Although Jingzhou army and water army seem to be not far from Xuyi, when they come to attack, their own side should add this reinforcements, even if Jingzhou water army can’t confront each other head-on, it is not a problem to hold the water village.

What Lu Zhao is worried about is that the crossbowman of Jingzhou Army is also a great threat after Zhou Yu led the ride on a sunny day, not to mention the most terrifying thunderbolt of Jingzhou Army.
These days, Lu Zhao has been recruiting civilian workers outside the city to strengthen the wall. If it weren’t for the rain, he would build another outer city outside the city.
A tour of the camp outside the city found that all the camps had been reinforced, and I was very appreciative of it. After returning to the city for dinner, I rested early.
In Jingzhou, the army wants to attack the city tonight, even if it comes outside the city, there are camps to defend. It is not easy to break those camps, so it is a daze to think about it and then fall asleep.
I don’t know when the road suddenly felt that the ground vibration suddenly woke up and gave ear to it, but it was noisy outside the city and my heart sank and I got up quickly.
"report! General! Outside the city, many of the camps were washed away by floods … "A captain panicked and broke in and said the right thing.
Lu Zhao was stunned by lightning and asked, "The flood? So as to flood? Is it the Huaihe River? "
The captain looked sad and said, "I know that the generals will wait in the dark!"
Road recruit to see him stare blankly can’t help but fall foot "still leng wear? Get your horse ready for Chengtou! "
However, when we arrived at Chengtou, we saw that the city was surrounded by floods. Although we couldn’t see it clearly, the road signs were very clear that the camp outside the city was over. The important thing was to tidy up the troops and stabilize the people.
"The ministries loss, such as? Have you counted it? " Road recruit at this time has been restored somewhat calm see Zhang Xi and others also ChengTou heavy asked.
Zhang Xi shook his head with a lucky face. "The loss of troops is not too big, but the camp is terrible."
Just now, when the flood rushed in, Zhang Xi rushed out of the tent and didn’t know the flood in the dark, so he came to wait for him. It didn’t take long for him to see the wall of the camp in front of him being washed away. Then the wall of his camp didn’t succeed. Fortunately, the flood came and went quickly, and Zhang Xi held the pillar at Yuanmen. This didn’t wash away by the flood. Although some soldiers were washed away, most of them still picked up their lives. "What a cruel means!" Lu Zhao’s heart secretly hates to look at the flood outside the dark city. Don’t say that Jingzhou army must have tampered with it. Now the camp outside the city has been washed away by the flood. How should Xuyi be defensive?
☆, Chapter 45 Awakened to prepare for war.
It’s only when the weather is divided that we can see clearly the miserable feeling outside the city. Although the flood has passed, there is still a lot of water in Cao Jun’s camp. From Chengtou, it looks like several large ponds have been added outside the city overnight.
However, what kind of mess is floating in these big ponds? The piles that have not been washed down are crooked and broken in the water, and the flags are floating on the water in a pile in some places, or swollen floating bodies can be seen, and the long helmets are swaying out of the water.
At this time, soldiers are searching in the ruins of collapsed granaries, but even so, how much food can they get back?
I’m afraid those mountains and bundles of arrows don’t fit well, but Lu Zhao doesn’t care about these at the moment. He must come up with a solution after such a heavy blow, otherwise this Xuyi city won’t be able to hold on to Xuyi. Do you want to retreat to Huaiyin again?
Last night, the flood caused a very serious blow to Cao Jun, and the defense of Xuyi City was counting on the camp outside the city. Now all the good things have been washed away. Even if the camp is barely intact, if it is repaired and strengthened, it may still be able to make it. But who dares to garrison the camp without mutual help outside the lonely camp?
"General, why don’t we let the various departments of our army enter the city for a temporary rest after a sleepless night?" Zhang Xi said that he was not worried at the moment that the Jingzhou army suddenly killed and besieged the city, and all the cities outside became mud ponds. If the Jingzhou army didn’t come, it would be caught in the middle of an arrow.
The road sign was planned, and his thoughts were a little unhappy. He turned his head and looked at his eyes. Zhang Xi saw that his face had not been wiped clean. He stared at a pair of red eyes, puffy bags under his eyes and sallow complexion. To tell the truth, Zhang Xi and others could not blame the camp for being washed away by the flood. Who knew that Zhou Yu could build a dam to store water and then put water on the camp in a short time?
"It’s just that our military orders all ministries to enter the city first!" Lu Zhao sighed after saying that, but he was bored and unwilling in his heart, but he failed to solve the problem a little. Instead, he became more and more depressed with this heavy sigh.
After Zhang Xi and others got the military orders, they rushed to the city to arrange for the Ministry to enter the city. There is nothing for Zhang Xi. When they see Mao and others, they will not fight with each other. These generals regard their own part as more important than anything else all day!
However, another news came soon, which made Lu Zhao’s anxiety increase or decrease. However, Wang Mo died last night. I don’t know whether it was because of an injury that he failed to survive or was drowned alive by the flood. In general, one of his own generals was missing. This is not good news for Lu Zhao. Let Zhang Xi and others divide it up before he looks at Wang Mo’s part. Who knows who died and who lived in this battle?
Now that our camp has been destroyed, Jingzhou army will be like a siege? Lu Zhao glanced over the ruins of the city camp and floated to the Huaihe River outside the city.
Because of the heavy rain, the river is wider than usual, and many low-lying houses in the west of the city have been swallowed up by the river, so it seems that the water village will also be affected
Lu Zhao felt a little dizzy. He held the bluestone in the mouth of the city head and thought to himself, if Jingzhou army and water army directly attacked the water village and rode the siege at the same time, what should they do?
Before the camp was set up outside the city, it was precisely to prevent the Jingzhou army thunderbolt from approaching the city. However, now that the camp has been destroyed, how should we guard against the Jingzhou army thunderbolt? Real Coss this time out of Xuzhou secretariat from Xudu led troops to Xuzhou, they also carried dozens of thunderbolts, but those thunderbolts didn’t arrive in Xuyi, and even the road recruit didn’t know what Coss was planning.
Now, in addition to counting on Coss’ reinforcements, he feels that he can’t sit still and die. He doesn’t want to just stick to his post and send troops to fight outside the city if necessary. If so, the enemy can’t easily surround Xuyi City.
Can’t be so depressed anymore! Lu Zhao suddenly turned his head and looked at the direction of Jingzhou Military Station outside the city, and a bold idea popped up in his heart.
Zhou Yu also saw Huang She in the camp when he was vaguely excited about his adventure plan.
This is the first time that two people met. For Zhou Yu, Huang She did not belong to the 3rd Battalion of Jiangdong, but at this time she was temporarily under his command and stayed in the fleet. So was Zhang Yun in the future, but although she had never made a plan before, Zhou Yu did not forget that the mentality was different. However, Huang She was still quite upset because her father died in the war of Jiangdong Water Army in that year.
It is precisely because of this psychological attitude that it is extremely polite. If Huang Gai’s words are not good, he will fight on the spot. This is not to say that Zhou Yu’s account and his generals are bloodless, but Zhou Yu’s town can force them to be patient.
Zhu Huan, in particular, didn’t want the water army to blend his feet since he was a child. Come on now, and put on a brave face to catch someone staring at him, which made everyone owe him tens of thousands of money. It seems that he was young and didn’t know about the feud between Huang Shooting and Jiangdong 3rd Battalion, but that’s why Zhu Huan was even more depressed and upset. Does it seem that this Huang Shooting is only because of the general’s favor that he has to bear this heavy burden?
Real Zhu Huan is a little dismissive when he looks at it this way.
Since Huang Zu died, Huang Shooting seems to have changed overnight. Although some old problems can’t be eradicated for a while, he seems to be white. Since then, a heavy burden has fallen on his shoulders, and this burden has been given to him by his father Huang Zu. If Huang Shooting doesn’t grow as before, Liu Cong will not give him a part of the water army to command.
Although Huang She was angry with Zhou Yu and other generals because of his father’s death, he was not the kind of unreasonable person. Now everyone is a master and a colleague. Even though he still has some bumps in his heart, he is still very serious about military affairs.
I also felt the kind yellow shot released by Zhou Yu. It’s strange that Zhou Yu’s kind of Mu Mujun wind soon folded the yellow shot and got along with it like a spring breeze. He was influenced by him. When Zhou Yu sent him out of Yuanmen after his farewell speech, he felt flattered.
This kind of feeling is that bretz has never done this to himself. After returning to the fleet with this incredible forehead, Huang shot to inform Zhang Yun about the war, but Zhang Yun disappeared.
Seeing that he was about to invade for 10 years, his lieutenant disappeared, which made him anxious. Did this guy go out and be captured by Jun privately, or simply surrendered to Jun? That’s impossible. If the ship is transferred, how can no one know with so many eyes staring?

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