True dragon day looked at his talent as a simulator Lord, and he saw a blood red in front of him. The words "You are dead" and he looked ugly.

"Is the ancient god really so powerful?" True dragon day muttered 1.
His original name was Zhu Shi, the Emperor of Dayan. After the destruction of the world, he came to the magical continent and became a Lord. Then he woke up to a simulator talent, and it was he who took the lead by constantly simulating the future and was able to get the corresponding talent supplement.
His sacred dragon’s nest was obtained through many simulations.
It is these simulator talents that evolve through sublimation and baptism and can evolve through simulation.
But even so, he has gained a lot of flash talent in the simulation, that is, full-scale talent
Talent is divided into seven grades: white, green, blue, purple, orange, red and flash gold.
At present, there are seven levels, and it should be necessary for him to sublimate his talent continuously before he can unlock it. As his level rises, the simulator cools down longer and longer
When he was a first-order Lord, this simulator talent only cooled for one second, but now he has cooled as much as 12 hours after becoming a sixth-order Lord.
In other words, it can be simulated twice a day.
Recently, Zhu met an unlucky thing, that is, he was robbed to death, and he still couldn’t get around that kind.
Although it was easy to die when simulating, he guessed that it was simulated by jealousy because of his own simulator talent, and the mortality rate was extremely high, but fortunately, he got the simulation talent through the simulator and quickly became stronger and killed these dangers
But this time, it’s different. The revival of the ancient gods made him completely parry. Every time, he died. This time, he has simulated the death robbery in the hands of the ancient gods for dozens of times. Although the results are different, they can’t escape death. Even the ancient gods’ resistance has been brushed out by him.
"Fortunately, I still have a chance in one year." Zhu didn’t give up. One year is really enough.
He is still in the sixth rank, and he will definitely succeed when he rises to the seventh rank.
And twice a day a year can also simulate 600 times enough to find out the way to break the game.
"It’s a pity that there is no secondary volume. If there are enough secondary volumes, I will get another level evaluation reward, and maybe I can break the game."
SSS-level evaluation is evaluation
The evaluation is the final evaluation, and he can also simulate the secondary volume through the simulator talent, otherwise he will get this evaluation
Grade evaluation doesn’t have ten rewards like SSS grade evaluation, but getting all reward grade evaluations is to randomly pick out ten reward options, that is to say, to ensure that there are job transfer certificates, career development columns, architectural drawings, resources and so on.
"Maybe … killing the dead monarch and the demon-reducing layman and gaining their territorial strength will give them enough strength?" Zhu looks gloomy.
He didn’t expect that Jiang Tianjun and the Sea Dragon King couldn’t make him rise to the seventh order, let alone resist the revival of the ancient gods in the future.
Yes, these two 6th-order lords were not separated, but were killed by Zhu and gained all their buildings and resources.
There is a simulator, but it has gone through dozens of simulations before finding a perfect killing scheme.
Others thought that the two men were separated by transferring vouchers, but in fact no one expected to be killed by him.
In the face of Jiang Tianjun and Hai Longwang, two rebels, it is really tricky. They died many times because of jealousy, but with the continuous simulation of the simulator, many corresponding simulation talents were born, and with the continuous improvement plan of foresight, they were finally killed, and even the lords did not find them.
"If only the red wind Lord could do what I want, I still need a Shang in this Ministry of Industry." Zhu sighed.
Every time he tried to recruit in the simulator, he couldn’t, but if he used force, the other side would blow itself up. This move directly plunged the whole magical continent into a horrible wasteland, and then the ancient gods revived and occupied the whole world. No Lord could live.
Of course, Zhu also had this idea before the revival of the ancient gods, but at that time it was still the sixth-order magic continent that collapsed directly
The 7-order device can still hold up, which is the two major attacks of desperation and ancient gods, while the 6-order device is based on the law.
Otherwise, how could he let Qin Mu scamper about in the wild?
But no, he guessed that when the other party blew itself up after the steps, it worked. What should he do then?

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