Lin Yi and Hu Ling’s hiding the soul sea water pushed them to stumble on the difficult shore.

Hu Ling’s left leg and calf are now attached to some flesh and tendons.
Lin Yi is fractured in his right leg.
Both of them jumped out of the sea with one leg.
When I got to the beach, Lin Yi couldn’t support him again and threw himself on the beach.
Hu Ling hid the soul and sat on the ground.
I don’t know how many broken bones he has.
Lin Yi threw herself on the beach. At that moment, Su Jiner and Mei Mei, two women who loved Lin Yi most, felt as if their hearts were about to break. Lin Shuang was crying. Qin Gumei was also in tears. People like Zuo Chaoyang and Zeng Tengyun were also shaking.
Because they are all exhausted by Bai Linyi
Maybe it won’t come back.
Su Jiner wiped her tears. She went to Qu Regret and asked urgently, "Dr. Qu, how long can he hold on like this?"
Song regrets and sighs "The injury is too heavy. Even if King Lin and Hu Ling hide their souls now, it is unknown whether King Lin can live or not. If you call again, I’m afraid I can live again …"
At this time, Hu Ling hid the soul and roared at Lin Yi.
Su Jiner hurriedly looked at the field again.
The roar of Hu Ling’s hidden souls is no longer spectacular.
This roar laments the weakness
Like a beast on the verge of death
Hu Ling’s hidden soul also struggled to think of it
Qin Dingfang shouted at Hu Ling’s hidden soul, "Tibetan Wang Linyi has a gasp! It takes a final blow to kill him! "
Beifu and Hu Ling’s hidden souls support and shout wildly for Hu Ling’s hidden souls to give Lin Yi a final blow.
Throw yourself on the beach, and Lin Yi also turned over.
He curled up there on his side
He was panting with his mouth open.
But the blood in the mouth and nose is still flowing out
Blood still choked him with a violent cough.
At the moment, they are four or five feet apart.
In normal times, the distance of four or five feet jumped for two people, but now it is so far for two people.
Both still want to kill each other.
If you want to kill each other, you have to cross these distances first.
Lin Yi also struggled to think of it.
As he struggled, his broken bones rattled, two broken ribs poked at the viscera, and Lin Yi was cold and tearful.
At this time, Hu Ling’s advantage of hiding souls in pain is obvious
Hu Ling’s hidden soul finally got up on one leg.
He dragged the leg limping towards Lin Yi.
There is a trail on the beach that is about to break away from his body.
Lin Yi looked at Hu Ling and slowly forced him to hide his soul. He still struggled to think about it.
Because he knew that if he didn’t get up in Hu Ling and hide his soul, he would have a little more hope.
In this way, Hu Ling’s hidden soul dragged his broken leg, and his blood was bulging with anger and cruelty, and he came towards Lin Yi step by step.
Lin Yi continued to struggle to think of it.
This scene makes all the nerves of people tense up.
The sea breeze in the air is also full of tension.
Ten thousand pairs of eyes staring at the scene.
They are all white. This war is not over yet!
Because today’s war is a life-and-death battle.
Unless one side dies.
Otherwise it won’t end.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul is coming towards Lin Yi with difficulty, and at the same time, it also makes a low wheeze.
People in the northern government screamed for Hu Ling to hide his soul and kill Lin Yi, while people in the southern border shouted at Lin Yi to get up quickly.
Zuo Chaoyang even went to the seaside and yelled at Lin Yi.
"Brother! Brother … Get up! Get up … "
Su Jiner also choked at Lin Yi and shouted, "Get up! Our daughter is waiting for you at home. Get up quickly … "
Lin Yi doesn’t chew, maybe he has made no sound now.
He gritted his teeth and tried to get up.
Lin Yi finally got up when Hu Ling’s hidden soul was more than ten feet away from Lin Yi.
Although his body is shaking violently like a boat in the waves, he is less
Everyone in the south gave an uplifting shout.
Then Lin Yi dragged his broken leg and struggled to meet Hu Ling.
Stop when they are two feet apart.
The blood in Hu Ling’s mouth is constantly overflowing. He stared at Lin Yi with one eye and said, "Lin … Lin Yi, you must die today!"
Lin Yi said, "If I die, I will pull you together … and die together …"
The words sound just fell and Hu Ling Tibetan Soul growled. Lin Yi growled.
At the moment, they can barely push with one arm.

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