"I won’t get up," he said more confidently and looked down at her. "Anyway, I’m already so unreasonable in your eyes. I don’t care."

Leng Ruixi, you are really cheeky!
Han Yiqing flattering Lala his clothes "Leng Ruixi I know you are not an unreasonable person …"
He raised his eyebrows and seemed to be expected to be so nice to her, and then asked, "Well, I know, and then what?"
Then! What else? Then! Is to get you up! Although she was so slanderous in her heart, she was even more flattering and said, "Since you are not so unreasonable, can you … get up?"
Leng Ruixi almost laughed before saying, "Yi Qing, your dog leg has not changed at all."
Dog leg! Must be a dog leg! When you meet Leng Ruixi, you must learn dog legs! Otherwise, I don’t know how to be eaten then!
"This is thanks to someone give me a dog leg! Otherwise, how can I play this thing! " She sarcastically said something to him, and then looked at the whole bed with her clothes all over it, which made her look even better …
Take care of her wardrobe, but he brought it here!
"Leng Ruixi, you can fix these clothes!"
"I won’t put it back." His meaning is obvious. If he wants to tidy up, her clothes must stay in his closet! No! To be precise, she must have his room!
Damn it, Leng Ruixi! It’s getting too much!
She gritted her teeth. "Whatever!"
Leng Ruixi was satisfied with this answer and then made a shocking move …
He fished up all his clothes and then moved … that is, he threw all his clothes into the cupboard …
"Leng Ruixi, what are you doing!" Han Yiqing was just about to stop when Leng Ruixi abruptly stopped him. "Clothes are not made like this!"
Han Yiqing really hangs up one by one and then cleans it up, but I didn’t expect him to treat her clothes so rudely!
"God, I will let them do it."
And he is calculated!
Ah ah ah ah! She’s been set up again!
"You let! I’ll clean up! "
As soon as she took a step, she was pulled back. "It’s so late to have a rest."
The clothes are not packed! Rest what!
She replied directly, "Leng Ruixi Yi? I haven’t married you yet. We’re not married! Can’t sleep in the same bed! Second, I feel comfortable in my own bed. I want to go back. Third, you didn’t pack my clothes! "
"First, you slept with me before you married me. Second, your bed is leaking and wet. You don’t have to sleep. They will clean up the third clothes."
Chapter 364 Can you sleep on the floor?
What theory is this? ! Han Yiqing discovered that Leng Ruixi couldn’t talk at this time! Everything is refuted by her! Let her even have no room to refute!
Looking at her dumbfounded, he said a word. He patted her on the shoulder. "Yi Qing went to bed early."
Say that finish, he just lay down beside her, pulled over and leaned over.
Han Yiqing looked at him puzzled. Is there a bed in this room?
So she was really curious and asked, "Leng Ruixi, can you sleep like this?"
Hearing her say this, Leng Ruixi almost fell out of bed! When did this girl become so heartless!
This weather makes him sleep! Baiwenhang!
"Yi Qing, are you so cruel to let me sleep?" He looked at it with a sharp eye, and sure enough, she shook it, but it was still very serious, saying, "Leng Ruixi and I can’t sleep in the same bed."
What she said is true! What if he gets wild then! Doesn’t she really have no room for resistance? ! In order to prevent this from happening, the two of them should not sleep in the same bed!
He was stunned by her words, but he quickly reacted, turned to her and said, "I won’t touch you until I get married."
She looked at him for a long time and didn’t react. It turned out that … she thought everything was white! My heart was suddenly covered with a warm current.
Then I heard him patting her head with a smile. "Don’t think too much, go to sleep and remember to go out at night."
It’s late …
Han Yiqing thinks it’s always a special day at this time of day. He seems to have something to tell her, but … innocence is a special day.
Does he know?
He turned his back on her. Han Yiqing was of course white. What was this? He didn’t do anything to move him all night. His mind thought that she was white.
He can say it and do it naturally.
When I got up the next day, Leng Ruixi got up early again and left as if he had nothing to do every day … That she was white.
After washing up, I saw a lot of people in the hall. It seems that some of them are ministers of state, but … Is there anything in the bedroom so early? !
Yue Yu ran looked up and saw her, then smiled and waved her to come. When she arrived, she was called over, as if everyone was looking forward to looking at her at this moment.

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