Although there is no problem with the retreat, there is a storm in the Phobos-1 delivery channel because of the retreat, so this time the problem will definitely be retired

However, Xu’s status is quite special.
Xu retired as a B-level intermediate individual, but also the winner of the Blue Star Guardian Medal. Now, it is the head of the Tongtian Special Warfare Regiment in Huaxia District. This time, Cai Shaochu retired to facilitate the relocation of the Galaxy Spirit Institute, and gave Xu a title to a deputy director of the Galaxy Spirit Institute.
Of course, this kind of thing that leads to the quantity delivery channel can’t be easily let go because of Xu’s resignation.
Cai Shaochu had already prepared the rhetoric for Xu tui.
"Cai Shaochu, President Cai, a tensor dimensional chain card?"
In the face of Xu’s retreat, the commander of Phobos I base, Che Damovic, and the star guards of Phobos and his party were all at a loss
They have seen a lot of source crystal ability seal cards, and there is no precedent that the source crystal ability seal card passes through the quantity delivery channel and causes a quantity storm.
However, there is no precedent for the source crystal ability seal card of the same dimension chain in Bluestar, and no one has ever created it before.
Cai Shaochu, this is the first case
Looking at Xu tui’s ability to take out the source crystal seal card, the printing area is in the star guard of Hunis on Mars, and the spirit is directly explored to Xu tui’s ability to take out this source crystal seal card.
The ability of dimensional chain has a small number of star-rated and quasi-star-rated, and most of them are not.
If this ability can appear in the form of source crystal ability seal card, the significance is also extraordinary.
Spiritual confrontation directly affects reality and triggers a wave of shocks.
Huaxia district guards Ruan Tianzuo’s spirit on Mars, which directly blocks Hunis’ spirit.
"Since it’s President Cai’s stuff, you’d better not touch it," Ruan Tianzuo said lightly.
"We have to verify the truth?" Hunis urgent way
"President Cai has sent a confirmation letter, which is really caused by his thoughtlessness, but he is also moving the Institute of Galaxy Spirit to the front line, the Unout asteroid.
This was approved by the Blue Star Gene Committee and the Gene Committees of all districts.
If you have any dissatisfaction, you can reflect it, "Ruan Tianzuo said lightly.
Ruan Tianyou is very strong, which is also the wind of the strong stars in China.
The strong stars in Huaxia District have been very strong in recent years.
Especially if you don’t agree with each other when you are outside, you won’t make a war!
Sigh, the leader, is still qualified
In this regard, Houthi’s idea of taking the opportunity to spy on the source crystal ability seal card of the dimensional chain completely fell.
It’s natural for a researcher with a mission to retreat.
To tell the truth, this is the second time that Xu tui has seen Ruan Tianzuo. If there were no former Lu Guanqing incident, today’s incident would have greatly boosted Xu tui’s goodwill towards Ruan Tianzuo.
But now, even if you have a good impression, you are full of seven points of vigilance.
Ten minutes later, I finished the record and returned to Phobos Huaxia District, where I was preparing to find a place to rest.
Judging from the guards of several Martian stars, it takes about four to six days for Phobos to send a channel to recover from the storm.
We can wait for a few days in Phobos.
Fortunately, Zhou Chuan has left the Unout asteroid with a long antenna to explore the location of the desert.
Otherwise, Xu can be anxious to stay here!
Just entered the arrangement room, Xu retired, and someone came and knocked at the door at the same time.
It’s Ruan Tianzuo
After thinking for a few seconds, Xu quit the door. "Mr. Ruan, who are you?"
Generally speaking, practitioners in Huaxia District will call themselves "strong teachers with stars", which is a little closer. It is very obvious that they are called "Mr. Ruan Tianzuo".
Ruan Tianzuo, with white beard and eyebrows but black hair, smiled and walked directly into this quiet room.
As he entered, he smiled, "Xiao Xu has been born. You have fought side by side with my Sun Ruanda several times, which is considered as a comrade-in-arms in life and death. Why don’t I ask you to call me Grandpa Ruan?"
Xu tui looked at if people entered Ruan Tianzuo’s heart, especially when he took it for granted that Xu tui should agree.
"I’m really a comrade-in-arms, but I’ll call you Mr. Ruan. Otherwise, President Cai or Mr. He, the teacher of our season, will suffer too much."
This soft nail makes Ruan Tianzuo look slightly strange at Xu tui.
The stars are strong.
This is the first time he has seen a young man reject the goodwill of the star-rated strong so directly.
Even if people with different positions refused before, most of them refused with their mouths open.
But it’s a little direct to make a refund.
"Or I’ll be embarrassed when Brother Cai meets me face to face. Oh, by the way, can I have a look at President Cai’s source crystal ability seal card?" Ruan Tianzuo asked.
"You have to ask President Cai about this."
Xu retreated and refused to speak again, which made Ruan Tianzuo’s eyes pile up at a cold pressure instantly. This is the mental coercion caused by the strong spirit of the stars.

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