Generally speaking, it will be introduced into the forest and killed.

"Are you sure? Is it possible that Katie is a runaway? You should call the police first instead of coming to me. After all, it is better to find someone than if I let the law enforcement bureau go out. "Qin Mu Ye advised one.
He thinks it’s a lanky ghost, but who knows? What if the goods lie to themselves?
"No, it’s true. I saw Katie being taken away by that lanky ghost." The teenager described it with a hint of fear in his voice. "The slender limbs have no facial features, and the face is dressed like a spider. I saw Katie being taken away by the other side."
Qin Mu Ye’s pupil emerged scarlet crystals. After a careful look, this young man’s body is also surrounded by a wisp of breath, which is not the same type as Andy’s body at the beginning, but it also proves that this thing is also a mark.
The other party didn’t lie, but the question is how they got the lanky ghost. At present, they won’t die unless they die.
"It seems that you are also involved in the slender ghost thing. Don’t mind talking about it?" Qin Mu Ye sat back and let the other side calm down.
"Katie and I went home last night, and she didn’t know where to find a page, saying that she was playing some exciting games. After the meeting, she told me that it was to summon the lanky ghost. When I went to wait for her to learn, I saw Katie and the lanky ghost leave. At that time, I was so scared that I didn’t dare to follow."
"Father Andrew, you must get Katie back. Now they shouldn’t have gone far."
The boy said with anxiety
"So it just happened, right?" Qin Mu Ye narrowed his eyes and said
"Yes, Mr. Father." At this time, there is no way for the teenager to have a pleading tone.
"Well, in that case, let’s start quickly." Qin Mu Ye got up and said, "Leave half the people in the church. Maybe this is a witch’s plan. If the other party really dares to come and leave the other party while I’m away."
"And inform a mayor and law enforcement bureau to let them cooperate."
When Qin Mu Ye finished, he took the apocalypse away from half the gospel.
About ten minutes later, three police cars roared, the first of which was the mayor and the director of law enforcement
"Father Andrew received a message from a member of your order, and we rushed over. I’m afraid the police car can’t be loaded with so many people," said the mayor, sticking his head out of the car.
"Me and this … what’s your name?" Qin Mu Ye self-care since the door and the apocalypse did go in and then waved to the guy to come in and sit down.
That guy is also a little stiff, which is a little different from his imagination. In his imagination, he and Qin Mu Ye should defeat the lanky ghost alone instead of taking the law enforcement bureau.
"My name is Father Javier," said the boy as he got into the car.
Qin Mu Ye nodded. "Well, we can show the way. They can follow them."
Although Javier was a little stupid, he did it, but soon the police car moved, and the Gospel Genie easily followed the car, which made the town dumbfounded.
It is indeed possible to chase the car for a short time, but this group of members of the order in red robes are so tired that they follow the car without any fatigue.
"Are these people judgment places?" The mayor asked slightly tempted.
"People return to God. This is what you and I agreed, Mr. Mayor." Qin Mu Ye means I won’t say it.
The mayor smiled, "Ha, ha, ha, I forgot. I’m sorry, Father Andrew. I’m curious."
He didn’t feel embarrassed about it, but his hearty smile covered up his real thoughts.
"No, I hope Mr. Mayor won’t speak out his curiosity every time, otherwise I will be curious." Qin Mu Ye didn’t buy it and said that if you play it with me again, he wouldn’t be able to suppress his curiosity.
"Curiosity is shared by everyone." The mayor vaguely covered up the matter.
However, Qin Mu Ye didn’t believe what you said when it came to this point. Can he believe it? If the rule out, there would be no temptation this time.
Fortunately, the mayor is also experienced in officialdom, and the art of speaking will soon get things back to the lanky ghost.
He communicated some information about lanky ghosts with Qin Mu Ye, as if nothing had happened just now.
Soon I drove to the edge of Ackerman town, which is a forest.
"Father Andrew, I’m afraid the police car can’t get in here and can walk," said the mayor.
"No, but now there is another very important thing, that is, how do you know about the slender ghost?" Qin Mu Ye looked at Javier and asked.
Is it possible for Javier to direct the police car all the way as if he had actually felt the long and thin ghost’s way forward?
He said before that he was very scared, and then he looked for himself. He couldn’t know how the slender ghost went.
"I … I can see some pictures with a high angle of view, which may be the direction of the slender ghost," Javier said with tears as if he were really scared.
"Can you still see it now?" Qin Mu Ye is not entangled in these things. He is more and more sure that this is definitely a diversion plan, otherwise it would not be such a coincidence.
However, he believes in the ability of the Gospel. That’s five epic professional exclusive elite arms, which is the strongest among all the elite arms in Qin and Mu Ye.
"Yes, Katie isn’t dead. She’s hung up. There’s still a chance," Javier said quickly
"Mr. Mayor? Go together? " Qin Mu Ye invited.
He’s worried that it’s something behind the goods that he’s going to bring with him.
"It’s not good … well, I think it’s certainly no problem to have Father Andrew and the cult." The mayor seems to want to prove his innocence, and he can naturally see things from the meaning here.
"Don’t bother to leave ten people to protect us and go back to the church. Just let Javier show us the way. They are faster. I think someone is going to prepare the church to surprise us." Qin Mu Ye is not going to go. He believes in the ability of the gospel, but it would be better if he can take it alive. This requires apocalypse.
Yu lanky ghost? To put it bluntly, 4 Gospel Grinch can still beat each other?
Is it true that the other party is a god of war? Judging from the abduction style, this slender ghost is not as powerful as the pumpkin head evil spirit wave. What should I do at this time? I might as well go back to the big show.
The Gospel Grinch picked up Javier, regardless of the mayor’s situation. 4 The Gospel Grinch poured into the forest very quickly.
"Mr. Mayor, don’t worry. Soon you should be able to see the lanky ghost in my church in a black suit." Qin Mu Ye took the lead in signaling that the car could go back.
To let Qin Mu Ye personally in the past? He has a younger brother who doesn’t fight himself. Isn’t that insane?
The mayor’s look changed slightly, but he quickly hid it and sat back in the car. "Since Father Andrew is sure, that’s the best."
And Javier, the unlucky thing, the mayor left the law enforcement bureau and several law enforcers to meet him, so there won’t be any big problem.
Chapter 17 What’s wrong with this suit?
Back to the church, something really happened. A large number of migratory locusts and poisonous snakes seemed to be crazy and constantly wanted to flood in.
Qin Mu Ye’s face was black, and the man behind the scenes was not a fool. He didn’t come in person, but by casting spells.
I don’t want to know that he definitely hung up the pumpkin head evil spirit. This evil spirit has a good fighting capacity. If I hadn’t met Qin Mu Ye, no one would have been able to beat it.
It’s so vital that it’s still alive.
It seems that Qin Mu Ye and others have come back, and a group of migratory locusts and poisonous snakes have quickly dispersed into ordinary insects and animals as if they had no backbone.
"Is this strength?" Qin Mu Ye thinks that this product is just like a toad deliberately disgusting himself.

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