"To apply for a limit, we will enter the 19th generation Taibu of Eye of Heaven" Zhang Si ‘an confessed.

It turned out that they could directly enter the cabin, but after the restart of the 19th generation of Tianyan, they started its safety rules, and their maintenance personnel needed to be granted permission to enter.
The 19th generation of Eye of the Eye is the top scientific and technological equipment in Huaxia District. If you want to be granted access, you need to obtain the approval of Weibin Headquarters.
It’s been five minutes since all this has been completed, such as reporting, approving and sending entry orders.
Five minutes later, Zhang Si ‘an hit the Eye of the Sky, and the harsh alarm rang out from the 19th generation Tai Abdomen Anmen Anmen.
"Such a big alarm?"
Zhang Sian frowns. Normally, fault alarms are not so harsh.
But something is wrong. Anything is possible.
After passing the security authentication step by step, passing through the double security doors and cleaning the dust, Zhang Sian finally entered the main cabin of the 19th generation of Tianyan.
There are hundreds of red dots on the display screen of the main cabin, and it is these red dots that trigger the alarm.
"Is it wrong to have hundreds of maintenance points?"
Zhang Sian’s face changed instantly when he got close to it. These hundreds of red dots are not fault points but energy levels.
There are as many as 12 quasi-planetary energy spots, 50 energy spots and 300 energy spots in the transmutation environment!
In an instant, Zhang Sian’s cold sweat came out through his back!
This represents a wave of powerful, energy fluctuation level is extremely high, but the source is not strong, and it is approaching the neighboring star at high speed.
It shouldn’t be approaching this celestial eye at high speed.
Zhang Sian, a maintenance engineer, is very familiar with these data.
The data shows that according to the speed of energy spot, it will arrive at the 19th generation of Tianyan one minute later.
We will arrive at Mulinxing in five minutes.
Extremely fast!
This moment Zhang Sian’s big head is so white.
The first thought is to escape!
Choose the right direction in one minute, be lucky or escape!
But this first thought was rejected by Zhang Sian.
The 19th generation of Eye of Heaven didn’t give an alarm to the neighboring wood star because of the fault!
Then you must give an alarm to the headquarters of China’s neighboring wood star!
At the first moment, Zhang Sian was able to press the emergency alarm button!

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