"Cold brother, you finally woke up and scared us to death. We also …"

"Yes, cold son, you can’t scare us so much anymore. If we are scared to death, then no one will play with you …"
"Well, cold brother, you have to swear that you can’t scare us anymore. If anything happens to us, then who will accompany you to warm the bed …"
"Yes and yes cold son you can’t die …"
"Huh?" At the last sound, all the women’s eyes turned to be cold and cheerless. When they saw it, they felt bad. They changed their minds and laughed. "No, no, no, I didn’t say he died. I said if he died … bah, bah, I mean if something happened to him … bah, it’s still wrong …"
"Ahem … you’d better get up quickly, or I’ll be crushed by you if I’m all right!" Ye Han has a dry cough. Looking at all the women’s enthusiasm, all the hands in my heart are hooked. I also reached out and touched them at random. I don’t know who I touched. Well, it should be ass. This soft feeling is really comfortable!
Alas, it’s better in reality. The dream scene just now was really terrible. Well, it’s a good thing to have this ass … Ahem, it’s a good thing that all the girls can finally relieve their nervousness. I’m afraid of nothing!
Hey, hey, it seems that I have discovered a great beauty of women, which can actually relieve people’s pressure …
Well, Ye Han was evil just after he got out of trouble, but he didn’t know who he touched. That feeling was tut-tut … It was wonderful. You have to touch it every day after knowing who it was, or you can have good luck after touching it a lot!
Daughters didn’t react. It seems that no one knows Ye Han’s hand. Perhaps this kind of chaos will be recognized as being hit by someone by mistake even if someone knows that they have been attacked mercilessly.
Naturally, if this is the case, then this person is either uninterested or feels abnormal. This Ye Han touched it heavily, which is obviously a slap in the face. How can it be knocked out by mistake? That feels too fake, doesn’t it
But the daughters didn’t continue to suppress Ye Han’s body, which really made him trapped in other dreams but was trapped by everyone …
Real Ye Han didn’t care that he was crushed, so when the girls got up, there seemed to be two soft objects just squeezing his face, which was suffocating. Even if it was really crushed to death, it would be a dead end …
And who doesn’t squeeze that chest? Although it feels wonderful, what should I do if it is squeezed? It’s my baby and your favorite. It’s crowded, but nobody can afford it …
Ok, Ye Han is all kinds of evil again, but soon he feels relaxed. Although he doesn’t have that wonderful feeling, he feels that his breathing is smooth. Although he is not afraid of being crushed, even if he is crushed, he will not have difficulty breathing. After all, he is a practitioner, but this is not the case.
But the suffocating feeling is not so good. Well, it’s because of this that they get up. They have to be carefully made by that feeling. It’s also romantic to be a ghost among women, but Ye Han doesn’t think it’s good. It’s much better to be alive and romantic than dead.
Besides, how can you be romantic when you are dead?
Ye Han again all kinds of evil, but he soon shook his head, dumped evil thoughts in his mind and turned to busy getting up from bed, dazed clothes and then jumped out of bed in front of all the women.
Daughters have just climbed up from Ye Hanshen, and there are nine people at the bedside in three rows, which is quite neat …
Ye Han looked at the daughters and fell into doubt directly. Why did these people become so polite? I cann’t believe they’re all so neat. Well, it shows the beautiful scenery on the chest to the fullest …
Looking at the three people standing in front of them in turn, Ye Rouleng Lingyanxin, who stood proudly in the chest, Ye Han couldn’t help but swallow saliva for a while, and it felt like a boy. Is this for himself?
Well, since your heart has tempted me, I’ll do whatever you want. Hey, hey, ladies, I’m coming [9] [Yuanti realm]
Ye Han is evil, but in the end, he is evil in his heart. This is not his personality. Since he wants to be evil, let the evil be more violent. So he is going to make all the women evil again in turn. What, nine times a night?
Ahem, this number is just right. It’s just nine. Hey, hey, even God helps himself so much. Thank God …
But when he reached LengLing with a pair of evil claws, he saw that the last row of Xiaoli seemed a little pale. At that time, all the evil was gone. Did his woman get hurt? What’s going on?
See Xiaoli injured Ye Han where there is evil mind? I can bear it once, but my woman is injured now. I can’t be so selfish. If something happens to Xiaoli, it’s a generation of things. Well, I’m a generation of happiness. Let’s bear it first!
"Xiaoli, what’s the matter with you?" Decided to take heavy to light Ye Han busy claw back then turned to Xiaoli slowly toward other lines,
Xiaoli smell speech immediately a surprised busy laugh shook his head to show that he is ok with the actual situation, that is, she knew that she was just trying to solve the nightmare magic gas when it was the key, but she didn’t expect this Ye Han to suddenly run out and spoil it.
Now she is all right, but when Ye Han rushes out of the nightmare, the energy eats itself up. Even when she is seriously injured, it is the most taboo to be disturbed by outsiders when she is practicing or helping others heal. Otherwise, it is very fatal to be injured or even possessed!
The more I watched it, the more I felt that Xiaoli was seriously injured. Ye Han was busy striding and holding Xiaoli’s jade hand. A chill immediately slipped into her arm and slowly crawled into her body along the meridians. Then she slowly checked her body with the help of this chill.
Soon see Ye Han eyebrows a wrinkly willy-nilly, stretched out his hand and picked up Xiaoli, then jumped out of the cave and flew out of the waterfall directly and fell into the deep pool.
I didn’t dare to neglect my busy schedule. I just rushed out of the waterfall and lost the trace of Ye Han. At that time, I got better and went back to the cave, waiting for Ye Han to return.
At this time, Ye Han was holding Xiaoli and sank to the bottom of the water, and then removed her clothes. Then she put a seal into her body so that she could use the power of seal to absorb the thick star in the pool and restore her health.

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