Small in the end is not a terminating person to get hurt by himself, but it’s really not light to see Tian Tian like this, so I can’t beat him. I sighed and said, "Forget it, forget it, even if I’m unlucky, get up."

Tian Tian didn’t get up and whispered, "Tian Tian didn’t know it was the young master’s visit just now. Now that we know that the young master’s life is from you, Tian Tian is willing to promise."
"Er …" Xiao was a little dumbfounded again. "What do you mean?"
"I mean …" Tian Tian looked up and took a small glance at Ying Ying. "Didn’t master want to sleep with Tian Tian? I don’t know whether it’s now or later. I’ll ask Tian Tian to wait on the master. "
Small froze.
Would rather also froze.
Tian Tian added, "Tian Tian didn’t dare to expect to really get the young master’s attention and become a young master’s companion. Tian Tian hoped that it would be enough for the young master to remember having a girl like me."
"You … you …" Little stammered, "I said first that my piece of Yu Pei is not mine. It was given to me."
"That’s the same," Tian Tian said firmly after a little pause. "Since the young master gave you the token, you and I are just like the young master."
On that day, Yao Yuan gave Yu Pei to Xiaoxiao when it was an ordinary plaything. Only then did he suddenly find out that Yao Yuan had given himself such a wonderful baby. He went over and picked up Yu Pei and couldn’t help but look at it. He would rather "How to calculate this?"
"This certainly doesn’t count."
"You’re not picking up girls, are you?"
"But she is willing to sleep with me."
"This is a special reason." I would rather get red in the face.
"Hehe" smiled. "I’m too lazy to take advantage of you. Let’s decide the third game."
I’d rather nod my head and let out a sigh.
Today, he made a bet on himself to win. Who knows that he was beaten twice in a row and even made two draws. In the second game, he even turned the tables. Today is the last chance to get Xiao Yun’s theory. If he is not allowed to fail again.
Cewan must make the rules clear this time.
"Hey, let’s make sure the rules again." I’d rather say, "We agreed that the target would agree to bed. What if she promised one of us first and the other one wouldn’t say anything?"
"Isn’t it the first hand?" Laugh "I don’t care"
"There is no compulsion, no identity, and no competition with each other by magic as just now, and then bet on the bed." I would rather continue to add.
"Good" little self-feeling face dominated the wind and laughed. "Don’t you just want fair competition? Then I will compete fairly with you! "
"One more thing" would rather say, "We must decide the outcome of this game. If everyone fails, let’s see who is closer to success."
I’d rather think it over carefully and come up with some details, such as "Don’t hypnotize the target" or "Don’t sabotage my actions with deliberate spells", and then I nodded "Our final destination is the arena" until I confirmed that there are no loopholes in the rules.
I followed Miss Pin Jin Cave to have a good bath and changed my clothes before I followed her and would rather go to my destination.
The arena is also a bloody place. It is said that many people die in the arena every day, and the fighters in the arena are even more fortunate. I have read many novels in this field before, and I always feel that those who love to appreciate the life-and-death struggle, some psychopaths don’t recognize what will be worth soaking in, and they would rather turn a lot of corners and finally reach the arena hall.
The challenge ring in Pin Jin Cave is not as rough as the one written in general, and there are not too many people in it. The wide hall is more like a square, and the whole area is about half the size of a basketball court, but it is not two fighters but a man and a tiger.
The tiger seems to have been fed with some stimulating food, which is more shocking than madness. Even in such a wide square, it is thrilling. The whole body is even faster than lightning. The tiger’s tail sweeps across the wind and the tiger’s claws sweep across the mouth. Zhang Baisen’s teeth are even more shocking. As soon as his eyes fall, he can’t help but feel a cold sweat.
I’d rather not be affected. The bleachers searched everywhere for half a circle and suddenly a girl in red couldn’t move.
The girl is wearing a long pink dress, black and shiny, and her long hair is soft and loose. She is wearing earrings, bracelets, rings, bracelets, anklets and other miscellaneous things. Her white face looks simple and refreshing without makeup. Wearing a pair of semi-transparent flat sandals is like the girl next door. It is a typical portrayal of "naturally carving". At first glance, it is really unspeakable.
Now the girl is holding Ba Zheng in her hands and looking at the performance in the ring with some trance. Her eyes are quiet and peaceful. Although there is a bloody atmosphere here, it seems that it has no influence on her.

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