He will definitely grab the ice cream and let him leave before the ice cream comes?

Ann has long forgotten her unhappiness.
"Baby, it’s wrong not to pay attention to your ink son …" Liu Ximo’s face is closer. "How can you regard your most handsome ink son?" He said and sat down beside Ning Anan.
"That … that ink son, I know you are the most lovely, right?" Ann, she is clumsy in trying to get Liu Ximo to see that Liu Ximo is more cheerful when he is silent. "Then why don’t you go home and wait for Ann?" He said, let’s go. Liu Ximo’s face boh.
Pray. I hope Liu Ximo will go back. If he doesn’t, the ice cream will fly away.
"Baby, you are not good." Liu Ximo touched her face and was smacked all over the place, but her sweet mouth still didn’t bypass Ann.
Want to send him back?
"Ink son go home in peace, ok? Ann will go back soon! " Ann, I promise you, I still want to call Mo Er home. How ungrateful Mo Er is! !
"Baby, are you driving me home?" Liu Ximo looked at Anan with koo. What did he do wrong … He looked for her for a long time.
That slight moment is the deepest part of my heart.
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"Baby, are you driving me home?" Liu Ximo looked at Anan with koo. What did he do wrong … He looked for her for a long time.
"No, no," Ann shook her little head hard.
Liu Ximo held Ann’s head firmly. "Don’t shake it." He said with a wipe in his eyes that it was unique to Ann.
"Oh," Ann obeyed and stopped shaking. "But Mo Er, don’t don’t sit here, okay?" In peace, his eyes blinked brightly or looked at Liu Ximo imploringly.
Like god … Liu Ximo stay leng.
"An An" Yan Lingxi came over with two ice creams … A milk and a chocolate have these two flavors, and it is said that there is still three yuan a piece over there.
He was embarrassed to take out six yuan just now.
"Xixi ….." In peace, she cried out that there was Liu Ximo here. She, she, she didn’t dare to call Mo Er to be angry.
"Where do you want in peace …" Yan Lingxi hasn’t finished asking.
See Liu Ximo slender white fingers across the Xian Lingxi hand two ice creams are gone …
Gorgeous fall into the hands of Liu Ximo.
Yan Lingxi is embarrassed.
What? He’s always embarrassed today! ! unfair
See Liu Ximo looked at "it should be edible and looks a little cheap" and he muttered that he ate it himself.
An An and Xian Lingxi watched Liu Ximo. An An’s eyes were not angry and his mouth was tooting. How could Mo Er be so bad? ! Xixi bought it for herself.
Yan Lingxi was slightly embarrassed and sorry. Of course, when he looked at Liu Ximo, he gave it to An An with a slight anger. Forget it. Why did he eat it himself?
What, what, what!
That moment is the deepest part of my heart.
Group number 18754656, if you like children, add it [and one more time, when you look at it, Auntie was sold to grandma’s house G; l; 】
What, what, what!
"Well," Liu Ximo finally had a little conscience when he ate a small mouthful, and handed it to An An’s expression. It was still so … free.
"Mo ‘er is only a few points." Ann doesn’t think it’s complaining. Smelly Mo ‘er? Why did you eat yourself and have no food? Or did Xixi buy it for herself? She always remembers it in her heart.
"You haven’t eaten yet, haven’t you? You can’t eat without eating." Seeing Liu Ximo look like this, it seems that he owes as much as he wants! !
"And ice cream is bad for your health. Don’t eat too much. It’s not normal." Liu Ximo muttered something to himself.

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