Not far from Zhuang, he stared at Whale Fat. "Whale Fat, would you like to be my subordinate manor owner?"

Whale Fat nodded and waved his wings as if urging Zhuang to accept it quickly.
"Well, I can accept your loyalty not far from the manor!" Zhuang reached for the water polo not far away.
Flash of silver light
Chapter 914 Not far from the harmonious wealth village
In the manor, the edge of the main island came to calm down, and the water suddenly broke out.
A servant was attracted by the sound and turned his head to see the spray rolling in the water, and then a huge whale head came out.
Zhuang and several servants are not far away in this whale’s head.
"Master Zhuang is back!"
"Master Zhuang, how did you come back from the water?"
"Where did the landlord get such a big guy! Whale fat, what about that idiot? Did you eat it by the landlord? "
"Wow" rang, and the whale waved its big wings and set off a huge wave, which washed the servant away.
The whale is now the owner of the manor! At least respect?
Then the whale fat bowed his head and let Zhuang and his servants go.
Not far from Zhuang, after accepting the loyalty of Whale Fat, the "Giant Whale Manor" officially became a subordinate manor or a town.
With the help of the "manor heart", the two manors are automatically connected.
Not far from Zhuang and Whale Fat agree that the servants in the manor can enter and leave the two manors at will.
The entrance of the whale manor to the Neng manor is right next to the main island, and the water is directly connected to the whale body.
At this time, more than a dozen killer whales are also swimming around curiously in the manor waters, arousing waves.
"Master Zhuang, you can come back!" Feng Liangzhou and Liu Jingue hurried to see Zhuang not far away, just like seeing relatives.
"Did something happen in the manor while I was away?" Zhuang wondered why he was in such a hurry.
The two manors concluded a contract. Not far from hou zhuang, they explored the whale manors again. They didn’t come back until the passage was stable. It took about a day or so.
Not far from the second village, the speed of the whale manor was normal, not particularly fast or slow
Let them be in such a hurry for more than a day?
"Er … a lot has happened, but …" Feng Liangzhou doesn’t know what to say. "You’d better see for yourself … now the public opinion is about to explode."
Depending on a recent news.
"The incident of detaining the Fusang whaling ship in Green Island Port has intensified … Recently, the spokesperson of Green Island Port responded to the Fusang sanctions warning for the first time and its attitude was very tough!"
See immediately switch into XiaJie that crazy domineering scene "ha ha … sanctions? Come if you dare! Who first recognizes who is a pig! "
Zhuang looks tongue-tied not far away. This girl is handsome!
Ok! Very good! Very good!
"After the incident, the reporter came to the Green Island Port for the first time to shoot a group of pictures of the whaling ship department and got some pictures of the rescue of injured whales in Green Island Port. After the publicity, the environmentalists in the world unanimously condemned many organizations for calling on the people of the world to help Green Island Port and strongly condemned Fusang’s cruel whaling."
"In view of the tough attitude of Green Island Port, Fusang said that the whaling industry belongs to normal fisheries, while the Green Island Port is the end of piracy. If Green Island Port does not release people, it is not possible to rule out the dispatch of warships …"
"The spokesman of Green Island Port also issued a tough reply."
Xiajie smiled contemptuously "warship? Ha ha … "
With your warships?
Not far from Zhuang, it means that these two "hehe" are absolutely deep for him!
However, Feng Liangzhou and others all said that this hehe has gone through Xiajie’s artistic interpretation, which stems from the fact that reality is higher than reality, and it is definitely much cooler than Zhuang’s arrogance!
Zhuang is not far away, but I have to admit that this kind of response is at best even if he is at home.
"But Lord Zhuang ….." Feng Liangzhou sighed. "It’s really too big for such a response to bring bad influence … Don’t say goodbye. We have already agreed to build a white frost winery in Green Island Port, and we were stuck before we were interested in investing in Green Island Port …"
At present, Fusang has frozen all the projects approved by the manor, and some industries with intention to invest have encountered some resistance because of some Fusang investments.
"In my opinion, Lord Zhuang, let’s forget about exporting gas? Let them go? " Feng Liangzhou carefully way
Lao Feng didn’t dare to say "Let’s be quick to soften our mouths when we are happy", but tactfully dismissed the saying "let them go", which made the landlord of his own family explode.
"Hmm …" Zhuang is actually in a good mood now. After all, the whales have been equipped with mouth cannons, and they have also got an affiliated manor. There is also an unknown factory waiting to be explored. "Then let them pay ransom and fine and let them go!"
"Good good!" Feng Liangzhou nodded with relief. This is what a mature decision-maker does! "Then you see how much it is appropriate to punish them?"
Looking at Feng Liangzhou next to Liu Jingue, I couldn’t help but sigh with a relaxed heart.
Lao Feng, Lao Feng, you still know too little about our landlord!
Thinking about letting Fusang take money to eliminate disasters and make peace? Our Lord Zhuang won’t poke them up. I’m your surname!
Sure enough, not far from Zhuang, I broke my fingers and calculated, "Anyway, Fusang is very rich. A crew member is so-so. Even if it is a Luo, every whale killed in their cabin will have to pay a Luo fine, and then the ship will be broken by me anyway. Just return it to them directly, so don’t pay for it."
Not far from Zhuang, I feel that I am simply too generous!

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