"Zhou Dage? They are coming? "

Lily, the black silk sister, kept looking in the rearview mirror. When she realized that two cars were coming after her soon, she got scared. She took Zhou Yi’s arm with her little hand and asked nervously that Zhou Yi was tough. She had seen it before, but she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. She was more and more nervous.
"You want to chase me after sitting in these two broken cars. That’s a joke. How can I get rid of them when I wait for you?"
Zhouyi walked over and said that he didn’t look at the field car and Mercedes-Benz coming from behind.
Lily, the younger sister with black silk, stopped talking when she heard Zhouyi say this. It was her little face that was faintly worried and anxious.
Mercedes-Benz balding young people just finished Zhouyi, and the Ferrari speed soared. Anyway, Zhang Yanghao, the director of the public security bureau of other cities, really wanted to be caught by the traffic police. It was not just a word to get things done. He decided to play with these guys who chased him and let them know that it was simply a slap in the face and playing broadsword in front of him was self-defeating!
Ferrari’s performance is better than that of Tian and Mercedes-Benz, and the speed of Zhou Yi’s drag racing will go straight up to white Ferrari, just like the road is about to fly.
The acceleration of Zhouyi directly dumped the field car for thousands of miles. After all, the field car is a little worse than Ferrari. There is no comparability. In less than three minutes, the field car can’t be seen. The Mercedes still barely followed.
Zhouyi suddenly wants to play a bad drama after others. His heart has planned everything. The corners of his mouth are slightly sunny, but with a hint of conspiracy, Li Li, a black sister sitting next to him at this time, doesn’t know what Zhouyi is thinking at this time. Chapter 96 is crazy.
"Bitter, hurry up or it will run away!"
By the time Zhouyi’s speed soared, the two youths of Mercedes Benz were in a hurry and constantly urged the bald people to speed up []
"Well, the wife of shop-owner that twenty thousand dollars old spell"
Bald old Xie Xin suddenly accelerated the speed of Mercedes-Benz almost to the extreme, and the speed dial of Mercedes-Benz turned rapidly directly to 240 yards.
"These guys are making a determined effort."
Zhouyi’s heart moves to accelerate Ferrari again, and he controls it like a left arrow flying at a high speed.
Zhouyi is quite leisurely because he also took out the seven success forces of racing.
But Lily, the younger sister with black silk, is different. She flies backwards with the scenery outside the car, listening to the whistling wind, and her face is pale with fear.
Although she was wearing a safety belt, Lily, a black silk sister, could not feel the urgency. She took Zhou Yi’s body and hugged Zhou Yi’s waist.
Black silk sister Li Li is twenty years old, but she looks like a ten-year-old girl in the city, and she is a little thin. Previously, Zhouyi also said that she developed a little slower than others because of malnutrition, but this time he didn’t think so.
Because black silk sister Li Li hugged the beautiful soft objects on his chest, she propped him up. According to Zhouyi’s experience, these soft objects are not small in size, at least cups.
Chinese girls are not the same as foreign girls. Most of them are B cups, but it’s not bad if the cups reach the cups. Of course, the breasts of black silk sister Li Li have not been distributed by men, and there is a trend and possibility of developing the cups.
Because the Zhouyi car is very fast, the stability is naturally worse than usual, and the black silk sister Lily will bump into Zhouyi from time to time. At this time, the friction from time to time makes Zhouyi feel that the black silk sister Lily’s chest is also full of physical properties. Zhouyi is a young teenager with such a stimulating natural fire, but the black silk sister did not feel it at all. Generally, it seems that she will feel safe and not afraid if she holds Zhouyi.
"Come on, I don’t look like a bad person. This black silk girl has known me for less than an hour and finished believing me. If I don’t sell people, it’s really a wave of talent."
Zhou Yi made fun of himself while driving. He saved Heisi’s sister Li Li because he sympathized with the girl. He concentrated on his car and suppressed those bad ideas. If he wants to take advantage of Heisi’s sister Li Li, what’s the difference between him and the peddler in the kv black shop?
Zhouyi drove his car to a remote road and was ready to carry out his evil drama plan. By the way, get rid of the Mercedes behind him. This Mercedes is really hateful like a follower.
"Don’t be afraid when I want to scare the people who chase us." Zhou Yi was afraid that Heisi’s sister Lili was even more afraid, so he said that he would say hello first and let Heisi’s sister Lili have a psychological preparation first.
"Well, I’m not afraid."
Lily, the younger sister with black silk, settled down a lot in her heart with Zhouyi at this time, so she cleverly said that her expression made a man really feel pity involuntarily.
"That’s good. I said I would set you free today, and I will definitely realize this sentence."
Zhouyi said with a soft heart that black sister Lily held him, but he stopped accelerating and was ready to let the black Mercedes follow him.
"Bitter, you can speed up again. The little guy in front may not be able to speed up any more. He has not accelerated." After the speed of Zhouyi car did not continue to soar, the two teenagers of the black Mercedes got excited and cried.
"I said I would chase that person. At least I’ve been driving for decades. Isn’t it smaller than that?" Bald bitter also excited, he hey hey smile will speed up to two hundred yards again.
If the speed car is mainly equipped with monitoring sections, it is estimated that the police will be recruited soon. However, Zhouyi is now taking a relatively biased road, and there is no police to take care of it. Some people just pay more attention to a Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz.

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