They have never seen so many people come to Yun He and are so polite. Have the Lins now become a super family stronger than the seven families?

At that time, the Lin brothers’ pride in their hearts immediately increased a lot, and almost all this was brought by their CCBA.
Sigong is not only a genius in cultivation, but also brings so many benefits to the Lins, which makes the younger generation of Lins proud of Sigong and makes them determined to practice hard by his example.
While Lin Yuxin is very heavy.
These people must be uneasy and kind when they are so polite.
Your master is a magic charm, so fighting with the inferno will definitely become the number one target of the inferno.
And all the families come to be nice. It’s not that they really respect the Lins, but that they intend to let Lin Jiacheng and the inferno fight as pioneers.
Five more big demons escaped from the magic tower. Lin Yu has heard about it, and his thoughts are the same as others. It is estimated that the big devil will escape from the magic tower soon.
Then the vast mainland will be another fierce battle and the Lins themselves will become the first target of inferno!
At this time, Lin Yu couldn’t think of so many soldiers to block the way. At present, the most important thing is to develop family strength and personal strength to cope with the Terran inferno war.
Lin Yu immediately took out more than three billion SPAR "earned" from the ancient God’s battlefield, removed one billion SPAR, and paid the remaining two billion SPAR outside Luo’s home to his father Lin Xiao. "Dad, the faster this SPAR vigorously develops the Lins, the better!"
When Lin Xiao’s spirit scanned the object, his heart was shocked or shocked.
Without too many words, Lin Xiao nodded firmly toward Lin Yu. "Yu Er, you can rest assured that family matters will be handed over to Dad!"
Lin Yu returned to his room with a heavy heart. When the little girl teacher returned it, he asked the little girl master, "Master, I want to know something."
Little Lori’s master said calmly, "You say."
"If you want to re-seal those demons, will you become a soul again?" This has always been Lin Yu’s biggest worry.
The little girl’s master nodded. "When the war with the inferno hits a certain time, the Terran in Cangyu mainland will definitely strip my soul from my body again and make it into a magic charm to suppress those big demons."
Lin Yu’s eyes turned red. "Master, I won’t let anyone hurt you!"
The little girl’s master took a white look at Lin Yu. "Come on, I think you should take care of yourself first. After that, I can’t stick to your side every day like that girl, and I don’t know what’s on your mind. You can excuse me more when I’m not there."
Lin Yu didn’t feel embarrassed at all when she was robbed by Master’s remarks, but she felt warm and moved.
Because this is the way that little Lori’s heart can replace and will not change.
"Lin Yu?" Yue Qiuling sounded outside the room.
Lin Yu wry smile slightly toward the little girl teacher after a farewell ceremony turned and walked towards the door.
Seeing Yue Qiuling Lin Yuxian again, I was in the mood to seriously look at her and found that she was much more mature than before.
"Is Qiuling doing well these days?" Not knowing what to say, Lin Yu found the most unusual field.
"Well," said Yue Qiuling, "not bad … how about you?"
Yue Qiuling has been thinking about confessing to Lin Yu in her heart, but the words suddenly changed to her mouth.
Yue Qiuling secretly scolded herself for not saying it or not …
Lin Yu smiles. "It’s not hard for your teacher. She …"
After all, she is her own teacher and they are "not white" with Lin Yu at the same time.
"It’s okay for the teacher to be accompanied by the teacher elder sister." Yue Qiuling answered Lin Yu’s question and felt a little uncomfortable.
Lin Yu saw Yue Qiuling unhappy and smiled and went forward to hold Yue Qiuling in her arms. "Qiuling, what’s wrong with you?"
Be Lin Yu so gently hug YueQiuLing tears could not help but fall to "I have no matter son just miss you …"
Lin Yu stroking YueQiuLing hair heart can’t help feeling.

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