Lingqing told her story, listening to a brainwave and others longing for it.

It is to make the intuition of Weiyan and others like a dream.
For them, Lingqing’s generation has been mythical enough.
That achievement has been envied by other brothers for a long time.
Now I suddenly heard that the characters in this myth of my own ancestor couldn’t help falling into a dream for a while.
It’s not that I didn’t know the origin of my own legacy before, and I didn’t brag about it less.
But I have never felt so close to myself as I do today.
Even a brainwave and Yu Wei couldn’t help wondering, "I wonder if we can have a chance to visit grandmaster?"
"There will be" Lingqing Road ".This incarnation of mine has been guiding you to practice since then.
If you have a chance in this life to be certified in the future, you can naturally go back to your legacy with your teacher. "
A brainwave and Yu Wei were overjoyed when they heard this. "So Master won’t leave in the future?"
"I’m now incarnate in all worlds, and it’s hard for you to see me in all worlds in the future."
This is not only a brainwave, but also a whisper and others are happy
After all, they are all famous jade books.
Also, most talented people who can travel through the heavens naturally enter the sub-world in vain.
If you can meet your ancestors in the vice, don’t say what benefits you can get, at least your life will be worried.
Chapter one thousand and eleven Baiyun Cave Jun
Ling Qing Xuan whale is busy in the real world
Although it is not high in repair, it is easy to repair the spiritual realm.
I have seen a brainwave and others, and I have seen Zhang Yuan Xie and others and stayed in Qingyun Mountain.
Ling Qingzun has followed Xian to Zhangjiajie.
"This King Yu Zhou has another identity. Perhaps you have also heard of it." Sister-in-law pointed to the peak in front of him, which is high in the sky and far in the water, and the wonders of the Qing Dynasty. "Baiyun Cave in Tianmen Mountain.
He was once in charge of the nine-day secret record "Ruyi Jade Album" by the Jade Emperor, and then insisted on stealing and leaking the day and was condemned to suffer.
And I won a great honor for helping my master fight demons.
I don’t know if he wants to hang out with a bunch of dumpling lords again. "
Ling Qing, listen to this story, it is really familiar. There is a ghost novel named Ping Yao, which is about this.
"I heard that he guarded the Ruyi Jade Book, which contains a secret method.
Isn’t it true that Yu Zhou, the king of Yu, can drive the gods through ghosts and work miracles? "
"The secret record is true, and he has seen it, but there is no such thing and opportunity to practice." Lan Caihe explained, "There are all kinds of secret methods in this world, but there are few people who are destined."
Just like exorcist’s "Xuandu Secret Pivot", all the magic tools that the three immortals can have are there one by one.
It can be said that it is all-encompassing.
But we can all understand the part except Brother Tieguai, Brother Zhong Li and Brother Dong Bin.
That "Ruyi Jade Book" is also a general thing that the old monkey can understand. It is already his own nature. "
Fairy fairy was afraid that Lingqing didn’t understand her ability, but she woke up deliberately. "But he is the most proficient in driving away gods. If you meet him in the future, be careful that he will attract more gods and bully less."
"Can he still invite the emperor?" Lingqing asked
The gods in heaven can’t be driven by exorcism, and they can’t be recruited without corresponding runes.
"He has his own register and knows all kinds of symbols. If you can’t come?" Sister-in-law said, "Will you help him or not? But he can really come."
In general, the violation of the land base of the mountain god may not be called by him. "
"Not to say that he has been mixed with dumpling Lord for six days. What is the Lord planning? If you haven’t sold his fairy book yet? " Lingqing don’t understand
If you want to go to his fairy place, how can you be like this even if you have a symbol in your hand?
The land of a mountain god who doesn’t conform to the rules of heaven can also be free from his servitude.
"Waiting for you in the future day will know this record, in addition to the fairy book where is said to do it?
Now it is still unclear what his purpose is to be together with the dumpling demon king.
If you can dispose of it directly? "Han Zhongli shook the treasure fan." Besides, he didn’t completely rely on the secret method.
But there are priests who have an influence when facing him in heaven and earth. "
Ling Qing remembered that the service of the gods in the Law of Enchanting Spirituality was also an ofuda who wanted the other party to be in the clergy, and once he was in the middle of it, he could serve.
I want to come to the hands of King Yu Zhou, and this is also the source technique.
When they spoke, they came to Tianmen Mountain and stopped at a hill not far away.
Tie Guai Li paused at the top of the hill and said, "Where is the mountain god?"
Poof, after a puff of dust and smoke, a lean mountain god fell to the ground and said, "Little gods meet all the fairies. Do you know what fairies call little gods?"
"I ask you, where is the Baiyun Cave in Tianmen Mountain?"
"Back to the fairy some time ago to a black wind came to the door is a fierce bird demon.
Dong Jun invited him into Baiyun Cave. After a while, both of them went hand in hand and never returned. "

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