"Peng!" Julianne stopped, like Chun Xue, and her beauty blossomed into a charming smile.

Several guests whose heart function is not so good can’t stand the stimulation, and they just faint. The rest of them are also puzzled. There is another nickname for the head of the beautiful army, that is, the frost goddess never pays attention to all male creatures. Who is this boy?
"Sister Anna, long time no see!" LanYunPeng also nodded politely. After all, it’s not good to be too affectionate on such occasions.
However, this is enough to attract people’s attention. Let alone Alice, this girl is keeping a close eye on Julianne. Girls in love are the most sensitive. Although they just exchanged greetings, the little mermaid found something that upset her.
The little mermaid blinked and blinked, and they glanced at each other.
Should this beautiful head of the army have brothers and sisters to say? Although polygamy is allowed in the mainland of Sderot, who wants to share their love with Princess Molybdenum? That’s their best friend, and the two women are extremely close. The little mermaid wouldn’t be so generous if she were someone else.
Of course, it’s just speculation
Julianne looked back and was equally surprised by two beautiful women, Molly Kui, who was just as expected, but who was the little girl who was holding Lan Yunpeng’s arm tightly next to her? Could she be the mermaid princess?
Julianne remembered that Lan Yunpeng had told the mermaid princess that she had nothing to hide from her beautiful sister Lan Yunpeng.
"Princess Hall, nice to meet you!"
"The head of the army is welcome. I am also very happy to see you!" Molly’s mouth is so sweet, but it’s true. Julianne is really something.
Although I know my girl’s identity is too special, I still don’t know her. Julianne smiled and turned her head to look at Alice. "This is …"
Lan Yunpeng also thought about how to introduce the little mermaid herself. "I am a brother’s girlfriend!" "
Ahem, it’s a beautiful day today. When did Alice become her girlfriend? Why didn’t I know? Julianne was also a little stunned. Her eyes naturally saw that Alice and Lan Yunpeng were somewhat different, but I didn’t expect my girl to be so courageous. Then she was relieved. Mermaids are romantic.
The more you worry about what you are more likely to encounter, that is, the so-called narrow way to go. The most worrying scene has indeed appeared in the recent period. What bothers Lan Yunpeng most is not the rapid growth of strength, but the emotional distress. Before reading the novel, the earth was very envious. After the protagonist left the master and came to the big city, he also decided to marry several beautiful girls, but he didn’t know whether the creator really treated him well. One after another, three beautiful women in the mainland, Susu, Yulin and Desmoor, all knew each other. There was also a naughty mermaid princess, but Lan Yunpeng was
On feelings, the best two people have also been confirmed, but beautiful Julianne has always taken care of herself, and there is rain. Recently, Alice’s chasing has made Lan Yunpeng wonder whether to be happy or depressed. Sometimes it’s not that he hasn’t moved the idea of marrying their department back in the middle of the night. Men who don’t want to be happy together are even worse. It’s one thing to think about polygamy when this different continent comes, but it’s another to act.
Lan Yunpeng, an ordinary girl, wouldn’t be so hesitant, but it happened that each of these identities was scarier and more beautiful than the other, and was surprisingly excellent and outrageous. It was a gift from the creator that he really dared not think about it.
General Lan Yunpeng really doesn’t know what to do! The most fearful thing is that they meet and now their wishes have finally come true. Although it’s nothing to come with Julianne, it seems a little far-fetched to say that she doesn’t like herself at all. What will she do in the face of the little mermaid’s provocation?
See LanYunPeng uneasy Julianne a little want to laugh, of course, she won’t be a little girl care about smiled "what a beautiful little sister hello!"
The little mermaid is stunned. She is gearing up to bicker with this beautiful big sister. I didn’t expect people to be so kind at all. Is it wrong that this is not a rival in love?
Alice has always been very kind, although she is a little naughty. The princess has received the strictest royal education since she was a child. Julianne is such a friendly little girl. Of course, she is also embarrassed that two women are smiling and chatting. Perhaps birds of a feather gather together and two women are noble and beautiful. Naturally, there is no lack of common language. After a while, she actually talked and laughed. This is even worse than changing her face. The original is still scared. Lan Yunpeng looked at it suddenly.
195 got lucky.
But I’m finally relieved
The people next to you don’t even have the strength to be jealous. Of course, everyone doesn’t necessarily take Alice seriously, let alone recognize Lan Yunpeng, Princess Molly and Julianne. It’s possible that they don’t look like lovers in addition, but in any case, these girls are very attractive. It’s great to be able to talk for a word or two, and this guy is very close to three girls.
On the one hand, Pickart looks pale to death because of jealousy, on the other hand, he regrets that the original Lan Yunpeng was able to attend the banquet, which is just an ordinary guest. Even if some forces can be compared with themselves, it seems that it is not simple now. First, Princess Molly and the mysterious little beauty are familiar with each other, and it is extraordinary for him to come to Julianne. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, Pickart can hardly believe that there is such a thing.
Moya hasn’t given birth to a princess for nearly 300 years until Molly Kui came into the world, so-called things are scarce and real people don’t taste the same. In the past 300 years, Molly Kui, the first princess, has been loved, and it can be imagined that this little princess is a gift from God. She has a half-elf lineage and is as beautiful as a girl.
If you can win her heart, fame and wealth, you don’t have to say much. The incredible beauty alone has already made young talents crazy. However, things are not so easy, and the vision of a beautiful woman is naturally surprisingly high. Don’t say that it is a good thing to let a beautiful woman speak smoothly.
Of course, men are very resilient animals. What is the difficulty in getting a beautiful woman back?
It’s a pity that the idea is very good, but it’s not realistic at all. Molly Kui is not an ordinary girl. Naturally, she won’t let flies disturb her personal bodyguard. The bodyguard ensures the quiet and comfortable life of the little princess. If the little princess doesn’t nod, even the king and senior officials from all over the world can meet her, let alone say that she is such a close friend. How did this guy do it?
Needless to say, the mysterious little beauty can be even with Molly, and her temperament is not inferior to that of the princess. Why didn’t I hear that the key is that she claims to be Lan Yunpeng’s girlfriend before this beautiful girl?
It makes God jealous.
But the most incredible thing is Julianne! After all, no matter how excellent Molly is, she is still young and ignorant. Perhaps Lan Yunpeng is lucky to have left, and it is not impossible for her to become her friend in an accident!
But Julianne is completely different. Although she is only 20 years old this year, she can be a military leader of the Holy Alliance and a peerless master who is about to step into the holy order. Of course, she is rational and mature, and her vision is ridiculously high. In addition, she has another nickname, the Frost Goddess. Why is she so affectionate to Lan Yunpeng?
Think impassability! It is no longer appropriate to dress up as a pig and eat a tiger. It seems more appropriate for him to dress up as an ant and swallow an elephant.
Pickart has regretted that he should not have looked at Lan Yunpeng again for that idiot brother, but he just can’t remember that it seems that there is no such guy among the famous noble brothers in the mainland of Sderot. Is it really a civilian, but it’s not too incredible? How can an ordinary pariah receive an invitation from the emperor and be so familiar with Princess Julianne of Molly?
Just as fear comes from knowing the body, snow and moon, the sacred imperial emperor is too afraid of nature, but this strange boy is covered with a mysterious veil, and it seems that it is not worthwhile for him to make bad friends. However, it is difficult to ride a tiger now, although the guests are looking at this side, if they retreat, it is simply too embarrassing!
Poor emperor too look at Julianne and LanYunPeng unexpectedly leng in situ at the moment.
Lan Yunpeng saw his one eye. The reborn person is naturally white and forgiving. Although Pickart hates it, after all, he didn’t hurt himself. Lan Yunpeng doesn’t want him to be bad. After all, it is a sacred empire of a monarch and snow moon. Although it has no former glory, its strength cannot be lightly humiliated. It is not wise to make enemies everywhere.
"Anna’s sister Molly, let’s go there and talk!"
"Good!" The little mermaid, who has not yet been lively, has promised to come. Alice has long felt that there are too many people here.
Watching them disappear, the guests have different expressions, including envy, jealousy, hatred and confusion. Of course, it is more important to inquire whether this strange guy is the head of the sacred Julianne Army, Princess Molly Kui, and treat him so affectionately.
It’s incredible!
Although the fans of purple fighting swordsmen are mainly civilians and students, it is not without the name of Lan Yunpeng among the guests soon.
The enemy dragon defeated the first master of Spring Rice College to save Bauhinia College, which is known as outrageous. It is said that he is another genius who will step into the holy order sooner or later after Julianne. No wonder the guests suddenly felt relieved, and Pickart broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, he didn’t let the guards start fighting with the purple swordsmen just now. He also heard about it, but he didn’t expect it to be this unremarkable guy just now
"It turns out that he is Lan Yunpeng. My relatives and neighbors, my third aunt’s younger brother, my daughter-in-law’s uncle and daughter are studying in St. Violet. I have long heard that she is a purple fighting swordsman."
"Yes, it’s so charming!"
Noble girls are talking quietly. The so-called beauty loves heroes, one by one, and the male compatriots are jealous except envy, but that’s all. After all, even the emperor of the sacred empire on the snowy moon has retreated. How dare they?
The night is over, arrival, the earth is cool and breezy, and the three-color moon hangs in the sky. As time goes by, there are more and more guests. This banquet is really different from previous years. Besides ordinary aristocrats and wealthy businessmen, there are also many great people who are rarely seen at ordinary times. The richest family in the mainland, Sderot, has three stunning beauties and a beautiful wisdom. It is said that Miss Marilyn, the military leader of the alliance, is awesome, and the head of the cheetah corps, Eden Reyes, the holy magic teacher Mary …
These are rare big shots at ordinary times. Even if the Holy Alliance ranks first among the five major powers in the mainland, even if the emperor of the Holy Alliance is honored, the emperor will have to be jubilant. It’s just so full of faces!
While warmly greeting the guests, I asked the followers around me, "Haven’t Princess Molly and the head of Julianne arrived yet?"
These two promised to come, but if they were absent from the party, there would be no fly in the ointment.
"Princess Molly Kui and the head of Julianne have arrived early."
"Well, why didn’t you inform me?"
"I’m sorry, the head of the army told their friends not to disturb before the party if they had something to talk about."
Everyone knows that Julianne has another nickname, the Snow Goddess, who has always been indifferent and has never heard of her friendship with Princess Molly. It’s a bit strange …
However, one after another, people are naturally fond of divination animals. Although it has been nearly half an hour, the purple fighting swordsman is still a topic that noble girls talk about. Being an imperial emperor, his IQ is far more amazing than just a few words.
Princess Molybdenum and the head of Julianne Army are actually together with Lan Yunpeng.
Imagine it!
The emperor of the empire will pay more attention to all aspects of the news. The story of the swordsmen fighting with purple is naturally heard. The mysterious purple fighting with purple bauhinia College students are the first to defeat the dragon. In front of him, three thieves sacrificed their blood to save Miss Marilyn from danger. Although I don’t know whether it is true or not, the parties have not denied that even if there are some exaggerations, it will not be too far off the mark.
This shows that the purple fighting swordsman is really promising.
The beautiful mainland of Sderot has a highly developed culture, just like the earth. This is a world that attaches importance to talents. Who knows what will happen to this purple fighting swordsman in a few years’ time? Will it become another master who is about to reach the top after Julianne?
At that time, it will be too late to win him over. The emperor will naturally not be so stupid. He will also be invited to this birthday party! Of course, compared with today, most VIPs Lan Yunpeng is just a nobody, but I didn’t expect him to give himself a surprise, which is really a pleasant surprise.
Julianne and Princess Molybdenum have something extraordinary. This young man is very valuable just for this.
The night is as cool as water, and the gentle moonlight casts a hazy color on everything. When it passes quietly, the magic clock in the distance has pointed to nine o’clock, and the guests are almost here. The dinner is about to count the magic fireworks and beautiful colorful balls flying in the wind. The fireflies are colorful and beautiful, and the emperor’s face is full of smiles. The guests are talking and entertaining.
The waiter led Lan Yunpeng and three beautiful women to the hall, where the decoration was comfortable and elegant, which showed that the top designers had a strong artistic atmosphere and soft and lyrical music made people relax physically and mentally.
"Princess Molly has come here to shine!"
"You’re welcome. It’s an honor to be invited by you."
196 young people chat slowly
Molly Kui and the Emperor of the Holy Alliance are humble. They are still familiar with each other with the leading figures of the Terran in this continent, but their friendship is only general. But on this occasion, of course, the surface should be very polite. In addition, Molly Kui, who has always made friends with the Holy Alliance of the Moya Empire, has to take care of the etiquette of a noble girl.
"Julie, I’m glad you could come."
At this time, the Emperor Bauhinia IX of the Holy Alliance noticed that there was some surprise in the eyes of the little mermaid holding Molly Kui next to her. Compared with Molly Kui, Julianne, a beautiful girl, was not inferior. When was there another one among the three beautiful women in Sderot? And it was obvious that the little princess was very close to her.

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