"YanLin temporarily let her stay in Bibo Haitian for a while. Please take care of the four island owners."

"You can rest assured of this."
This time, I will probably enter Shushan, and at the same time, I will face the Qingcheng School and Kyubi no Youko tian hu clan, which will be a big battle. Yanlin can’t take part in this kind of battle now.
You should know that from Hou Yuanzheng, you already know that Wentao finished flying to the secular world with Ling Yunzhi at the entrance of Shushan.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Do it to the end?
Bibo Haitian and Tianfeng Island
"Because of this, Mr. Wen left and asked Dr. Yan to stay in the blue sea for some time. During this period, if there is any need, Dr. Yan can tell me to do it at any time." At this time, Tianjunxing dared not underestimate everyone in Shuxin Clinic. After returning to Tianfeng Island, he personally told Yanlin what had just happened and reached a decision at the same time.
Ling Yunzhi still had an accident. Fortunately, it was thrilling. I don’t know if Linglan will be fine, but Lanzu is so powerful that the other party should not be able to stand her. I’m afraid there are more things this time.
Hey! Yanlin listened to Tianjunxing and said these things with a slight sigh in her heart. Unfortunately, her strength is the weakest in the clinic and she can’t help.
"The Lord of the Three Temples is kind to everything here."
"Dr. Yan can contact me at any time if he has something to do." There is nothing too much to say with Yanlin Tianjunxing, and he will leave after finishing the matter.
Yanlin’s eyes are looking at the outside and she thinks that it is not that simple when Dr. Wen goes back, otherwise Dr. Wen will not let himself stay in the blue waves and fight in Haitian! If we say that we were wandering in a middle zone, the situation will get better and better now.
Dr. Wen said before that the road of cultivating truth is not as beautiful as people in the secular world think. Even the so-called celestial world doesn’t know it, but Wen Tao doesn’t think it will be as beautiful as imagined.
This time, Dr. Wen should be away for a while. What should I do?
Continue to practice … But Yanlin is still very clear in her heart. Even if Wentao helped her change the system, there is no way for them to develop in other aspects than Xiao Si, Luo Zhenfeng and Kong Wenhao.
Medical skills are taught by Dr. Wen, and it is certainly impossible for him to surpass Dr. Wen, and the others will not …
Suddenly Yanlin’s eyes lit up, and there were several seven-color raindrops in her ring, which Dr. Wen picked out for her to study. Dr. Wen once said that once the two problems of seven-color raindrops were solved, the seven-color raindrops were definitely not much worse than those of other major schools.
Studying this article for yourself, Dr. Wen just doesn’t have time to study it now, even if he makes a little progress, it will help Dr. Wen
Thinking of YanLin immediately set out to study.
"Are you sure?" Han Tongyu suddenly got up and had a strong momentum, which made Du Jie’s initial peak vaguely enter Du Jie’s mid-term. Mu Yin was also very uncomfortable. What is it? Mu Yin can feel that Han Tongyu’s great pressure is not entirely due to his own physical strength.
A master in Du Jie’s later period is not enough to make Mu Yin, who has no hidden strength now, feel so uncomfortable. The owners of Jiugongshan, Wudang and Bicuitian are not weak if they want to say it, but if they really put it together, they can’t be Han Tongyu, Tianshou and Thunder.
The leaders of the five schools in Shushan all own the treasures of Zhenpai, which came from ancient times, while Jiugongshan and other schools also have magic weapons of Zhenpai, but they are much worse than the five schools.
"It’s true." Mu Yin leaned down and replied, "According to our information, both Ling Lan and Ling Yunzhi worked in Wentao Shuxin Clinic. Sometimes people in Shuxin Clinic were more or less, and they didn’t pay much attention to it, especially after Wentao Gong entered the fix-true world. But those people have been in Shuxin Clinic for a long time. What they need to confirm is that they are very simple. Now it seems that Linglan and Ling Yunzhi should be Wentao and there should be others."
"Check immediately and give me the strength to investigate. Wentao asked him to catch me as soon as he appeared, and that Linglan …" What happened to my son was caused by this Linglan, and if it wasn’t for his son, he wouldn’t enter the secular world.
Although there is no evidence that Han Jinshuo was killed by Ling Lan, she is now the only clue that Han Tongyu naturally refuses to let go.
"Yes," Mu Yin agreed first and then said, "But this Linglan is from Shuxin Clinic, and I’m afraid it’s a little troublesome for Wentao and the Shushan Sword School Bibo Haitian to catch Linglan closely?"
"Trouble …" Han Tongyu said maliciously, "This time it’s not that simple. It’s not worth fighting for Wentao. So a doctor is not worth fighting with Shushan Sword School and Bibi Haitian. Now his Shuxin clinic has something to do with killing my son. If Amen is to stop me, I will be interested to see if they really agree with such a so-called doctor."
Han Tongyu is now full of confidence. Because of the appearance of the thunder, he originally planned to come in person and take a group of people to sweep in the secular world. Later, the thunder was stronger than him, and other factions also sent people to come.
Qingcheng school has advantages in the secular world. In view of this situation, Han Tongyu returned to Shushan a few days ago and has officially gained more strength by mobilizing.
"Although Wentao is important, if it is true that he fights for life and death, the Shushan Sword School and the Bibi Haitian should not do such an irrational thing." This is also agreed by Mu Yin that Han Tongyu should be determined to pay a certain price. He also recognizes that the Shushan Sword School and Bibi Haitian should not fight to the end.
Mu Yin also advised, "And the owner can send someone to unite Kyubi no Youko tian hu clan Ling Yunzhi. It will be a big worry for them to have Linglan support."
"Well" Han Tongyu nodded his head. In fact, his heart is not without worry, although he is confident that once he is determined to take Shuxin Clinic to deal with Wentao, Shushan Sword School and Bibo Haitian will not really fight with themselves, but after all, he faces two major schools at the same time, and the thought of Wentao will make people feel very annoying when he thinks about it.
If Thunder and Biqiong were here at this time, they would definitely tell Han Tongyu that he was all wet. Even if he fought recklessly to the end, Shushan Sword School and Bibo Haitian would be in the end. Han Tongyu once again made a mistake and he didn’t really have the real value of Bai Wentao.
At this time, Wentao is taking Ling Yunzhi back to the secular world.
"Boss …" Wentao didn’t say anything else all the way, which made Ling Yunzhi feel more and more uneasy. At the end of the flight, Ling Yunzhi finally couldn’t help saying, "This time I didn’t listen to you and Lanzu’s instructions, and it almost brought Lanzu trouble. Even now I don’t know Lanzu’s comfort, but it also put our Shuxin clinic at risk. This is all my fault. I ask you to punish me. I am willing to accept it."
Suppressed for a long time and finally got this sentence out. At this time, even if Wentao made any decision and punished Ling Yunzhi, it felt better than holding it in his heart.
But … Wentao didn’t take a reason that Ling Yunzhi was flying fast in front of him. Wentao seemed to have missed Ling Yunzhi.
"Boss …" Ling Yunzhi said and waited for what Wentao said, but there was no Wentao sound after waiting for half a day.
It’s strange that Ling Yunzhi went to Wentao a little faster and looked at Wentao again only to find that Wentao was flying forward at high speed, but his expression showed that he was thinking about the problem.
"Boss …" Ling Yunzhi slightly increased the sound and added some reiki in the window, which just woke up from thinking.
"What is it?"
"Ah …" Ling Yunzhi nai is very painful to say what he just said again.
Wen Tao didn’t even look at Ling Yunzhi after listening to it.
"Okay, I get it. I’ll talk about you later."
Ah … Ling Yunzhi was really teased by the boss. He just felt that it was a big deal, but the boss said it like a joke.
"Boss, I am very serious."
Wen Tao looked at Ling Yunzhi strangely. "I know you are serious and I didn’t joke with you!" "
"But …" Lingyun Zhinai knew that if she said that, she would definitely not be the boss’s opponent. "If this matter is not handled by me … it will be very uncomfortable."
"Alas ….." Window suddenly sighed and shook his head.
"Really …" Ling Yunzhi Wentao didn’t believe his words and quickly said, "If you do something wrong, you must take the responsibility by yourself."
"Blame your head …" Wen Tao rewarded Ling Yunzhi with a Xiangtou knock. "I’m sighing if there’s something wrong with your kid’s head. I don’t want to know if I want to make a mess. Do you pursue those broken things at this time? When there’s no accident, I keep stressing that it’s necessary to face and solve things to prevent accidents. Now Linglan’s situation is not good. We have also exposed some things. You don’t think about how to find Linglan and how to deal with the enemy. You are still there as a hero. You are a big head ghost."
Uh ….. Ling Yunzhi stood there one leng, just now he had to take responsibility himself. At this time, listening to Wen Tao’s remarks suddenly became clear.
What I was thinking just now? The boss is right. At this time, that’s when I think about the safety of Lanzu. I still don’t know that the tian hu family in Kyubi no Youko discovered their Lanzu and exposed their identity. It seems that the Qingcheng School will also find it because of this.

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