"Shout what shout mourning? Charging is complete. Fire! Boom his mother! "

"I’m sorry this is a newcomer, but I haven’t taught him well." Next to him, a soldier who looks like a veteran slapped him again. "Is the owner so easy to die? Quick gun! "
I just closed my eyes over there and heard "bang" and another explosion.
The manor’s main gun was fired again, and a deep ditch was plowed on the ground of the shadow manor.
No … How is that possible?
The owner of the manor is dead, and the palace of the enemy manor should be out of control, right?
What’s more, the other party is still the owner of Weili Manor, and the enemy manor should be torn apart and destroyed at this time.
I opened my eyes and found that Zhuang, which had been torn just now, was slowly crawling and slowly closed.
Is this guy a pupil?
No, even if the third pupil was torn, it would have died long ago!
Don’t believe this guy is immortal!
Min Yi waved his hand and tore Zhuang not far away.
"Bastard is very painful!" Not far from Zhuang, he squirmed and bonded again, grinning and sobbing.
"What should the Lord Zhuang do …" Old Brown, who was tortured to death in the manor not far from Zhuang, kept whispering in his heart.
To tell you the truth, his heart almost contracted to the extreme when Zhuang was blown up not far away.
It is he who comforts himself that Zhuang is not far away and will not die so easily. It is said that the disaster has been left for thousands of years. How young the owner is and he will never die.
Yeah, he’s really scared to pee. If Zhuang dies not far away, it’s really a collapse.
Fortunately, not far from Zhuang, I really didn’t die and came back to life. I don’t know when not far from Zhuang has been quietly replaced by myself.
But now that Zhuang is not far away, he is suppressed, and he is also desperate in his heart.
This enemy is too strong, Master Zhuang!
Now the players are disconnected, and the big move has broken out not far from Zhuang. To be honest, this manor has suffered a little damage.
A manor on the mainland level-although this manor should be barely regarded as a manor on the mainland-is so huge that even trying to plow the palace’s main gun will kill people.
You can’t win if you go on like this.
I have no confession!
Old Brown is an excellent commander and strategist, but his tactics are really minimal in the face of absolute superiority.
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly saw a flash of people around me, and I don’t know when Zhuang appeared.
It turns out that Zhuang is still in the manor palace not far away?
Old Brown hurriedly took a look and was still busy. The soldiers lowered their voices and said, "Master Zhuang, should we go now? Maybe we can retreat now …"
"go? What’s going? I still have a big move to make! " Zhuang shook his head not far away. "Don’t forget what builds the power of the gods and what stands in the sky. It’s just that I simulated it. It’s my real Covenant to make another appointment!"
"Isn’t that your second appointment just to fool with the Covenant?" Old Brown has broken this agreement. What can he do now but delay?
Although it’s really good to make another Covenant on earth, it’s not a fighting Covenant at all. It’s a screwdriver. Isn’t it asking for trouble if you have to hammer it with others?
And the "tide master" is definitely the kind that a super sledgehammer can smash people into meat sauce with one hammer!
"Every time I make an appointment with it, even if it is weak, it belongs to me. The Covenant is concluded by me." Zhuang is not far away. "And the Covenant of others, even if it is strong, is just someone else …"
"One of the greatest advantages of my Covenant is that I can add rules whenever I want!"
Not far from Zhuang’s palm, a stone appeared in his hand.
The stone is covered with a layer of light and shadow, and several unreal fonts are floating.
A closer look at this stone font is the word "second appointment"
If a manor owner sees this Covenant stone in the manor owner’s era, he will even spit out an old blood.
No matter how strong or weak each Covenant is, it must have been decided by the Covenant owners after careful consideration. It is probably unique that the name is not far from Zhuang.
"Do you want to add rules in combat?" Old Brown is vomiting blood.
Although he is not the owner of the manor, he has also heard of the sacredness of the Covenant.
Every time you add "Covenant", you should try your best to ensure your success, because it is really dangerous to make a Covenant between "Covenant Stone" and "Time Heart". You can’t be too careful.
Zhuang is not far away. Is this … Do you think you are slow to die?
"Master Zhuang, I think we should retreat first … rally and come back!" Old brown road
"There is not necessarily any rule to solve eye difficulties."
"What rule?" Old brown really can’t think of any laws. Is there any law that can directly make people stronger?
In that simple way, aren’t all kinds of covenants rotten streets?
"I don’t know, just ask that guy?" Not far from Zhuang, I raised my hand and lifted the Covenant stone in my hand.
Ask who?
Ask Shi Xin directly if there is an enemy Covenant in this world.
Old Brown thinks … It’s not far from Zhuang. This guy is crazy!
And personally experienced Zhuang not far from concluding a Covenant, the old boom and others scared their eyes straight.

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