"Let’s go back"

"Go back?" Hege nodded repeatedly during the period.
"Go back to us!"
Shuode’s body was lying on his back on the cold ground. When he died, his eyes were wide open and he seemed to still not believe in his fate.
Fat and fragrant, kneeling on the side, shivering
Yu Zhouyi …
Has long been taken away by the law enforcement hall for disposal.
Jade sitting in the middle of the hall ChuiShou looked at the body swept aside from time to time, sweet and cold.
"I just got back and this happened."
Her voice is cold.
"How interesting!"
"Hui Xianshi" Kang Rong stepped out of the queue and handed over his fuels.
"This matter was caused by the cleansing of the marrow. Brother Shuo De was angry. Brother Zhou got the cleansing of the marrow, and the elder sister and brother Zhou made moves."
"The result was defeated by Brother Zhou!"
Jade nodded his head and his mood fluctuated.
"In three years, when the fit reached the late stage of Tianman, he also became a fire eye technique, relying on the ape stick method to suppress Shuode to death."
"What a talent!"
She sighed in her voice, but others dared to say anything
The fairy teacher laughs a lot and rarely looks positive, but once she converges, she smiles and says that she has been killed.
"The black wind tunnel is very restrictive to the younger brother outside, but it is also forbidden to kill each other."
Sweep all the people in the eye field and she will slow down.
"What do you have to say?"
"XianShi" this temporary return to Bohu also followed back to smell the former way
"Shuode and I have known each other for many years, whether it is selfish or public anger, Zhou Yi must never be lenient or make rules."
"If you forgive Zhou Yi today, there will surely be a second person who ignores the rules."
Jade nodded noncommittally.
"Kang Rong, what do you think?"
"This ….." Kang Rong face hesitate wanted to think.
"Brother Zhou’s murder is really inappropriate, but it’s also because Brother Shuo De is aggressive. I don’t think it’s necessary to punish him severely."
"Of course, all immortals are allowed."
Bohu smells and frowns.
Zhou Yi showed his potential and made him feel a lot of pressure. He didn’t believe Kang Rong and didn’t feel that he should join hands to suppress it now.
What does Kang Rong think?
"Let it be"
Jade chuishou slow way
"Send him to the Third Hospital for ten years. If he can come out alive after ten years, it will be fine."
Third hospital
A veterinary hospital, a poison hospital and a punishment hospital.
Seventeen brothers rotate to guard the animal hospital and the drug hospital, and every time they are frightened for one year, it is even more dangerous to put the punishment hospital in custody.
Ten years!

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