In addition, wake up the latest international flight at eleven o’clock tonight … "

As soon as the Ombudsman’s words were finished, Yuri reached out a big hand and took all the tickets from the other side.
"We’ll leave soon!"
Yuri slipped up his two children and hurriedly took them into the house to pack their bags.
And the Ombudsman still smiles behind his back and looks like a fox who has succeeded in his plan.
Next to Jackson, what happened to the white hair?
What, his boss suddenly got the ticket?
After thinking for a long time, Jackson also approached the Ombudsman
"Excuse me, I also want to just that kind of ticket …"
Commissioner Ma Bai came to check his identity. "Who are you?"
"I …" Jackson was about to say his identity, but he stopped as soon as he uttered a syllable.
These tickets are obviously not for ordinary people.
If he says he is a driver, who cares about him?
Thinking of this, Jackson changed his mind to "I am a famous family …"
He is still thinking about how to introduce him next, for example, how many of his people can’t remember the big name. Will it be more hopeful?
However, the correspondent’s reaction was more intense than Jackson thought. The young white man looked at him in surprise. "Home? !”
"Right home!" Jackson straightened up and tried to keep himself straight.
After looking at him, the Ombudsman glanced at Yuri’s mansion in front of him and looked at others in his car-
The appearance of a Yuri mansion must be closely related to Yuri, perhaps the writers who are responsible for brainwashing civilians.
The Commissioner nodded and quickly took out a few tickets from his pocket and said with a smile, "Take your family with you. The plane is at 11 o’clock tonight …"
"Thank you, thank you!" Jackson didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. Looking at the ticket in his hand, he was happy to spend a lot of time talking to his ex-wife. He didn’t even notice the special correspondent’s smile.
A few hours later.
With two families and several other celebrities and financial predators, international flights took off from various airports and headed for the other side of the ocean.
But what makes Yuri a little strange is that some people seem a little reluctant to be on the same plane as them?
At the same time
Zhang Tianyuan is talking with Zhou Lao.
"When these people come, just put them under house arrest. It’s a good excuse to find any one, for example, in the negotiation process before the North American branch, because I ordered them to stop, let them wait quietly in the house, and no one is allowed to go anywhere."
Next to Zhou Lao, he smiled and said slowly, "After these people disappear, Mr. Thomas’s work there should be much smoother."
On the other end of the sentence is Thomas.
The black man thanked Zhang Tianyuan and Zhou Laodao with exhaustion.
A day ago, he deeply felt that there was no way to control the country, so he called Zhou Lao for help.
And Zhou Lao soon gave a plan after hearing about it-
The ticket lured all these workers who hindered the migration.
Whether it’s the head of interest groups or the editor-in-chief of journalists who manipulate public opinion, a department will be brought back
When these people arrive at the country, whether they are under house arrest or before they are sent to No.2, they should be cut off from communication and their alliance can be physically disintegrated.
For this plan, Zhang Tianyuan also gave his own revision opinions-for some people who are more savvy and see what they mean before, you are welcome and just take it back.
So Yuri saw some reluctant people on the plane.
The Jacksons don’t know yet that they are going to take a "prison" express instead of an express train …
And the other side
Adrian, the first passenger, has arrived on the 2nd with his father.
Friendly people have played an important role in the relocation plan or doomsday exploration. They are treated relatively well and generally do not arrange too bitter places.
A scientific talent like Adrian can give full play to his strengths, and he may even have the opportunity to take part in an inspection tour when he is there.

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