certainly be able to fool around casually.
Hearing Qin Mu Ye’s words, Rapunzel’s eyes widened.
"Now take your hair with me to accompany a fool. After spending most of this time squatting, it’s such a result." Qin Mu Ye vomited a sentence and then motioned for the copper coin dog belt to bond the ruby statues together.
I entered the room next to the tower, and the head was covered with dust. It seems that it has been a long time since people lived in it.
After looking for it, I really found the basement. After hitting it, I found that there were many instruments of torture and all kinds of dried blood.
Bodies and bones are not treated very clean, but they taste a little smelly and dirty.
Qin Mu Ye immediately recruited 2 Gospel Grinch.

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