In his view, Li Baoxin’s big probability is that the unpopular children in the Li family are likely to be targeted by some people, otherwise they will not fall to this point.

"There is movement in front" not far away, Zhou Jia closed his eyes and opened his eyes.
"drop one height"
Miao Ganwen nodded and the flying boat was driven by the source energy. The ground covered with yellow sand and gravel came into view at a constant speed.
And in the yellow sand everywhere, a black shadow like ink is particularly conspicuous.
Li Baoxin’s eyes narrowed and two things shaped like machetes appeared in the palm of his hand, and there was a sharp breath coming out of his body.
"Don’t be so nervous." Miao Gan pressed slowly with one hand.
"It’s obvious that such a big Blackpool can’t be formed soon. It’s too strong. At most, some black iron animals."
"Blackpool is the product of the dark mother emperor, which can pollute the ancient gods and devour other gods, which is equivalent to sending them to the door."
"This Blackpool is only one year after its birth."
"Well …"
"There’s something hidden in the face."
If it weren’t for more than ten years, Blackpool wouldn’t be dangerous to them, and if it were more than ten years, most of them would be fine
"I’ll do it!" Li Baoxin volunteered.
"Two bring up the rear"
"Good" Zhou Jiayin is indifferent.
"Brother Li, be careful"
Bao-xin li should be a leap from the flying boat, like a falling meteor, and smash it towards Fang Blackpool.
Chapter 2 inspection
The figure landed heavily
Two machetes in Li Baoxin’s hand trembled slightly and made a "before" sound like two poisonous snakes spitting letters emitting sharp qi activity.
From a distance, it looks like a circular cover appearing in the desert.
Silver field!
Li Baoxin’s strength in the field of silver can be easily urged, which is also outstanding in the third-order silver.
When the flying boat came, it didn’t hide anything. The animals near Blackpool had already noticed this, so it was necessary to order them to guard Blackpool and let them launch a fierce attack on people.
"It’s the Duluna snake!"
Miaogan hangs his head and sweeps his eyes, and the ground is one after another.
"This kind of animal has a strange kind of’ dragon’ blood from a powerful fragment world, but it’s a pity that the fragment is swallowed up by the dark mother emperor."

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