To tell the truth, even the beauty is not very clear about the specific situation. Now, apart from the general, none of them know the specific situation. When Gao He came back, he gradually became like this.

After hearing the beauty describe the ice evil spirit, she didn’t ask much. It was Gao Heshen who stretched out his hand everywhere to explore the cause. She was a little clear that she had just asked why Bai Gaohe would become like this.
"If you can’t go like this, you have to change the law!" Since even the beauty doesn’t know the reason, the ice evil spirit doesn’t explain much, but her words surprise the beauty. Is there a way to solve the situation of Gaohe?
"What should I do? What can I do? " Surprised and happy, the beauty immediately lost her depression, and her face suddenly burst into an abnormal flush. Ice Shasha said that the suspicion was to let her catch a lifebuoy in weak water, except that she didn’t know what his mood was.
It’s been several months since the ice evil spirit came to explain to her in detail the situation of Gaohe. When he reached his pulse door, the ice evil spirit felt the attribute energy of Gaohe body like the ocean. At this time, the Gaohe body no longer has that kind of ability to discover the attribute energy of the body. Uncontrolled energy is destroying all parts of Gaohe body.
Surprised, the ice evil spirit can’t explain much at this time. Although I don’t know where the attribute energy of Gaohe body comes from, even the ice evil spirit can guarantee that it can be controlled freely. Gaohe, who is still a half-hanged person, is the first brother.
The medical team members don’t know the problems in these practices, but Bing Sha knows how long it will take for Gao He’s affirmation to persist in this way, and his body will be devastated by this raging energy.
"How long has he been like this?" The more master this moment, the more calm the ice evil spirit is. Although he knows that the high crane body has been ravaged, he is not in a hurry, but he asks the beauty in detail.
"Three months and four days!" The beauty clearly remembers that she spent the day with Gao He and didn’t want to answer it.
When I heard this, the worry in the ice demon’s heart actually slowed down. After such a long time, the crane body would have turned into mud. There must be something that I didn’t find. I reached out and continued to explore the crane body for a while, and finally found the crane body. I kept circulating and thinking about it carefully for a while and immediately found the reason.
"Find a spacious place, preferably a playground!" The ice demon didn’t explain much. I pulled out all the pipes of Gao He’s body, stretched out my hand and lifted Gao He’s shoulder. There are two ice demons. Gao He’s ice demon moves lightly like a paper rack. Although every member of the executioner’s army can do it, it still scares the beauty.
"What are you doing?" Every time a beautiful woman comes over, the medical team will avoid looking at the monitoring instrument from a distance, and this time is no exception. However, the ice evil spirit has just pulled out all the tubes of Gao Heshen and immediately alerted the monitoring room. The medical team responsible for monitoring rushed out without thinking, just to see the ice evil spirit lift Gao He’s shoulder.
How can a second lieutenant be casually moving here without the symbol of the executioner’s army? Even beautiful women can’t move their patients without the consent of the medical team. To tell the truth, even the general wants to move the crane and ask their opinions face to face. Who is this woman who feels a little cold?
"He can’t lie like this. He has to change places!" After being trained as a recruit, Bing Sha didn’t seem so unkind. The military doctor, who is higher than himself, still maintained a little respect, carrying Gao He and answering his questions without stopping.
The symptoms of the crane have been bothering the medical team for several months. When they heard the words of the ice, their eyes brightened. "Do you know what will happen to him?" What kind of disease is this? Or what virus? Are you sure about the treatment? Wait a minute. Did you grant it? I’ll inform the captain and the general! " A series of questions are like machine guns, but it’s okay to finally remember the business. We can’t let the ice evil spirit take Gao He away so easily to perform his duties.
Bing Sha got the nickname just like Gao He in the new barracks, of course, because she never pretends to say anything to people. On weekdays, she not only has a cold expression, but also doesn’t say much. The nickname of iceberg is taken from the meaning of iceberg beauty. It’s hard to give an answer to that medical team member, but he still has to stop it. Of course, Bing Sha won’t pay attention to reaching out and pushing it gently. She just came out and didn’t know the road and waited for a beautiful woman to "lead the way!"
The language is not big, but there is a kind of command that means that the beauty’s heart is high and the crane is expected to be injured. Naturally, it will not care about trotting in front to lead the way. It is not interesting to carry the crane closely.
At this time, there seems to be a purple Xiaoyun on the playground. Gao He once took her to run and exercise. He saw the beauty coming with a person in a hurry and saw the man’s height. Zi Xiaoyun stopped in surprise and flew over to ask what happened.
There is no explanation. Bing Sha turned Gao He to the ground and ordered him to "try his best to attack him!" Before two people come here in vain, they have already punched Gao Heshen.
"What are you doing?" This is not only the purple Xiaoyun, but also the beauty. Can Gaohe be tossed like this after he has been lying in bed for several months? The beautiful woman stayed for a while and reacted quickly. She grabbed Bing Sha’s arm. "You are crazy!"
"I can’t tell you clearly!" The arm was slightly shaken, and the beauty’s arms were shaken. Bang, another punch, Gao He’s body ice fist was actually hit by Ling. How high is it? It can be seen that the strength of this punch is not as high as that of the crane landing, and the ice evil spirit has leaped high, and a cheating has cut Gao He’s waist heavily.
"You are crazy!" The ice evil spirit attacked the crane like an enemy of life and death, and it was so frightened that it could never consider the little understanding with the ice evil spirit to attack the ice evil spirit with one punch.
Didn’t fall to the ground ice evil spirit in the body a slightly stand tiptoe has kissed the beauty fist great strength let the beauty figure was the foot with some staggered body lopsided instantaneous see to crane has been ice evil spirit punched out again.
Purple Xiaoyun also immediately launched an attack on the ice evil spirit. Unfortunately, she is powerful, and the real strength is not as good as that of a beautiful woman. Even the beautiful woman has no chance to make moves. After being hit again, she fell to the ground and didn’t know what to do. She could not move. She was attacked by the ice evil spirit like a humanoid sandbag.
The crane seems to have no consciousness at all. It’s crazy to attack the ice evil spirit like this, or is it physical strength? In the attack, it also brought some real forces to hit the crane, and the sounds were abnormal.
The movement here has long been reported to the captain and general by the medical team. After hearing the news, the general was surprised and immediately brought people over. The medical team leader even dared not neglect to tidy up the necessary instruments and medicines with a few players and quickly ran here.
The ice evil spirit has gone white. Now the problem of the crane is that his root method controls the turbulent energy of the body attribute. However, he is trying hard to do it at present, but the effect is not very good because he is too low and has not been instructed by a teacher. The solution is that the ice evil spirit can stimulate other people by external attacks. Those methods control the energy to give up the destruction of the crane body and fight against the external ice evil pressure.
Like a fighting brother, when you meet a foreign enemy, of course, you must be United with the enemy first. By the time you destroy the foreign enemy, you have recovered your harmony as a family. This is the ice-evil method, but she doesn’t want to explain anything more now. She doesn’t want to explain everything to others. That kind of thinking has offended many people. Of course, her strength has been offended by her. Does he dare to say more if she can save her life?
When the general arrived at the playground, he saw that Gao He was constantly being hit in various postures with his eyes closed, but his figure never fell to the ground, while Zi Xiaoyun and the beautiful woman lying next to him didn’t know life and death. The ice demon was like Gao He’s mortal enemy, and he didn’t show any mercy.
Before the general commanded to see this scene, others’ eyes were red. Before the general commanded to follow the general, several people immediately rushed to the medical team to rush to the beauty and purple Xiaoyun, while others immediately shot at the ice evil spirit.
Although the general still has some doubts, it is reasonable that Bing Sha not only knows Gao He, but also knows beautiful women. They should not be so heavy-handed! I just heard the report from the medical team that I found a way to treat Gaohe. I didn’t expect it to be such a situation.
The scene has been out of control, followed by several members of the ninth group. Others don’t attack the crane with ice evil spirits. At present, what you see is that the ice evil spirits flow to China Kung Fu, but these ordinary kung fu tricks in the hands of the ice evil spirits can seem unusual at all. Every punch and foot can accurately hit the crane at any angle
Several members of the power team immediately crossed the sea to show their magical powers. Unfortunately, they didn’t know what kind of evil spirits they were facing. The good ice demon has not lost her mind now. She is very clear about what she has done. These people’s attacks have not caused the ice demon to fight back crazily. When she can hide, the ice demon still chooses to hide, but she can’t stop attacking. Every attack is still accurate.
At the beginning, the body energy of Gaohe was still madly destroyed everywhere, but soon, a few punches of ice evil spirit attacked it like relaxing muscles and activating blood circulation. It seems that the body energy has slowly discovered that there are destructive energy rushing in from time to time outside, and the violent attribute energy can protect Gaohe’s body like having self-awareness.
Now when the ice evil spirit attacks, it has reduced its strength by 30%, but even so, every time it attacks the high crane body, it is like a mud cow entering the sea, except that the surface of the high crane is bruised and bruised, which does not cause any substantial damage.
Next to attack all the people, there are some obstacles. The ice evil spirit is not at all. They are colleagues in the future. It is a trick to stop the ice evil spirit from attacking the horse. Although the ice evil spirit has been very cautious and has not moved much strength, it immediately loses its ability to move. The medical team is the most hectic. Several people who have been knocked down by the ice evil spirit need them to grab it.
Finally, a smart guy quickly left the scene. Those power team members seem to be able to treat the short-haired and cold-blooded female root regardless of their fists and feet. They are not opponents at first glance, but they are martial arts family members who attack in a methodical way. It is estimated that they can’t shake the situation.
In the executioner’s base, such a thing happened, and people attacked him with their bare hands and beat up unconscious cranes in leisure. It was even more unbearable that those practitioners came to observe the day. Was it because some people were angry and deliberately fell in front of the executioner’s army?
The ice evil spirit attack seems to be more encrypted. The sound of the falling crane body has almost become an attack, and the energy of the crane body is getting stronger and stronger. It seems that there is no leisure to destroy the crane body.
Bang an arm to hold the ice evil spirit fist. This is the only time that someone holds the ice evil spirit to attack. It is Lieutenant Colonel Park Zhiqiang. The ice evil spirit did not think that it was a cyborg or just to deal with the ordinary human way. It was held by Lieutenant Colonel Park on the spot.
The attack on Gaohe can’t be broken now, otherwise the suffering in front of Gaohe will be white with ice, which immediately increased the attack intensity. After two punches, even Lieutenant Colonel Park, a cyborg, had to stumble backwards covering her arms.
The general was surrounded by many people, and several people picked up the weapons department. When he gave the general a look at the situation in the playground, he carefully thought about it. The ice evil spirit was looking for a high crane, and the expression shook his head slightly. Everyone looked at it and looked at the high crane being hit by madness.
"Is this how you call the executioner’s army training?" An arrogant voice sounded from the side and heard it. Even General Hammer, who has never been angry, couldn’t help frowning at the moment. They had never heard the sound, and they all twisted their votes here.
Even the deaf woke up with such a big noise. These yogis didn’t wait for the general’s arrangement. They had already followed the sound and just saw the ice evil spirit attack. It was just that they had been very arrogant. Major Du couldn’t help but laugh at the ice evil spirit attack, that is, the ancient martial arts attack. He had some dissatisfaction with the executioner’s army.
Regardless of everyone’s glare and arrogance, Du sneered, "What earth-shattering things can you see turned out to be a group of waste here to dress up as a family wine." Elder Mu next to him hasn’t stopped Major Du from stepping into the field. "So many people can’t cope with a little girl. Let me teach you what a real fight is!" Arrogant actions and arrogant words completely made the representatives of several people who failed to fix the truth show deep regret.
The ice has never stopped because of this guy’s nonsense, but he continues to be arrogant. Du looked at Gaohe in the field. "I’ll make sure you’re satisfied!" Proud of the left palm hammer fist blunt Gao He walked past.
Gao He once knocked him out with one punch, making his whole association a laughing stock. This time, he can still fall into the army with such an opportunity. Du Cai won’t miss the sneer. He has been secretly trying this time. He will never be named Du if he doesn’t abolish Gao He.
I was about to swing my fist and suddenly heard a low roar like a wild animal, and a loud noise was attacking Gao He’s ice like a huge spring and flew straight back.
Before he knew what was going on, Aaron turned his head and saw a fist the size of a alms bowl coming at him. His fist was getting bigger and bigger, and he wanted to hide. He didn’t know anything at the moment.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Little things
In a coma, the arrogant Du Zhong turned several circles and flew far away. At this time, the ice evil spirit came over there and hit a bunch of instrument sounds on the edge of the field after being hit by a blow.
Then everyone was dismayed to see that Gao He, who had just been attacked by the ice evil spirit like a dead pig, was looking around with a livid face looking for two people who had just attacked himself. One had been punched straight by him and the other was thrown out in a circle without anyone else around him.
All over the body, strong muscles and crazy expressions, just those two strikes, the force field of terror, no matter whether people in the East or the West happen to coincide, came to mind a myth that there would be words in fantasy novel-Berserker! At the moment, Gaohe is holding his fist and bulging his muscles, which is crazy!
Tell yourself clearly that not long ago or before you wake up, someone should have been attacking yourself constantly. From the point of view of the energy agitation and churning degree of body attributes, it was extremely violent. This attack caused Gao He to act and then attack. Now, who dares to treat himself like this?
When I turned around, I saw General Hammer with a group of comrades-in-arms, and there were some surprises not far away. I didn’t know what had happened to myself. It seemed that I had been lying down all the time. I didn’t have anything in my head except that formula. How could I be beaten here?
Is it to treat yourself? Gao He’s heart was immediately taken aback! Did you just get into trouble with those two punches? Especially since the first punch just woke up, he was able to attack the attacker as hard as he could. What happened now? Is that figure flying far away?
I was about to run to see if there was something wrong with the people in the pile of scattered exercise equipment. As soon as the pile of equipment was lifted from the surface, I heard a roar, "Camel, how dare you treat me so hard?"
This sound is a little familiar, but Gao He really can’t remember it for a moment. There was another figure crashing over there, and he jumped out of the face and saw the angry face of the ice evil spirit.
"Ice … ice …" Gao He was surprised and was about to hand over the nickname of ice evil spirit, but he still held back in his consciousness. Why did she come here? Why are you wearing such clothes?
"Iceberg" came slowly, and the ice was angry. It was also a moment when the horse returned to its normal cold appearance and introduced itself with a new code name "Dare to hit me when I get even with you!"
Gao crane’s heart sank, and then he relaxed. Fortunately, he didn’t call out the nickname Ice Evil. Otherwise, it is estimated that there is no one alive but himself. Although he sometimes doesn’t think much about these things, he can still save the day and refrain from making mistakes at the key moment.
"How did you get here?" I just asked, it suddenly occurred to me that I just punched myself twice. What happened to the other man? Quickly turned around to check and found that there were already medical team members who knocked themselves out. The man helped the stretcher and looked at his familiar arrogant face. Gao He couldn’t help secretly laughing in his heart. This guy had to get together when he had just controlled the body property energy. If he was a bitch, he would save him every day.
"Are you ready?"

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