"It turned out that Li Yugang was looking for someone."

As soon as Zhouyi heard the pencil necked words, he understood the whole story and thought, "This guy who came to Li Yugang is not a kind person. I played a trick on him. It’s far from enough. I should teach him a lesson, otherwise he won’t give up on my aunt."
In the blink of an eye, the young man’s fist soon hit the front of Zhouyi. This guy’s fist was aimed at Zhouyi’s nose. He wanted Zhouyi to have a nose flower
"get out!"
Zhouyi took a light drink and kicked it out quickly.
Just when the young man’s fist was about to hit Zhouyi, Zhouyi had already kicked the young man in the lower abdomen.
One mouthful blood arrow from the mouth of a young man, this guy was directly kicked down by Zhouyi and flew out. Yum! Su Causeway struggled for a few times but couldn’t get up.
"Punch your hands and give me a good beating."
The first pencil necked was stupefied, and then the horse shouted a greeting. These three youths besieged Zhouyi.
"I don’t know anything about life and death"
Zhouyi scolded the guy who started to sneak attack on him again and kicked him away. Then he grabbed Li Linglong for protection and grabbed two non-mainstream youths by the collar. When his hands closed, he bumped them together.
The two heads touched together, and the two unlucky people directly fainted. As soon as Zhouyi let go, these two guys fell to the ground.
In just a few seconds, Zhouyi solved four non-mainstream youths, two were knocked unconscious, two vomited blood and fell to the ground. They lost their fighting capacity, and the first suit and tie’ pencil necked’ was still there.
"Now it’s your turn."
Zhouyi slowly want to "pencil necked".
"Who the hell are you?"
At this time, the pencil necked trembled like a devil. He stepped back because the strength shown by Zhouyi was too strong. He couldn’t stop shaking.
"Aren’t you being taught a lesson to teach me?"
Zhouyi sneer at "you don’t know who I am? Then I’ll tell you now that I’m someone you can’t afford to mess with! "
"What do you want?"
The pencil necked panicked and continued to retreat!
"Who sent you to tell the truth?"
Zhouyi cold snorted and stepped out one step at a time and grabbed the pencil necked collar and lifted him up!
The pencil necked is only 1.65 meters tall and skinny, and weighs less than 100 Jin. It’s a good thing that a pencil necked person like Zhouyi hangs for half. Zhouyi grabs the pencil necked collar instead of his neck. Otherwise, this guy is estimated to belch and report directly to the Tibetan King Bodhisattva.
"Let me go! Let me go!"
The pencil necked cried in horror, shivering, and his face was bloody.
"say it!"
Zhouyi stare pencil necked eyes like a knife with murder said "who let you come to my trouble isn’t it Li Yugang? If you don’t talk, I’ll throw you into the West Lake. In the same way, I’ll ask you once to say it or not. "
Zhouyi is handsome in appearance, but it’s a cruel gesture. Just a few seconds ago, he injured two people and knocked them out. This made the skinny monkey, who was arrogant and confident, terrified. In a word, before him, Zhouyi can pinch the roots like a little ant and dare not resist at all.
"I’m Brother Yong, and Li Yugang is our friend. Brother Yong is also entrusted by others to ask us to repair you. I don’t know if Li Yu just entrusted you."
Pencil necked saw that Zhouyi was going to throw him into the West Lake, and the horse was afraid. He told all his knowledge, knowing that if he was thrown into the West Lake in such a cold day, he would freeze to death even if he was not drowned.

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