"Do you want to say that the forces on the right side will rise with the rise?"

Zhang Jin nodded "Huang Ying"
"I think this is exactly our chance to put people in the left side."
In the past, the left and right sides were evenly matched, and it was not easy to get people in. Now it is different. The left-wing forces have turned sharply, and it is the interpersonal aspect that will not be as harsh as before.
"Zhang Jin will leave it to you to do."
"I’m following orders."
Jun Moying gave a faint "grace" and asked "What happened to Yunluo?"
"General Huang Yun has won another battle in the South China Sea. If nothing unexpected happens, it won’t be long before he wins and returns to the DPRK in triumph."
"Yunluo is really invincible in marching and fighting, but he is now heavily armed and dead. The Marquis of Zhennan still has to be careful to guard against some. You should send a message to Nanfeng to let him take a good look at Yunluo."
Zhang Jin paused before saying, "General Huang Yun looks loyal. Should he … have no second thoughts?"
"I don’t know whether he is loyal or not, but this person is by no means simple!"
Most of the people in the DPRK are loyal to the big traitors, but most of them are merged. He has seen so many people, even those old things that have been hanging around in officialdom for many years. Although they can’t see through them all, they can generally guess something. It happened that this Yunluo age is similar to his, but he is really loyal and disloyal, but he just doesn’t think this person is that simple.
It is always right to say that he is suspicious or that he is not generous enough.
After a pause, Jun Moying added, "You don’t have to worry about doing what I tell you."
"I am white" Zhang Jin nodded and said yes.
"Emperor I have one more thing … 118 Chapter 118 Ya don’t take such fun.
"Zhang Jin, when did you become so hesitant?"
Zhang Jin, who was hit so hard by the emperor, slightly embarrassed his face with a flash of Ran He’s "pardon"
"Let’s get this straight."
"Yes" Zhang Jin nodded. "Two months ago, the emperor ordered me to investigate the assassination. Now there is a clue-according to the assassin’s martial arts skills and the weapons he left, it should be a hired killer in the scenic area. This group of people have no specific purpose to be hired to assassinate."
"Back to the emperor, it seems that the assassination was carried out by those hawk factions in Xique. They were dissatisfied with Xique’s defeat in Donglan. All day long, they thought about provoking the war again, regardless of the success or failure of the assassination, but I always felt that it was not that simple in my heart. However, when I tried to look deeper, the clue was broken."
"Then check from those so-called behind-the-scenes people in Xique."
"I’m following orders."
In the evening, the emperor did go to Fengyang Palace for dinner, and it didn’t mean to leave. He stayed here directly at night. Dongyang and Ryukyu were very happy that the emperor didn’t come to see the Lord when he first woke up. They all got that sword for nothing.
I didn’t expect the Lord to be every cloud has a silver lining!
In the next few days, it was like this. In addition to attending the court, discussing politics and reviewing the memorial, there was a place where the emperor went. The women in the harem were so jealous that they couldn’t wait to kill Feng Shao.
Even the Empress Dowager in Fengming Palace is constantly sighing. Is it intentional?
Just because I let Feng Shao move out of the Longyin Palace, the emperor didn’t say anything on the surface, but he was dissatisfied with it. By this way, he declared his fondness for Feng Shao?

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