It is not easy to create a combinable marksmanship.

"Every marksmanship power seems to be 9911. I’ll give it a try." Tengqingshan immediately went out of the house into the courtyard.
Teng Qingshan, with a gun in his hand, practiced seriously according to the description.
Once the pike is put into use, it explodes, and sometimes it sounds like a simple marksmanship. For example, a rifle with a lot of power breaks out. This rifle’s concealment and instantaneous explosiveness immediately multiply its power.
Learn every move of the 9911 plan carefully. After learning it once, Teng Qingshan will almost remember it.
Then one breath continuously cast eleven strokes.
Teng Qingshan didn’t stop and continued to cast eleven strokes in one breath. This second time, it was easy and skilled. Teng Qingshan continued to cast it for the third time. This is the third time that Teng Qingshan has already had a pair of effortless artistic conception.
Stand with your gun away.
"This breath practice actually consumes thirty percent of my strength" TengQingShan face has a smile "but strength and moves are really powerful! There are some obvious lessons to learn from my five-element marksmanship! "
Teng Qingshan has three tricks according to five elements boxing’s five-element marksmanship.
Among the three moves, the "shadow marksmanship" is the most suitable marksmanship for group warfare once it is as fast as a phantom and continuous.
The marksmanship defense is the most amazing.
Dragon drill is the most terrible trick of Tengqingshan. Even the dragon was punctured by Tengqingshan.
But Teng Qingshan’s marksmanship and acupoint stimulation didn’t?
"I will learn from the way of enhancing the speed of running strength to the shadow marksmanship, which can make the shadow marksmanship faster!" Teng Qingshan was overjoyed that "there are actually 9911 moves, and most moves are similar in artistic conception, which can be merged into several moves."
The realm Tengqingshan has reached a very high level early.
After practicing several times, he found that after complicated moves, he could learn from each other and merge new moves.
This thinking is late at night.
Teng Qingshan rested late at night, but the next morning Teng Qingshan studied it again, which seemed easier said than done! Teng Qingshan can easily see that the artistic conception of these 9911 strokes can be divided into five or six kinds.
But it is difficult to integrate.
Morning exercise school field
Teng Qingshan was alone on the edge of tinker, holding a reincarnation gun, and sometimes he stabbed dozens at will, which was extremely fast. Then he shook his head and pondered it selfishly.
"What are the Castle Peak Brothers doing?"
"I don’t know. He didn’t respond when I called him just now. This research on marksmanship is simply fascinating."
Once Teng Qingshan is immersed in something, it is really fascinated. Every day, except for eating and resting, he consumes marksmanship. This simple 81 tricks Teng Qingshan breaks and crushes every move, carefully studies it and constantly realizes that artistic conception.
"These nine-nine-eleven strokes should mainly be divided into five artistic conceptions. If successful, they should be combined into five strokes!" In the evening, Teng Qingshan’s own courtyard face smiled. "Speaking of these five artistic conceptions, they all belong to the fire attribute! If one day I combine these five moves into one, I should be able to successfully develop cannon boxing into marksmanship! "
Teng Qingshan has found that the more he studies, the better his understanding of the fire attribute’ cannon boxing’.
This is mutual promotion!
Because of the achievements of artillery boxing, Gao Teng Qingshan can study it so deeply.
Three days passed in a flash.
Sniff! Sniff! Before …
In the courtyard at night, there suddenly appeared a dense road of cold light, and the moonlight shone on it. The dense cold light covered an area of three feet, and a large number of cold light formed a flower filled with flames.
Put away your gun and stand!
TengQingShan face emerge a smile "five artistic conception I finally hit the first move! This is the most fantastic and confusing trick. Well, this trick is called’ Fire Tree Silver Flower’! " It took three days to add fire to the artillery boxing achievement. Teng Qingshan finally created the first move-the fire tree and silver flower!
"Castle Peak" Teng Qinghu walked out of the house.
"Cousin" Teng Qingshan said with a smile, "Haven’t you rested yet?"
"We just finished the pace, and it’s the right day. We’re leaving for Huafeng City, but I stopped by to see it. I’m a little excited and can’t sleep," Teng Qinghu said excitedly.
"Day off? Who said that? Why don’t I know? " Tengqingshan doubt way
"Just this morning’s morning exercise was announced. The commander announced that everyone had heard it. Did you not hear it?" Tengqinghu doubt way
"announced this morning?" Tengqingshan smiled
He spent the whole day immersed in marksmanship thinking, that is, eating, and his mind was full of marksmanship, so he didn’t listen to what others said. Unless someone approached him and disturbed him, Teng Qingshan ignored the news naturally.
"It turned out that I set off the day."
Chapter 22 Yan Danchen

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