"I Christians run!"
Fox took the pearls to command those who smell incense to evacuate from here. There are many ghosts around here. There have been several ghosts suddenly appearing in this county. Before the addition, there were too many dead people here, and many dragon gamblers were still affected by Yin Qi.
When you are alive, you can’t beat you. When you die, you become a ghost to kill people. That’s a double increase in combat effectiveness.
Smelling Buddhists hold torches and wave them around wildly. Ghosts are afraid of the fire and dare not go near them to blow the evil wind. They try to blow all the torches in their hands. There are tens of millions of smelling Buddies. Fox ordered them to get together and hold the torches high so as to resist the evil wind around them!
When people gather firewood, the flame is high, so many strangers gather in the sun’s spirit, which is natural and strong. It is called holding a group to keep warm, and the spectre outside is also photographed by the sun’s spirit, which can blow the evil wind around and can’t kill them further.
But strong yang will also attract stronger ghosts.
It’s already dark, and the sun’s spirit is falling, and the yin is floating. This huge sun’s spirit is like a bright bonfire in the dark wilderness, attracting a lot of ghosts to fly here!
Tian hu possessed Feng Menglong, who fought with nine lotus Xuanhuzu. The latter was losing ground, not an opponent, so she devoured the ghosts around her and those ghosts entered her body. She regained her strength and led to tian hu’s long battle.
The ancestor of Jiulian Fox is to delay until tian hu’s physical and mental decline, then she wins.
Golden retriever tian hu nu way "still dare to fight! Continue to devour ghosts and spirits. Are you really not afraid of being dismembered? "
Nine lotus xuan fox progenitor is also a grimace of a grin "I fell into the hands of Sun Moon Palace can still live? Either you die or I die today! "
"What do you think I can now be a little god godfather down a peg or two! Tian hu’s Sun and Moon God will take me and wait for me to practice successfully in Mount Tai in the future. I will also be the Bixia Yuanjun! "
"tian hu! You’re just a spirit. It’s not that the real god eats your spirit. I can make great progress and become a saint in front of real believers. There’s no need to hide it, and your Sun Moon Palace will never find me again! "
The fox spirit and the fox spirit are mortal enemies. The fox spirit plunders the fox spirit, which is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Moreover, it can make great progress in practice and really have a trace of dharma rhyme. In this way, the suppression of dharma on wild practice will be reduced.
And if you eat each other’s Dan, you can make it into a positive result in one step. However, it is as difficult for a fox demon to kill a fox spirit as it is to play a vice BOSS.
Tian hu’s possession of Feng Menglong is getting harder and harder, and the yin around him is getting heavier and heavier. He really wants to overturn this form and spirit.
"This life is not good. Why isn’t righteousness enough?"
At this time, Jiulian Xuanhu Zu is using charm to seduce Feng Menglong’s seductive voice. tian hu can’t hear it, but Feng Menglong’s consciousness can be heard.
It’s already decided to separate tian hu’s form and spirit from this vital qi living body.
This piece of Yin Qi gave Jiulian Xuanhuzu, who was almost killed, a chance to pull back.
At this time, Feng Menglong’s consciousness was in a daze and tian hu was anxious. Finally, he found out that the other party had quietly charmed the spell and immediately told Feng Menglong to ask him to quit!
But with little effect, Jiu Lian Xuan Fox Zu laughed at this time and licked his lips.
"This life and you are all mine."
In the consciousness, Feng Menglong saw Xuanhu Zu in a trance and wanted to have some sex with himself. However, at this time, Feng Menglong suddenly took a break.
"Gusu original brothel sisters are waiting for me to go back! If I happen to you, wouldn’t it be sorry for my sisters! "
"Desire is a moment, love is a long time. We have only known each other for a long time. I appreciate your eyes and you want me. How can I be worthy of those sisters? I am not a ungrateful person!"
"Sorry, we are not suitable!"
Feng Menglong actually woke up for this reason at this time, or he has never been too confused. This fox spirit and fox demon are the whole language.
Jiu Lian Xuan Hu Zu angrily cursed, "Are you still a man?"
Feng Menglong righteously said, "Yes, but I am a moral man!"
Tian hu took the opportunity to start work, and the canopy ruler violently swung the nine lotus Xuan fox ancestors, who could not resist thinking.
("It’s hard to resist this step, but tian hu, who is full of righteousness, confuses me. The person who can’t drive you here is a Taoist after all. If I can confuse him, I can escape … take a gamble!" )
She immediately turned into a prototype and pretended to be badly wounded. tian hu tackled her and chopped her fox around her head. His black-haired fox was also beaten to death by tian hu God for several feet!
"The kids dare to gather here! Looking for death! "
Tian hu seized the ancestor of the Nine Lotus Xuanhu and came to expel the ghosts. The ghosts could not resist being dispelled by his waving the ceiling ruler, while Feng Menglong’s healthy qi gradually dissipated. tian hu knew that it was difficult for him to continue to maintain the form of possession, so that the little fox could leave here with this group of incense-smelling believers as soon as possible. He went to look for her elephant to make a job.
Fox looked away and tian hu’s eyes were full of envy of the little star.
Sun Moon Palace God General Kyubi no Youko Golden Hair tian hu is so awesome!
"We Christians run to places where there is no yin, and everyone is orderly. Don’t panic!"
Fox commanded these incense-smelling Christians to get out of here before they gathered together. Although the lantern in the dark will attract ghosts, it will also make those weak and lonely ghosts directly burned to death by strong sun spirit.
Although it’s Uzbekistan, it can barely be regarded as a fierce fire together.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three After the Tathagata is destroyed, swear to live in groups.
Ji Xiang lifted the treasure chest surface, but it was a huge green face with fangs and grimaces.
All the wishes condensed in the seven treasures tower are gathered in this grimace, and at this time, a scroll named "Drawing the Frame of Maitreya" flies out of the sack, and words emerge in this scroll.
"May all sentient beings in the afterlife be born with Maitreya and rob cishi with the birth of cishi; Never leave life and death. "
The so-called cishi refers to Maitreya. It is said that after Maitreya, it is necessary to rise to the sky first and then be born to people after a while.
Ji Xiang took this picture and flew out of the manuscript scroll automatically. At this time, the face of that side changed and the picture scroll was induced.
I wish I could read and connect with each other. Ji Xiang was stunned for a while and some couldn’t believe it.
The grimace spat out words.
"If you want to get the treasure from Tiannanzhanbuzhou, you need to sacrifice."
How can the names of the four major Buddhist continents appear in this grimace’s mouth and ask for sacrifices?
Haojing Shenpai reacted to this grimace.

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