The final sanction depends on what price they are willing to pay to break the financial disaster.

Judging from the history of Sir Wei’s family, the fastest way to get rich overnight in the world is to "order property"!
Sanctions can not only bring great tangible benefits to earth defense force and the United Nations, but also have deeper political significance.
Think about it. Once this sanctions "investigation system" becomes a practice, it is equivalent to ghost captain handing over the contradictory referee of the Ministry of Earth to them.
It is foreseeable that all countries will pay more attention to these two organizations, and everyone will do everything possible to raise the voice of these two organizations.
A "security team", a "neighborhood Committee", earth defense force and the United Nations, the military and political managers of the nominal global village, seem to be worthy of the name for a while.
The fact is that from the single-handedly promoting the establishment of earth defense force to gradually strengthening its status, and Li Nieyun is improving things and promoting globalization step by step, the fragmented countries will gradually integrate into one voice!
Deep sea Ito
Yun Nie has recovered his original appearance and sat in the captain’s chair.
At this moment, the "king of the world" Ito Jun is no longer just crazy, his eyes are turning white and his mouth is flowing, and he gives a giggle from time to time, which is obviously played badly.
"You … you devil! Who the fuck are you ? What did you do to the master? " Akita turned pale and looked at Yun Nie. His lips were shaking.
Seeing a young and beautiful girl suddenly turned into a teenager Akita’s three views have been fragmented.
"Didn’t you say I was a ghost princess? Since it’s a ghost princess, what … isn’t it normal? " Yun Nie Tantanshou
"What did I do to him … ha ha! You will know in a moment … "
Looking at Yun Nie’s malicious smile, Akita made a cold war.
"No matter who you are, die for me!" Akita doesn’t want to sit still. He roars and shoots a wind model shuriken as soon as he cuts.
Shuriken with strange radian rao a turn high-speed rotating into Yun Nie temple.
However, in Akita’s incredible eyes for a moment, shuriken turned slower and slower, and finally stopped 3 cm away from Yun Nie’s temple.
"ding!" A NieYun index finger will hover shuriken directly with a snap.
"This ….. what is this? !” Akita took a step back with horror.
"Ha ha! This is a spiritual power, which belongs to a very high-end skill. It’s hard for me to explain your IQ to you, or just let you experience it … "
Yun Nie pointed his index finger at Akita Akita’s heart and felt bad. He just wanted to run and felt dizzy …
half an hour later
Looking at the giggle expression that has been unified, Yun Nie, the servant of Ito’s family, touched Ba with a face of regret.
"The expected experimental plan is not in the middle yet. Are ordinary people really too weak?"
After this incident, Yun Nie has fully realized the wonderful spiritual power.
This kind of power does not seem to be strong, but it is an auxiliary ability, but its adaptability is quite extensive.
For example, the former Yun Nie’s mind formed a thin shield to protect his body, which could actually block all kinds of detection instruments, which made this double camouflage perfect.
Unless you are the owner of the same spiritual power, Genfa found that this shadowing ability was superior in concealment.
Yun Nie also found that this kind of power has great potential in the war.
Its greatest ability is-visual defense!
Even if you are Iron Man, a mental shock is enough to turn Ritoni, the tortoise shell, into an idiot.
And the mental mind can cross the force field shield to create a mind field and directly attack the protected target.
That is to say, there is no difference between power armor and paper before spiritual strength.
Even if the defense is strong, such as a mechanical worm, it is still directly regarded as an attack on the operator in the face of the spiritual impact of the immortal.
If it weren’t for NieYun a busy battle outcome is quite unpredictable!
This is the difference between physical attack and magic attack, ordinary flat A and real injury.
However, this ability requires too much from the emissary, and it also makes the cooling time longer continuously, and the attack power will also decrease sharply with the extension of the attack distance

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