"Er … we do have an outpost in the sun. It was originally for the convenience of Rio Tinto’s fleet to replenish …" The adjutant hesitated.

"Hum! What a bunch of annoying guys! " Gustav thinks things are a little tricky than expected, but it’s just tricky!
"Attack according to the plan. The first wave of attack on the fire enemy defense fortress will test out its specific information!"
When that solar mine boat is grasping, the mine field which was previously cleaned is mined again.
Just now, that spherical aircraft’s wave-dense attack was not powerful, but the density was amazing. Although it failed to destroy the number of dark mines at the exit of the wormhole, the density has dropped to a very touching level, and the threat to the binary storm troops has dropped linearly.
But before they can push the minefield forward again, how many binary official attacks will come.
With the reappearance of the virtual vortex, there is another round of dense firepower output on the earth side, and then everyone will see a strange flying object with a side length of nearly 100 meters in the wormhole gradually emerging.
The surface of this object is quite rough and bumpy, like a meteorite shell, and there are criss-crossing nine squares on the surface, which looks like a huge Rubik’s cube.
Then there is no doubt that the earth attack directly hit this cube! However …
"This … how is it possible!"
To everyone’s surprise, this attack didn’t hurt this strange object much!
Dozens of lasers hit its body, but it can quickly make its surface red, penetrate the shell about 2 meters, and then it will be weak, and the shell of this flying object doesn’t know how thick it is, and there is no sign of penetration.
Those dozens of magma-like objects formed by high temperature make this thing look like dozens of red patches.
The basic effect of laser weapon is that even three main gun-class heavy force field ray guns can’t resist it, and it’s almost like tickling.
There was no explosion, no sparks flying, except for some cracks. This thing was like an attack by a force field ray.
Then everyone was shocked to see that the cube was slowly exhibited after a wave of attacks.
"Click!" Like a Rubik’s cube being twisted and spread with a huge square stone wall with a thickness of 10 meters and an area of more than 60 thousand square meters, it quickly appeared in front of everyone and firmly blocked the wormhole in the rear!
"This … is actually a shield!" They finally saw this way.
Yun Nie, who has been observing the battle, was also surprised by this thing, but he didn’t know how to watch the door. He saw more things from the attack just now
"This shield material is definitely unusual!"
In fact, this is a famous star nuclear mineral, and there are very few planetary nuclei. Besides its extremely high melting point, it also weakens the force field rays.
Although this kind of protection does not show the battleship and mecha materials, if the thickness is enough, the defense is still considerable, so it is very good for the binary star to attack and protect the objects.
With this shield, the base effect of laser attack will be weakened by about%, even if the penetration is stronger, which can greatly increase the chance of ship birth in the rear
Yun Nie naturally can’t watch each other gain a foothold in the wormhole. Although the double-star attack method is a bit unexpected, the attack on the earth side has never been broken
"Quick fire!" "A little attack on this shield won’t last long!" ……
All kinds of shouts hit this shield with a number of attacks, and at one time magma was flying everywhere!
If according to this attack density, it is estimated that even the powerful shield will be destroyed by water drops and stones soon!
However, the most important thing in this wormhole battle is the continuity of attack.
Actually, after the Rubik’s cube shield exhibition, the wormhole has been reopened. This time, it is a sea frigate.
With the front shield to cover the frigate, the force field shield was finally turned into a double star to stabilize the heel and the second protection force after paying the price of minor injuries!
Then a small carrier in the shape of a drum almost followed the frigate through the wormhole!
After hiding from the giant shield and frigate, the cylindrical shell of the aircraft carrier immediately showed the neat rows of mecha and fighters inside.
This kind of cosmic aircraft carrier is similar to the earth’s marine aircraft carrier. It has no fighting capacity, but once a large number of aircraft form a scale of fighting capacity, it is quite terrible!
"Bang, bang, bang …" At a moment, a mecha and a space fighter were suddenly ejected like several spiral fireworks blooming at the same time!

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