The wooden wall behind the stone wall is not abandoned, and almost all the marked catapults are pushed to the wooden wall. From here, flint is thrown out through the 40-meter-high stone wall, and these flints can just fly out.

The latest merit list of marked army was posted directly on the wall this time …
Just after a big war, the soldiers have accumulated a lot of achievements, but at this time, few people are willing to exchange achievements, because everyone will once again focus on the top ten awards in the merit list.
As we all know, the biggest hidden danger in the northern part of Handanar County is the Moyunling Ghost Corps.
It is said that this group of evil spirits hit an evil gate in Moyunling Highland.
In recent years, Boehner Corps once tried to attack Moyun Mountain and destroyed the gate of evil spirits. Unfortunately, Duke Newman, the expedition corps, failed one after another.
This time, Boehner’s army recaptured Duke Koenberg Newman, hoping that marked troops could hold the Gandaier Mountains to prevent the evil spirits army in Moyunling in the north from taking advantage of it, but they didn’t think that marked troops not only completed the garrison well, but also helped the East Route Army intercept a sudden evil spirits army.
Not only that, but the marked army actually took advantage of the opportunity to hit the southern gate of Moyunling after Bena’s army attacked Kornberg County.
Looking at the map of Handnard County, Duke Newman failed to get out of his mind for a long time.
He was familiar with every battlefield here when he was in Warsaw this year
Think of those letters that Lu Se wrote to himself before. The original praise for Surdak is just a boast. Who would have thought that he was telling the truth …
Duke Newman had several war room staff behind him.
By this time, they have recovered from the shock and someone immediately said
"It seems that the pieces of epic equipment I sent to Count Surdak are really not white. This Count Surdak really brought us unexpected surprises."
Others simply came forward and pointed to the map on the wall and suggested, "Your Honor, since we have taken Koenberg’s territory, I think we might as well go back to the northern part of Handanar County and call Moyunling."
Behind a few staff also nodding chimed in.
"Then we will play Warsaw plane northward into the channel …"
"At present, only two of the seven counties in Warsaw are still under the control of evil spirits, but our Bena legion is all swordsmen’s regiments. If there is no cavalry alliance, those knights will run fast, and we will not occupy the best resources now. It is better to go back and fight Moyunling."
Some staff members also hold negative opinions, and everyone is arguing in the room.
"Bena Corps can’t immediately return to Kornberg County, Handanar County, and we still need our corps to be stationed. We can’t move to a place until those lords come."
Duke Newman was upset by this group of people, and their strategic deployment was nothing, but they were able to make up some good points when preparing for a big war
There were some bright performances when we captured Kornberg County less.
Duke Newman listened quietly and didn’t speak.
At this time, the guard outside the door came in and reported to Duke Newman.
"The duke’s adult knight alliance angel is here …"
The hall was suddenly quiet.
Duke Newman stepped out in public and ordered the guards.
"Ask them to come in …"
Then to the surrounding staff said
"In the next step, we will clean up all the evil spirits in the Kempato River basin. This strategy is that the duke and I have agreed that the plan will not change."
He turned to the officer around and said
"Let the logistics department prepare an armament material. I’ll go and meet the Knights Alliance."
"It’s the Duke."
Now Duke Newman knows that he has made the right bet on Warsaw in the handshake in Kornberg County. These years have finally paid off.
This kind of rich plane can’t exceed ten places even in the Green Empire.
The Busmann family once became the top three lords of the Green Empire with its rich products in Warsaw.
But Ryan Busmann, this guy, made enemies everywhere in the empire. In just a few decades, the ranking of the Busmann family dropped from the top three to the top ten.
Now that Ryan is dead, the Busmann family has almost given up the Warsaw plane, leaving the road for the Busmann family narrower and narrower …
I don’t know how that young Duke Quentin Busmann will turn this dilemma around.
But these are not what Duke Newman needs to consider.
What he needs to pay attention to now is how to divide the big cake in Warsaw. Handanar and Koenigberg alone cover an area as big as Benayne Province. Koenigberg County is rich in mineral resources. Handanar County has large grasslands and woodlands, and there are large mountains around it.
According to the advice of the staff officers, if Bena Corps can hold these two counties, it can now send troops to the north, and take advantage of the marked army to hit the door of Lemo Yunling to advance into Moyun Ridge, so that the land can also be included in Bena’s provincial map.
However, this will greatly reduce the benefits that Count Suldak, a marked army, is about to get.
To put it mildly, the Benaian Army, which was marked by the West Road Army, hit the gate of Lemo Yunling and then went to pick the fruit …
This is the biggest reason why Duke Newman refused the staff meeting.
Of course, it does not rule out the Marquis of Lu Se. After all, the Lu Se Legion has been stationed in Bena Province.
The Marquis of Lu Se has always been responsible for the rebellion in the provinces …
You can have the stage of Count Sudak. You can’t let me down!’
Duke Newman thought in his heart
Marked has moved the garrison camp to the valley halfway up Moyunling Mountain, and Surdak has been waiting here for nearly half a month, but I haven’t seen the stationery from Duke Newman.
The army of evil spirits driven out of the valley by Surdak has been reunited in the last half month.
Now, in a mountain outside the north exit of the Tibetan valley, the sorcerer’s investigation team has explored their position clearly and called together more than 30 thousand evil spirits fighters.
Of course, up to now, the problem of food ration has been seriously restricting the scale of the evil ghost legion.
Moyunling Highland was originally barren, and now the evil spirits can’t wait to dig out the grass roots here and fill them in their stomachs.
The evil spirits hunting group has not been able to get food supplies from Gandaier Mountain in recent months, and the mountains in the north of Moyun Mountain are full of indigenous tribes.
The evil spirits can also drive the aboriginal soldiers back to their stockade and then hunt in this mountain.

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