Unexpectedly, since I met the huge body, I have gone through a lot of hardships until now, and now I have found a virtual sword, but I can only destroy a nail in the left hand of the huge body.

It seems that I can see what he is thinking about. The huge corpse said, "This is incredible. All sentient beings who were nailed to the bronze column were able to save me, but you have mastered virtual swordsmanship and have virtual swords. This is almost impossible!"
"Is it good for you to free your left hand?" Gu Qingshan asked
The huge corpse gave a rumbling laugh and said in a low voice, "Once I free my left hand, my strength will be liberated by one-seventh. I can take this ignorant world to the bottom of the abyss, and you can fight with the God of Heaven-there is something behind it that controls it. If you have me, you don’t have to worry."
At this time, it is quiet all around.
Gu Qingshan suddenly heard a sound coming from the virtual.
"I am death, the end of time, destruction, all desolation, and the end is the embodiment of the highest extinction."
-this is your own voice.
I am preparing for the decisive battle at the bottom of the abyss!
Gu Qingshan no longer delays flying directly to the left hand side of the huge body.
He looked at the nail and saw that it was almost transparent, but from time to time it emitted bright mysterious runes.
Look at the huge corpse. Every nail on the other hand, feet and neck is different.
I can destroy a nail myself.
Gu Qingshan closed his eyes and clenched Excalibur with both hands. "Cut-"
The sword is impenetrable, and the ghosting part of hundreds of paths makes a ringing sound.
Suddenly an illusory sword shadow appeared from the void.
As soon as this sword sinks into that nail,
See a road crack spread, finally completely covered with the whole nail.
"Ah ah ah ah!"
The huge body burst into a roar and earned-
The nail finally flew backwards from the bronze column to melt the debris and disappear into the void.
It’s quiet all around
Those strange monsters lying outside the world barrier have disappeared.
-huge bodies pulled out one hand and instantly they fled.
A strange smell rose from the huge body.
"Gossip aside, I have to help you fight at once and you have to go back to where you came from," said the huge corpse.
"Can you enter the world door with me at this moment?" Gu Qingshan asked
"All right! However, if you want to further improve your strength, you should be able to see yourself in the same time line without being obliterated by the laws of time. "The huge corpse said.
"That kind of power …"
"You don’t need that kind of strength before you are qualified to participate in the latter-now I’m going to help you at this moment!" Huge corpse road
"Ok, then send me away" Gu Qingshan Road
Huge body stretched out a finger point Gu Qingshan body gently push.
Suddenly Gu Qingshan disappeared from this time.
fundamental changes
One second
Gu Qingshan suddenly opened his eyes.
He found himself in a virtual hell.
Everything around is safe as usual
As if nothing had happened.
A sword sounds like a tide, and a sword flies out from behind him. Excitement revolves around him.

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