A master who has reached the realm of dzogchen, a martial artist, holds a treasure in his hand. Can’t a samurai really resist a move? If that’s the case, the teenager in front of him is not only a pervert but also a fate.

Mu Shuai’s face became angry and he pointed at the abnormal teenager and couldn’t speak.
"Eldest brother return is to let the younger brother come" Jose Zhantian came out and cast a glance at Mu Shuai gently.
When Mu Zhantian’s cold words appeared, they once again caused a stir. Everyone focused on Mu Zhantian’s body. His words clearly showed that Mu Shuai was definitely no match for this young warrior in front of him.
Mu Shuai gawked at Mu Zhantian’s indifferent face and just swallowed it back. He is not a fool. Mu Jia’s "Tianjiao" is not an ordinary person. Since he told himself to retreat, he absolutely defeated the abnormal teenager. Although he did not know the reasons, he still silently retreated.
It seems that Mu Shuai is indignant. Mu Zhantian glanced at Mu Shuai coldly and said, "The little golden sword in his hand is not a treasure, but a very clever one."
"Ah," Mu Shuai exclaimed, and his face turned white. If the abnormal teenager really has a very clever weapon, even an extremely martial artist will fail in the face of an intermediate warrior. Because just now, Mu Yun’s hand "Yin-Yang Fan" was directly split into two by the teenager, which is no ordinary weapon.
Extremely clever?
It’s like someone dropped a missile, and everyone almost jumped up. Everyone looked at the teenager and their eyes became weird and hot.
The old monsters in the field all cast their greedy eyes on the young man. Even if he wanted to accept the young man Zhu’s eyes, he gave off a ray of light. He was a Emperor Wu and only had a spiritual weapon. But in front of him, this ordinary young warrior actually had such a horrible thing.
What does the polar organ stand for?
These old monsters know better than anyone that a sacred object is priceless. No big family can afford it. Even the three most horrible dinosaur families in the world are no exception, and an ordinary horoscope auction will sell at least 10 million gold coins, that is, 1 billion silver coins, even if the price is so expensive, the strong men of Wu Wang can’t sell it even if they have money.
However, no one has ever taken out the extremely delicate organ for auction. Hundreds of years ago, an honorable person took a badly damaged extremely delicate organ to the auction house, which was almost equal to scrapping it. The auction reserve price was 10 million gold coins. As a result, several high-level refiners took a fancy to it and competed fiercely. Finally, they were bought by a high-level refiner who offered 10 million gold coins and sold it at such a high price, which surprised the sellers. However, the refiner didn’t suffer a loss. When he returned, he left this extremely delicate organ as a family treasure for future generations. Someone once offered up to 500 million gold coins
We wouldn’t be so strong if this anti-fate horoscope appeared in the hands of the three most horrible families. It happened that such an anti-fate horoscope appeared in the hands of an ordinary samurai boy, just like the main object that everyone could snatch and become its new owner.
500 million gold coins are equivalent to 50 billion silver coins. Everyone stared at the young hand. Little Jin Jian seemed to see a mountain of gold coins, and almost all of them spewed fire. Chapter 17 Colorful Lotus
In the face of a huge temptation field, although the eyes are hot, no one grabs the frost girl and looks at it to protect the teenager. That’s for sure, but few experts can afford it. And the "first master of guanyu" Zhu Guzhu didn’t rob others. What qualifications are there? Even if you take it from your hand and face the field, so many masters will die. Besides, it’s not a vegetarian to have an extremely clever teenager. I’m afraid there are some real things in my hand.
The scene was unusually quiet for a moment. Mu Zhantian threw such a huge bait to everyone. The purpose was to hope that everyone could snatch it and cause a big chaos. He could take the opportunity to kill the perverted teenager with one move. Unfortunately, the situation was beyond his expectation. He could also determine whether the little Jin Jian was a very clever weapon, but he could guarantee an ordinary one
Although he has absolute confidence in himself, he can defeat the abnormal teenager in front of him, but he is not afraid of 10 thousand, and he is afraid of one thousand. If he is really defeated, the Mu family will lose face.
He’s the second young master in the ranking list of young people-the "land list". If he really loses to the samurai boy in front of him, it’s disgraceful at all. If he loses the ranking of the "land list", he will retreat to the third place. In this way, no matter whether they win or lose, if they get benefits, they will always be in front of the samurai boy. Even if they lose, the abnormal boy will be famous. After all, he is a samurai boy. Now, it’s a big win to compete with Mu Zhantian, who has reached the realm of dzogchen.
Unless Mu Zhan is naive enough to kill him and make him famous, it’s a pity that he just doesn’t have the confidence to kill. Is it so easy to kill a perverted teenager with a psychic weapon in his hand?
Others may not see the real power of Tang Jun’s little Jin Jian, but Dragon Girl has already seen that the little Jin Jian in the young hand hides extremely horrible energy. Although she is also a very clever device, at least it is not an ordinary one, but it may be true that Mu Zhantian guessed that it is almost a very clever device. It is also possible, but at this time, this abnormal teenager has occupied the most important position in her heart, and her natural teenager side.
It seems that Mu Zhantian’s despicable heart, Long Xuezhu, looked at Mu Zhantian with a little anger and said, "Tang Gong’s little Jin Jian is indeed a clever weapon, but it’s not like Mu Xiong said that the extremely clever weapon is at best a clever weapon. Will Mu Xiong be alarmist?"
Mu Zhantian bit his teeth and was silent. He knew that the dragon girl had a light and dark body, and all kinds of energy were very sensitive to the world. I’m afraid she can hide it from heaven and man.
The crowd instantly understood that all this was a conspiracy of the Mu family. Everyone was a little angry and stared at Mu Zhantian. If it wasn’t for him, I’m afraid everyone would have chopped him up a long time ago.
Mu Zhantian felt great pressure from all around him, and his heart couldn’t help but catch fire. He quickly took out a beautiful and colorful lotus flower from his finger, golden green blue red purple, and five colors competed to reflect it, which was very bright and dazzling, causing a scream around him.
"Colorful lotus!"
"I didn’t expect that the most precious extremely delicate weapon of the Mu family, the colorful lotus, also fell into the hands of the Mu family teenagers?"
"If you have five elements of Mu Zhantian, you are not qualified to deserve it, then I am afraid that no one in this world is qualified to own it."
"Colorful Lotus, an angel with five elements, once killed a junior martial king, and the arrogant boy was so famous that I’m afraid he will die this time!"
Next to the master who knows the goods, they are talking about it.
There will be a big outbreak today, and there should be at least six chapters. Friends will support Chapter 10, World War I.
Looking at Mu Zhantian’s colorful flower, Tang Jun’s face was a little cold, and he didn’t show a trace of fear. The pedigree of other beasts is comparable to that of the world’s human law. Even in the face of great threats, the beast’s body is high, and it never produces fear. It is that Tang Jun left a small golden sword to read and felt a trace of danger from Mu’s young hand "Colorful Lotus", but it only recovered its calm and wrapped its powerful breath around it, completely restoring its confidence.
Except those strong dragon girls, others were shocked when they saw the colorful lotus. Although Frost Girl had a magic sword in her hand, she also changed her face when she saw the colorful lotus. This colorful lotus is the three most powerful and horrible weapons in the whole fairy continent. The magic sword in her hand is not comparable to that in the whole day. In addition to those three horrible weapons, there are cold "double swords of Yin and Yang" and "light and dark beads" in the dragon family.
Now, Brother Tang has almost no chance of winning unless he swallows the holy pole Dan and lets the little Jin Jian in his hand exert the sacred power.
Thought of here, Frost Girl’s face is uncertain, rain or shine, and she thinks twice or says, "Eldest brother, you’d better think about it before you make a move. Mu Gong’s body can be said to be a spiritual protector, but you have a hand with nothing on your body. This little Jin Jian’s contest is not fair at all. If it really doesn’t work, you can give it a try."

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