Yang Ye turned his head and waved his hand. "Don’t always raise you to a high level with me!"

The baby went to the previous step in doubt and asked, "Didn’t you listen to him coming back for revenge?"
Yang night one leng and then ha ha smiled at him. Nan Rong’s magic and the scorching sun also laughed.
With a smile, Nan Rong Magic turned to hold the baby’s shoulders and shook his head and said, "Baby, don’t look at what we are now. Will he come back for revenge? Who are you looking for? Looking for robocop or Santa Claus hahaha … "
After laughing for a few nights, I stretched out my arms and nodded and said, "It’s time to settle down. Let’s go and check a handful of fragrant flowers and leave quickly."
This time, there are no dangerous buildings, including Nan Rong Yun Xin and several bodyguards. Yang Ye, Nan Rong Huan, Bao Bao Long, the scorching sun and Mu Yang are going by ladder.
After the 30 th floor of the ladder stopped "ding", the ladders moved on both sides.
There is no doubt that Yang night they are still facing a few dark gun ladders. They just hit Yang night and just poked their heads out all the time, and then the barrel spit out the flametongue and went straight to Yang night’s head.
Looking at the bullets flying over, Yang night was depressed and thought that these bodyguards would shoot without asking. How hurtful it is!
I can’t help it. Yang Ye is so much like those kidnappers.
When I raise my hand against Yang Ye, I firmly grasped the bullet in my heart and looked it up through the two eye holes in the mask toward the 30th floor hall.
The gun bodyguard leaned half his head behind a row of containers with a full face of surprise. He forgot to put his head back again. He watched the special forces guy coming out of the ladder catch him and play!
Not only he, but also three or four bodyguards hiding everywhere looked at this incredible scene with a dull face, and then their eyes widened. As the people in the ladder came out one by one, they were constantly surprised one after another!
What is that? Robocop? Future soldiers? There’s another one! Isn’t this Santa Claus? Oh, my god So he … Is that masked superman behind him? Or Batman? Whoa whoa whoa! Punch! * * suit girl! ….. These these are all some what person!
Yang night has walked out of the ladder with South Glory Magic and others, standing side by side and looking around.
In fact, when Yang Ye, the hiding place of the bodyguards, just got out of the ladder, the bodyguards had cleared up their guns in an instant. At this time, he pretended to be confused and took a few steps forward, throwing the bullet in his hand to the ground and saying, "We’re here to rescue Miss Yunghsin. Are you still safe?"
No one moved or answered the bodyguard.
Yang night twist a head to look at the south glory illusion south glory illusion point a head in the previous step continued to shout "we are a gentleman south glory illusion sent to rescue big miss! Is Miss Yun Xin safe now? "
A bodyguard hesitated to pick up the words "gentleman sent? Then … you ask me how much I love you? "
Yang Ye and the scorching sun were dumbfounded when they heard it. Nan Rong Phantom secretly smiled. Hehe, this is the secret code of their Nan Rong family bodyguards and industrial guards. His father Nan Rongjun made it for his bodyguards. He recited it when he was ten years old. I didn’t expect this time difference to be exactly the same as what he had!
"You asked me how deep I love you. The moon represents my heart! The stage is as big as the heart! Hello everyone is really good! " South glory magic freely connect a way
This Yang night and the scorching sun made them stay even more. They turned their heads to look at Nan Rong’s illusion.
"It’s my dad’s code," said Nan Rong’s magic head without dynamic pressure bass
The bodyguard on the other side chased the horse in front and asked, "and the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die!"
"Exquisite people die young!" South glory magic replied
"Don’t laugh when you are drunk in the sand!" Ask again over there
"Play broadsword in public!"
"The apes on both sides of the strait can’t stop crying!"
"One day, husband and wife are grateful for a hundred days!"
"Li Weng is fishing alone in the river!"
"It’s a dog in the manger!"
After saying this, several bodyguards got up and suddenly smiled easily, saying, "It really is one of our own!" "
Yang night, the scorching sun and Muyang are all looking at each other with a dull face. Looking at Nan Rong’s magic eyes, there is appreciation.
"I really overestimated the cultural level of master Nan Rong." Yang Ye murmured a few words, and several people went to meet those bodyguards together with Nan Rong Huan.
Nan Rong Yun Xin and two bodyguards came out from a corner, with red eyes, a frightened face, wet tears, small nose and residual snot.
Yang night took a heavy pat on the forehead, and it was always fragrant! Watermelon and an egg! How could I forget that it’s my own jet lag here? This was ten years ago!
That’s right. Even Xin is still a ten-year-old girl.
"It’s strange for you to wear it." A bodyguard greeted him while holding a gun. "Did Nan Rong’s gentleman send you? The news is really fast! Mom, those policemen are really useless and keep us trapped here! "
Nan Rong smiled and nodded. "Thank you for your hard work. How about we are not injured?"
"Of course not!" The bodyguard stood up and said, "We have a few young ladies to protect. Are those kidnappers or veterans? I have been ambushed several times but I haven’t been able to come!"
That’s true. The five families of Nanrong family are naturally a tough one when they hire bodyguards. They are all dealing with more than a dozen dissidents.

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