"Hay!" Chai Tian Yingjie got up and bowed deeply.

"How much strength to eat! When we are children, we should allow adults to eat more … "Shibata Hiroshi put the teacup on the table and got up and walked to the window with his back to Chai Tian Yingjie." When we grow up, we will eat as much as them … Now prepare the golden cicada for me to get rid of the shell! "
"Yes!" Chai Tian Yingjie bowed out.
In front of the window, Shibata Hiroshi said to himself darkly, "No matter who you are, since you have provoked me, Shibata Hiroshi must pay the price!"
Xie Cunguan put his hand, hand and brain on the table and gently rubbed his eyebrows and eyes. He got up and gently twisted his spine like a snake to make a wave and move the whole spine slightly.
The brain is the information summarized by Fan Yushan. In addition to the information returned by Liu Kunyu and Chen Hu, there are also some Yan Peiyou Taiwanese businessmen and Longhan Taiwan Province Branch who receive a lot of information.
For five days in a row, Shibata Hiroshi and Chai Tian Yingjie have been holed up in the hotel, but six hands have been sent out and the signal has disappeared. That Muto man has never appeared again? Is something wrong? Where is it secretly lurking? Or secretly returned to Japan? However, these six Shibata Hiroshi hands are walking around Taipei in a big way. On the one hand, they are partying, on the other hand, everyone is meeting different people.
Judging from various information, these people are relatively pro-Taiwan Province people.
However, there are more people in the League of Heaven.
Tiandao League, Sihai Gang and Zhulian Gang are also called the three major gangs of Taiwan Province Mafia. Geographically speaking, this is a real gang of Taiwan Province Port, and most of them are from Taiwan Province Port.
As early as the early days of its establishment, Tiandao League was closely established on the same day. Shortly after the establishment of the Yamaguchi Group, Tiandao League formed an alliance with Yamaguchi Group. Zhu Zhongli came to Taiwan Province Tiandao League to exchange ideas. Tiandao League also sent people to Japan to learn the business model of Yamaguchi Group.
According to the news coming back, Hiroshi Shibata has the most contact with the people of the Tiandao League. Yingjie Chai Tian and Duan Sican, the director of the Sun Club of the Tiandao League, have bathed in the same bathhouse.
Because that place is a membership system in Chen Hu, they didn’t meet with two specific people. I don’t know, but Xie Cunguan has included Duan Sican in the surveillance scope and asked the security intelligence department of Longhan Taiwan Province Branch to follow up.
However, he did not regard Tiandaomeng and Shibata Hiroshi as a whole.
After all, from the point of view of Jianghu, gangsters are the most direct choice in the fastest way to get help from a new place, because gangsters are mostly a group of people who do things when they see money and are afraid.
He is more willing to change Shibata Hiroshi to pay Tiandaomeng to do things.
Xie Cunguan himself actually got in touch with the Zhulian Gang through various means.
All the Zhulian gangs near the seaside have rallied to pay close attention to all kinds of smuggling and freight information. Xie Cunguan thinks that if Shibata Hiroshi really gets the secret base, it is most likely that things will be transported by sea.
However, despite his judgment, he has also made corresponding arrangements for the navigation ports. Even he and Guo Tanlu, who are far away in Japan, have also made joint efforts to let him join the Black Dragon Association, and the entrance of Long Hanxie from Japan is also closely monitored.
Although according to the original plan, he was going to kill Shibata Hiroshi before he entered the secret base, he still didn’t relax at all. After all, even a wise man sometimes nods! A fool gains even if he worries a lot! Don’t underestimate heaven and man at times.
All boxers have words and deeds, such as liger fighting rabbits! How powerful the lion and tiger are and how weak the rabbit is! But have you ever seen that tiger catch a rabbit with the slightest contempt?
The place where everyone is most confident when drowning in the river is often the place where loopholes appear.
When thanking an official, he will do it if he wants to, and he is afraid that he will not be able to do it if he has done it.
Zeng Shixiong, including Indonesian side, has sent several armed merchant ships to cruise off the coast of Taiwan Province in case the situation changes.
It’s not that Xie Cunguan doesn’t want to start work in Taipei, but that the security measures of the hotel where Shibata Hiroshi lives are in place, and there is a superman with force value around Shibata Hiroshi, Chai Tian Yingjie, who rashly starts work and misses the startle, which will not only cause unnecessary losses, but also cause considerable difficulty for the later actions.
I don’t know for sure that Xie Cunguan doesn’t want to start work easily
Moreover, Hiromu Shibata is looking for a secret base, and he will definitely not leave in the short term, so Xie Cunguan feels that there is no need to take risks.
He has to wait patiently for a hit!
Thought of here, Xie Cunguan suddenly took a bunch of hands and punched one car after another, and when the figure flashed, it jumped to the window, stunned and stunned, and then the whole body was blown up. When the instant rang, the window glass rang.
The sound alarmed the outside of the door and turned in. He knocked on the door and poked his head in, saying, "Is Xie Tou all right?"
And Xie Cunguan’s body came loose as early as when he was working hard. At this time, he was walking towards the door with his hands on his back like a little old man, which was just working hard like a tiger.
In a wrestling field in Taipei, Jing Jing was naked and gently talking, while taking off his wrestling clothes and putting them back on his clothes. Facing the hardcore hand Luo Fuxin and his younger brother Duan Sihu, he said, "Everyone is ready to work!"
A moment later, a line of fierce young men filed out of the wrestling field and hurried away.
The boss of a backstage hotel nightclub in Chiayi City, Taiwan Province is obsequiously serving a group of Japanese who come to buy sex for several days. These Japanese almost brought the ladies here. Although it was noisy badly and several perverts hurt several ladies, the boss did not feel bad and pressed the ladies to protest.
If the yen is not strong, it will not hold up.
Earn a lot of money. The boss’s eyes are laughing. It’s much more bow and scrape. How much pug is there? I can’t see the cold and fierce face when he smokes cigars in front of the ladies.
"Fujita Jun wins-I bet on Fujita Jun for 10,000 yuan-"The boss cried in broken Japanese and left a pile of money in his hand on the table to collect money. It was a Japanese who listened to the boss’s words and pulled the pile of money in his mouth, but laughed. "Kui Hongjun has a good eye and you will win!"
Two Japanese people in the usual dance floor of the nightclub are naked and doing preparatory work.
One is pulling out the bone and the other is jumping slowly, obviously preparing for the fight.
"Everybody be quiet!" Suddenly, there was a loud sound, and people lost their breath as soon as they started. Everyone turned to look at the source of the sound. A solid, dark Japanese man was slowly putting away his words. "Get ready. We’re leaving … We’ll meet at the hotel gate in five minutes!"
Say that finish first left.
Just now, the Japanese were still making trouble, but no one said much. I immediately got up and went back to my room. A few girls didn’t look at each other. They wanted to be as coquettish as the wolf just now, but they got an impolite slap in the face and a rude "case". When they were noisy for more than ten seconds, they couldn’t hear the nightclub, so they were so quiet that the music was left to be continued.
Chapter 49 Playing residual boxing stick boxing
Is a Japanese whisky bar in Taipei’s mr color dance a high-end place in Taipei’s nightlife? Bikini bunnies and mixed spirits are famous as the favorite places for Taipei gangsters.
The first floor of the bar is a public place. In the music, young girls in bikinis show their hot bodies and carry trays to deliver strong drinks to guests at tables.
Occasionally, a guest’s greedy hands will not make them angry from embarrassment, but will make people around him laugh with exaggerated anger.
There was a crisp bell at the bar door and another line of guests came in.
Walking in the front are Hirofumi Nakamura and Qingsong Yamada, accompanied by Yingjie Chai Tian and Hiroshi Shibata, followed by two samurai from Yoshida Tanaka and a samurai from Hiroshi Chai Tian stationed in the hotel.
A group of people quietly and quietly entered the bar and went directly to the stairs leading to the second floor.
Duan Sican booked a place here on the second floor. Today, the two sides will discuss some things.

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