Virtual restoration of calm

Just now, many professionals just like a scene hard in the picture instantly disappeared from Gu Qingshan and others.
Gu Qingshan rises from the ground.
The man’s wound base has been treated, but when will he wake up Gu Qingshan but he has no bottom in his heart.
The man lying on the deck is still in a coma.
This guy caught by wooden arm can help me in that future?
Gu Qingshan looked at some uncertainties in men’s hearts.
But this man is really saved from the virtual.
Gu Qingshan also has a deep understanding of the strange side strength.
At this time, it is better to wait for the other party to wake up first
Gu Qingshan released his mind and observed the emptiness around him. All the professionals who came to surround him have been wiped out by Lin.
"Kill them all?" He couldn’t help but ask.
"Is there anything wrong with you letting me do it?" Lin asks.
Gu Qingshan reckon "no problem, of course, no problem. Nice work"
But his tone is more or less regretful.
-now he has a miserable soul force of 2 points, and he can’t do a lot in case of emergency.
Lin thought for a while and came over slowly.
"I remember that you seem to have a strange order. You can gain the strength of the strong body and soul by killing-I should have beaten them all," Lin said.
Seeing that she was a little sorry, Gu Qingshan comforted her in turn and said, "No matter how many times there are enemies."
"Must be a stronger opponent than you?" Lin asked, her face revealing her thoughts.
"It’s almost the same as me." Gu Qingshan released his mind and looked at Lin’s eager appearance and hurriedly added "-actually, I don’t like killing people at will. It must be confirmed that you can kill the enemy."
As soon as Lin heard it, she knew what she was worried about. "Oh, you ask a lot. Why can’t I see that you are still a saint?"
"It’s not as noble as you said, but you should grab someone casually to kill me. I really don’t want to go." Gu Qingshan wry smile way.
Two people suddenly a meal.
A blazing light flashed in the virtual turbulence.
This light is so fast that it has reached the deck of the thorny ancient tree spacecraft in an instant.
The whole ship shook slightly.
See a rock man wearing a suit of gray armor appeared in front of the three men.
"Southern Cross Cloud World Master!" Lola exclaimed.
"acquaintances?" Gu Qingshan asked
He looked at each other and felt some familiarity from each other.
In ancient times, Gu Qingshan turned into an immortal giant of light, and now the rock man opposite him has a taste of immortal giant.
This element of life is really strong.
"No, he is stronger than the overlord, the strongest earth element clan, and one of the few important people in the 900 million-story world," said Lola sadly.

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