Although marked led the battle.

However, the East Route Army also sent a large number of knights to participate in the war and the losses were also very heavy
With a stroke of a pen, Suo Su ‘erdak directly divided the dark crystal obtained by slaying evil spirits on the battlefield into two parts.
Half of them were reserved for themselves and the other half were given to the knights of the East Route Army.
But all the evil spirits’ heads belong to Surdak.
For those evil spirits, whoever peels off the black skin belongs to them.
The main reason why Surdak did this is to see the exaggeration to the extreme. Compared with the list of dead on both sides, there are only 57 knights killed in their own country, while the number of dead on the East Route Army side is over a thousand.
It is for this reason that Gensoul Ducker decisively reached a decision to split the profits and make up for the losses suffered by both sides in this battle.
In fact, Surdak didn’t consider one thing. He is the captain of Emil Mei Sen. Please help to quell the chaos, even if it is not profitable.
There will be such a big gap between the number of people killed on both sides
The answer is self-evident.
There was nothing unusual at the beginning of the war, but when the war entered the second half, the objects protected by the ghost-patterned soldiers on the battlefield became selective.
It’s not that the giant ghost-tattooed soldiers are so smart, but that their master, the young druids from the south of Bailin plane, has a choice, and they will let the ghost-tattooed soldiers take the initiative to rescue the knights of the West Road Army in distress.
In addition, another reason is that 1,500 ant cavalry troops entered the battlefield in the second half.
Although the ant cavalry suffered heavy losses, they did not ignore the fact that it was almost their group who rescued the knights from the battlefield in the second half.
The same is to save the wounded from the battlefield. Then why not give priority to saving our own people?
However, if the giant soldier ants are counted as the elite soldiers of Surdak, then Surdak’s loss this time is not small …
Of course, this time, it will break through the fortress of Narada and the evil spirits will be completely defeated, which will also let everyone breathe a sigh of relief.
Otherwise, once the vanguard troops of this evil army rushed into Handanar City, the consequences would be unimaginable.
That male city is impregnable. It’s good to say that once it is breached, almost a million people gather outside the city, it will become the rations of evil spirits. Moreover, the Bena army in the rear area of the evil spirits is also doomed to attack the city and plunder the land in Fakenburg County.
It was everyone who didn’t realize that the decisive World War I would come so early, including the heads of the knights of the East Route Army.
This battlefield has already turned into a dark brown.
The thick smell of blood wafted with a disgusting smell.
The bodies of evil spirits, war horses and soldier ants were directly buried in the soil without burning, and they were not buried deeply.
In the future, when the body gradually decays, this land is bound to form a large pothole
But there is a vast grassland around here, and it is not easy to find enough firewood to burn these bodies, so it can be buried in situ.
The pit diggers are almost all those mercenary groups who wait and see behind them.
Because of the participation of the mercenary group to clean up the battlefield, the knights came in after cleaning up the battlefield and got a piece of the action.
The first army to arrive at this battlefield was a new corps in Handanar City with about 3,000 people. They came to gain experience behind the Knights, but they didn’t expect to see the end of a battle just after they came out.
Seeing several wounded knights lying on the grass slope behind Gaogang in tattered armor, many recruits were so scared that their legs went weak.
In the eyes of the recruits, each of these costumed knights is a hero in their mind. They are brave enough to defend Handanar and fight to the death.
But in the barracks full of wounded people, their hands trembled slightly with the hilt, and the more they tried to calm down, the more they shook.
See Jeremy goldkorn that xiuluo field recruits are afraid to set foot on half a step forward.
The purple-brown soil in their hearts has become the land cursed by God.
Although they have little combat experience and courage, a group of laborers are still very valuable.
And their greatest value here is that they can send these wounded knights back to Handanar to recuperate.
Then several East Route Army knights arrived here one after another.
Almost all of them came here from several tributaries of the Bouruin River farther away.
Seeing the horrors of the battlefield here and seeing so many wounded knights is even more exaggerated. All the horses were killed and many people were shocked when they talked about their experience a few days ago.
Some structural knights even have a whimsy about whether they can gain more power by sacrificing their horses in the battlefield …
It seems that some knights still can’t accept that the main army of the evil spirits’ vanguard should be completely annihilated by the Bruin River.
It was not until I saw the battlefield full of dried blood and three huge corpse pits that someone exclaimed.
"That group of evil spirits was defeated by you?"
Later, I also noticed that there were more dead people and more injured people here. The victory in this battle was everyone’s life and no one questioned it.
And these knights with fresh troops have not stayed here long.
According to the direction pointed out by the Knights here, they rushed to kill the remaining evil spirits. Some people heard that the general who led the evil spirits was seriously injured …
The fire that burned the bodies of the fallen soldiers burned for nearly seven days and seven nights before it was extinguished.
Surdak was also busy for a whole week to stop himself.
In this issue, he never went out of the tent. He was too tired to open his eyes to sleep for two hours.
Lance sent me the spirit potion. He has already drunk seven bottles.
And Aphrodite would sing him a lullaby by his side every time he fell asleep.
In fact, the most tense rescue period was just after the battle. Surdak was almost sleepless. All the injured knights blessed the gods to stabilize the injury, and it took a week to give first aid to the battlefield.
Of course, for Surdak, more than 5,000 unidentified dark crystals are not enough to make up for the losses he suffered in this war.
1000 giant soldier ants, 100 war horses (300 of them are magic war horses), 500 ant cavalry (including soldier ants)
Whether it is to cultivate giant soldiers and ants, or to strengthen the magic pattern of the life of the magic horse, or the demon contract of the ant cavalry, these are very precious things
It’s not enough to make up for the loss of so many unidentified dark magic crystals.
But … Real Surdak has a second income.

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