This is a kind of living cave. Animals are very good at digging. Although they are not big, they are flexible and have sharp claws and are not easy to hunt.

It is good at escaping and hiding.
And yanpi glances su ling2 han2 pointed in another direction. when yanpi nodded, she lowered herself and walked in that direction very carefully.
She means that Yan pi forms an encirclement, so there is a good chance of success in hunting
There are a dozen badgers here. It’s good to hunt two or three badgers, but they are treasures!
However, the badger was too clever to wait for her to reach the scheduled place, and she found that her small pointed ears trembled and there were signs of running.
Su Ling-cold decided to pull the wrist machine and made a slight whoosh. A finely polished and sharp cuff arrow quickly flew towards the nearest badger.
Because I haven’t trained for a long time, I’m not very accurate. I didn’t shoot an arrow at my neck, but at my abdomen.
Almost at the same time, Yan Pi pulled the machine, and a crossbow cut through the calm air and shot directly at the badger. The badger immediately fell to the ground and could not move again without struggling for two seconds.
Su ling2 han2 looked at her eyes and marveled at it. She turned to chase her and shot the badger herself.
All the badgers were frightened and ran away, and the injured one was dragging and running fast, with blood still flowing along the road.
When life is threatened, even animals can stimulate their greatest potential.
Su ling2 han2 followed her, knowing that this badger is just a spent force and won’t last long.
Of course, she didn’t mean the badger’s body. She almost disappeared into the badger’s body. You know, it took her almost half a year to make her wristband, and it just matched and didn’t replace it
If the situation is critical, she will give up, but it is obviously not necessary at present. She just needs to get the things quickly and get out quickly.
Looking at the blood along the way, Su Lingling frowned. Fortunately, the wetland can cover up the smell of blood, otherwise she can’t go any further.
Yan Pi’s twist was almost fatal by a blow, and there was no blood harvest. With Su Lingling’s serious look, he carefully noted the surrounding situation. Once there was any change, he would let her go at once.
"Cold face! There is movement in front! " After running for a while, Yan Pi suddenly came out.
↖ (ω) ↗ Although the collection is still small, I will refuel! -Don’t bother me, I will cheer myself up every day!
(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~
Rich family wealth 34 intervenes
Not far away, something quickly shuttles through the leaves, causing them to rattle and water drops to hit the leaves. It seems harsh here quietly.
Yan Pi showed that Su Lingling had caught the badger at the same time, and she also heard the noise. She directly twisted the dying badger’s neck and twisted it to one side and quickly flashed into the dense trees.
Yanpi followed him and jumped in.
The two men hid Su Lingling and pulled the leaves to block the bleeding part of the badger in their hands and covered it with some soil to cover up the breath. After they didn’t make a noise, it would be difficult to find their trace if they didn’t look for it carefully.
The noise is getting closer and closer, and the two men hold their breath and look through the cracks in the trees. Soon, the two figures appear in the line of sight, accompanied by a strong scent of blood.
It is obvious that both of them were seriously injured and in a mess.
Su Lingling and Yan Pi’s faces immediately sank. Such a strong scent of blood is too easy to attract wild animals. Besides, they have some broken clothes and a lot of them look like animal claws.
How long did the two men stay in Castle Peak? I don’t know how many animal attacks I encountered.
Su Lingling is neither interested nor curious. She thinks that the wisest thing to do at this moment is to stay away from these two people and get away from the mountains quickly.
Yanpi thought the same thing as her. He pointed in the opposite direction to the injured two people, meaning to avoid the two people from each other.
Su ling2 han2 nodded his eyes and looked at one of them.
Two people will be very careful to move back, however, just moved a step, just two people to the direction and a rustling, two people stopped to look around.
"Lord, you go first and I’ll stop them." Yan’s eyes flashed with a refusal
Feng Jin has always been smiling. Peach Blossom’s eyes are cold. He moved his wrist to shuriken to the front. "You can stop me from losing my virginity now. If you want me to kill them."
His mysterious clothes are a little tattered, with swords cut and branches cut, and he looks very down and out. Because of the dark color of the clothes, you can’t see where the blood is stained. After the hole, wherever the white inner clothes are exposed, they are all red.
That delicate face also has some dirty blood and dust, which will not be fascinating at first glance. On the contrary, his eyes show a ray of fatigue like a kilowatt light bulb shining.
It was from Qizhou that the two men went home, Feng Jin and Yan Da, and they sprinted all the way. Just not far from Qizhou, they met a group of masked killers in black who came after a total of twelve people, all of whom had high martial arts skills.
Feng Jin and Yan Da are first-class in their skills, but they can’t compete with each other with their fists. After a very difficult fight, they rushed out of the encirclement of twelve people. They ran after the killer and finally Feng Jin chose to gamble in Qingshan.
The terrain in Qingshan Mountain is complex and there are many trees to stop the killers. It is really difficult to chase them. Even in the mountains, there are also many dangers hidden. I don’t know how many waves of animals attacked all the way. By dawn, they were really exhausted.
And the killer is close at hand
There are four killers left, twice as many as them. They are passive.
Even if you try your best to escape, it is unlikely, but you will die if you don’t go to Bo.
Yan Da knows that Feng Jin is right. She purses her lips and faces the killer. She holds a wide swordsman with hidden veins standing out.
It turns out that these two people were actually hunted down! Su Lingling immediately understood what the current scene was like through the dialogue between the two people. What’s going on? White is white, but the corners of her mouth can’t help but smoke again and again.
Won’t these people go to the open ground if they engage in a war of killing? I have to squeeze into this wooded mountain forest. Are you brave and afraid of wild animals attacking her, a passerby?
As soon as she spoke in her mind, four people came again, all of whom were masked in black. Su Lingling shrank back into the Woods-this kind of dress is a killer without batting an eye. She’d better be careful.
As soon as the four killers arrived without saying anything, they began to watch their movements, which were not very smooth, powerful and exhausted, but they didn’t hesitate or dodge a little, just like a machine, they never gave up until they died.
This is the first time that Su Lingling has seen such a fierce scene since she came to this world, and it is also the first time that she saw the original novel saying that she was not excited and curious, but she calmly looked at it and she and Yan Pi were ready to retreat.

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