Yang night listening to sleep out of the question to just look to one side of the aquarium soft ray a turn Monsieur beaucaire ling Ma Bai Yang night doubt continued, "Later, soft ray also gave up the last bit of persistent belief and left the domain, and the red domain owner put him in this I have summer throat together."

"I see, but why didn’t the red domain master get up before I came?" Yang night nodded suddenly looked up and asked.
"Red Bi, you are now the red domain owner and the white domain owner. You don’t know if you have arranged for us to come to this anonymous place. They are both red domain owners and white domain owners, and they have not revealed anything to the outside world. Even if they are red domain owners and white domain owners, they will keep their mouths shut. This is our agreement."
"So" there has been no cavity aquarium soft ray suddenly agreed to come up with 1.
Yang night nodded frequently, but there were more and more questions in his heart. He hesitated. He looked up and looked at Xia throat, looked at Jun and looked at Monsieur beaucaire Ling and asked, "Suddenly, I heard what you just said, but I have a few questions."
"Can you ask Red Bi?" Guiling smiled and said, "Now that Xia Hou has decided that we will all come out to help you, there will be no more reservations for you."
Yang Yema answered and said, "This is one of my questions. What do you all say is to help me?"
"Help you deal with Ciren Valley" Xia Shouchao Jun said with a smile and ordered a head "Now we are looking for Ciren Valley because of your red dagger"
"Help me deal with Ciren Valley?" Yang Ye repeated doubtfully, "What do you want with Ciren Valley?"
"In order to help you," Xia Shouchao Jun replied, knowing that he was depressed about this answer with a dull expression on Yang night, he smiled and continued, "Of course, finding Cirengu is also our own. I, Emirates Ling and Roulei have been suppressing hatred."
Yang night glared at one eye tone some forced not to stay and then asked "yes! What I want to ask is, first, what hatred made you live in anonymity from the domain. Second, since you have decided to hide here silently and don’t ask about the domain, why do you want to take the initiative to say that you want to help me and take revenge? "
Summer throat looked at Yang night with a hint of nai in his eyes, and then silently Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Roulei looked at each other with a low sigh.
In the previous step, Guiling reached out and held Yang Ye’s shoulder from behind and said softly, "You already know that Xia Hou’s original domain was Xiugong. Do you know who his domain owner is?"
Yang night turned to look at Monsieur beaucaire ling and shook his head.
"It was your ancestors who hid the blade." Guiling said very calmly, but there was still a faint anger hidden in his tone.
"This … this again how?" Yang Ye stood in a daze and asked suspiciously, "Is this hatred caused by my ancestors hiding the blade?"
"Well," Monsieur beaucaire Ling continued to talk while Xia’s throat bowed slightly to Jun and Roulei.
It is obvious that Muyangzheng doesn’t know why. His expression is as amazing as Yang Ye’s and he stares and listens carefully.
"It’s not just the summer throat, soft thunder and I are already repairing the public and repairing the Shiva level, and our level domain owners are also ghost families." Monsieur beaucaire Ling said that the voice warning was a little shaky, and it was hard and the spirit was far away. At this moment, it actually brought three points out.
"But the disappearance of our three domain owners and the inexplicable genocide of the whole ghost family make us angry!" Guiling said that the feathers of the feather cloak trembled slightly. "The surface reason of the domain is the dispute between the evil clan and the ghost clan, but it is not the case!"
Yang night listened and nodded lightly, saying, "I know that it was the black domain master and the big domain master who made the ghost. Everything was a conspiracy made by a black domain master in collusion with the big domain master."
This one export Monsieur beaucaire ling one leng next to the summer throat toward jun and soft thunder also surprised looked up at Yang night.
"You know?" Monsieur beaucaire’s tone is unbelievable
"Well, I have seen Jia Lanxiu" Yang Ye nodded. "Jia Lanxiu committed suicide in front of me and gave me her evil energy."
Monsieur beaucaire, Xia Hou Chao Jun and Jou Lei were still surprised. After all, Jia Lanxiu was already dead in their memory, and no one in the whole domain knew that Jia Lanxiu had lived to tell the truth before Yang Ye.
"It was Jia Lan Xiu who told me everything." Yang Ye continued to say to several people in front of him in a calm tone. "So I know that Shi Jia Lan Xiu was also benefited by the Lord of the big domain and the Lord of the black domain, and she was also a victim. She gave me the evil energy. She said that she hoped I could avenge her, and at the same time washed away her regret of being burned down by the Lord of the black domain and the Lord of the big domain."
Surprised at the summer throat, the gentle thunder and Monsieur beaucaire Ling looked at each other slowly, and then turned to Yang Ye and said in a low voice, "I must tell you that Jia Lan Xiu was really benefited, but according to our guess, the truth of the plot layout is probably far from it."
"ah? What? " Yang night was shocked. There were too many accidents today. Yang night suddenly had a feeling that his shoulders were heavy. It seemed that there was a force in his mind that was instantly oppressing him.
"You already know that our three level domain owners are ghosts." Summer throat looked at Yang Ye with a gloomy expression. "I and the Tibetan blade domain owner Guiling and her sudden white domain owner Roulei have known each other for too long. That kind of feeling is no longer clear in words, and coincidentally, the three of us have been saved by our respective domain owners, and our three ghost domain owners have become hatred in our hearts."
Xia Hou Chao Jun had just finished talking about Monsieur beaucaire Ling Yang Night, and the horse followed him and said, "We know very well that the three of us are far from being able to fight against the mastermind behind this conspiracy. We chose to leave the disappointment and hatred for the domain, and let me, Xia Hou and Roulei swear that we will never set foot in the domain again."
Talking, Monsieur beaucaire Ling took a few steps around the front of Yang Night, and her eyes flashed up. "And the ghost family has disappeared. Although we know that the ghost family has an orphan, we never thought we would meet him, but you actually appeared in front of us, which made us moved and got revenge."
"Because of me?" Yang night refers to a mo fibrillation in my heart.
"It’s because of you," said Xia Kou, slapping Yang Ye on the shoulder behind Jun, "because as far as we know, you! Red dagger! Should be able to take us to revenge! Because your physique is different because of you, you will have extraordinary strength! "
Yang night surprised look back unbelievable stare eyes before opening my mouth behind Monsieur beaucaire ling said again.
"But we are not sure that we have tried your strength again and again. First, Xiahou let Roulei try you, but the result is beyond our imagination that you can beat Roulei in such a short time when you have the original body. This is incredible! Roulei’s strength is also ranked first in the whole domain! " Talking Monsieur beaucaire’s face has shown surprise and excitement. "Then I tried you again. You beat off three spears in a few seconds to eat! You know what? Even Xiahou and Roulei can’t get rid of the three spears in such a short time! " Guiling suddenly asked excitedly, "Do you know the madness of the orcs?"
Yang night nodded eyes some vacant.
"His bloodthirsty black beast domain is very powerful among the animals," Guiling continued. "But I can deal with him with a spear. You should know your strength now, right?"
"But I …" Yang night was about to speak when the horse was interrupted by Xia’s throat toward Jun.

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