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Xiao Yu laughed. "I heard that Shenji Pavilion is a door industry. I don’t know if it is true or not?"
Star regrets wondering, "who says we are a door industry? We, they, are just getting along. Everyone takes what he needs and benefits each other. There is no attachment. "
"So that’s it."
Xiao Yu suddenly qR1
Suddenly, the star regrets and laughs. "Xiao Xiong also wants to spend this plain. Why don’t we form an alliance? Xiao Xiong didn’t know that this plain is strange and evil, and the hidden danger is called bloody plain. It is said that the blood of the ancient taboo strong people was sprinkled here. Once the royal blood flashed from the sky, it was unpredictable to kill people. "
"So dangerous?"
Xiao Yu eyes a clot to think for a moment and smiled, "In this case, it is better to form an alliance, so let’s start now."
Star regrets and laughs, "Xiao Yu, wait a minute. We need another person to cross this plain before we can get sick safely. Please wait a moment when he arrives."
Immediately, a group of people waited.
Star regrets looking at the distance for a moment and then suddenly laughs, "Here he comes."
Xiao Yu’s eyes looked and saw a yellow streamer approaching quickly and soon fell near. It was a young man wearing a khaki robe. His eyes swept around and everyone fell. Xiao Yu suddenly changed his face. "Did you invite others?"
He turned and left.
Star regrets hurriedly grabbed him and said with a smile, "Xu Xiong, wait a minute to introduce me."
The yellow robe man turned around and looked at Xiao Yu with a cold sneer. "We agreed to invite me alone, and you even invited others to be disrespectful and insincere. What are you talking about?"
Star regrets hurriedly said, "Xu Xiong doesn’t live here lightly. His surname is Xiao Mingyu. He is from South Xinjiang and Zeng Donghai. His strength is not inferior to yours. It will be safer to have him join us."
"Xiao Yu?"
The man looked at Xiao Yu with a narrowed eye. "So you are the Xiao Man. When I was visiting the Wei family in the northern desert, I heard your name from the elders of the Wei family. You even killed dozens of young talents of the Wei family. They almost killed the young talents cultivated by the Wei family. They asked me to kill you if I met you. I also deduced your foothold. We thought that you actually appeared here. It’s really hard to find a place."
"Do you want to kill me?"
Xiao Yu eyes flashing laughed
The man smiled solemnly. "If I kill you, I want your head to go to the Wei family for a reward, then you go to the Legalist family for a reward, and then you go to the Yin and Yang Sect for a reward."
Xiao Yu’s eyes are full of pitfalls. Xing regrets his face slightly changed and hurriedly laughs. "You are all guests invited by Xing. How can you kill each other? Please give a face to Xing. Don’t be quarrelsome."
The man stared at Xiao Yu with a grimace of a grin. "Xing Gong, I respect you. It’s a genius to come here. You didn’t expect you to go out in collusion with Xiao Man. Aren’t you afraid that the forces of heaven will rise up and attack? Let Xu be a bad guy and get rid of Xiao Man for you. It’s better to raise your name. "
"You “`"
Star regrets that he didn’t expect this man to be so melodramatic and bent on starting work here. His face changes and he constantly dissuades him, but the man is determined to ignore it.
Star regrets hurriedly to Xiao Yuyin, "Xiao Xiong doesn’t want this person to have general knowledge. He is a small country in the western regions. He was too temperamental and overhauled. He once had to meet an outsider to give him a look at the gas and put on a good show. If he has anything else, we can probably cross this bloody plain safely."
Xiao Yu laughed. "Don’t worry, I don’t think he has general knowledge. He doesn’t have general knowledge at all."
He laughed and made Xing regret that he had a creepy feeling and always felt something was wrong.
Listening to Xiao Yu’s words, the man flew into a rage and said, "How dare you look down on me and kill you!" "
He stopped talking nonsense and directly leaned out a skinny hand and caught it toward Xiao Yu. With the evil wind whistling, ghosts and ghosts wailed, and there were several ghosts and ghosts exposed. The darkness of heaven and earth was bleak everywhere, like the ghost hell reappeared.
Star regrets cold sweat and hurriedly says, "You two have something to say."
The words sound just fell and I saw Xiao Yu blow out the golden light flashing fist. One punch was blowing the big hand. On the spot, the big hand was shattered, the evil wind dissipated, the spectre disappeared, and heaven and earth returned to Qing Dynasty.
Xiao Yu took a step and instantly appeared around the man. The palm of his hand grabbed the man’s head and pinched his blood vessels with five fingers, but his face showed a kind smile. "I said no, you generally know that because you and I are dead all the time, Xiao Mou never dies."
Star regret for a stay didn’t expect Xiao Yu means so high and simple two strokes to capture Xu, let him die involuntarily hurriedly advised "two stop don’t hurt the gas"
"Xing Gong, don’t you advise this lowly race to dare to think of me? I have a hundred ways to kill him and break it for me!"
Xu fumed and roared and struggled, but he felt that Xiao Yu was holding his head and his big hand was getting stronger and stronger. His head was getting more and more painful and he almost burst. "I’ll kill you now, lowly thing, and you’ll die worse than ugly!"
Behind him, the rays of light are shining brightly, and the divine light is sweeping in all directions, showing his vision. It is an ancient temple that recites the mysterious and obscure scriptures in all directions, which is deafening and hypnotizing, making people put a butcher’s knife and become a Buddha, abandoning all worldly dust and soaring.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly binge drinking a tongue bursts. Spring thunder contains explosive words and tactics, which will directly shake off the constant chanting.
After Xu’s big mouth vomited blood, the vision collapsed directly and it was difficult to continue to maintain his face. He was furious and grinned. "Dog, you make me really angry. I’ll show you my true strength!"
He was full of vitality and suddenly rushed up from the body, and a huge golden Dapeng was covered with golden light and beautiful. He leaned out his paws and tore away toward Xiao Yu.
"Xu Gong’s strength is really unfathomable, and the situation is so severe without array. If array method is absolutely more horrible," Star regrets the heart andao. "It’s a pity that I still appreciate Xiao Yu."
The golden Dapeng made a loud noise, grabbed Xiao Yu’s shoulders and constantly shook his roots. He never took root. Xiao Yu, like a god, took root in the palm of his hand and tried a little bit to crush Xu so that he could taste the real death but could not resist.
Xu’s guts are cracked. When he saw the golden Dapeng, he shook Xiao Yu and Li Xiao. The Dapeng turned into a giant Kun and swallowed it at Xiao Yu. Rows of its teeth were like a sharp sword biting Xiao Yu’s body, and the sparks were loud and the teeth were shattered.
Chapter three hundred and twenty Bloody Plain
Xiao Yu grabbed Xu with a sneer, like grabbing a chick’s palm. With a little force, Xu’s skull was smashed and his face was deformed.
Xu finally showed his fear and shouted, "The Seven Killing Batteries of the Big Dipper will kill me, and the Dungeon Array will seal me off from the fire and kill me!"
He thundered and offered three large arrays to surround Xiao Yu, and the divine light surged like a fire, geomantic omen and reincarnation, and the breath of destruction came out and Xiao Yu was annihilated.

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