Well, he has no dignity in front of their mother and daughter

Redjade looked at him with a depressed face and pulled Sandy with a smile. "Well, your father is worried about me, too. Don’t worry if your mother is fine."
"Mother but you haven’t told me that you will get sick at this time of year? Before, you always said that I was still young and didn’t want to tell me. Now that I have grown up, I want to know, okay? "
In those years, I was worried about my mother, but my mother was silent. Now that she has grown up, I should know whether my mother will become so weak.
The Nangong Sandy found that her words fell for a moment, and her father and mother had a little sadness on their faces. The room was silent.
"The emperor’s male and female servants and Sandy have some confidences to say that you are busy, so let’s go and get busy first. I’ve been here with my male and female servants for a long time. It’s okay."
Redjade is ready to tell her that both mother and daughter have experienced the same experience. What she is most afraid of now is that her future daughter will become as weak as him. During this time, she has been taking food supplements to make her well.
Nangong Che knew that she couldn’t bear to let him hear those words again, but how could he bear all these pains alone?
"Because of Sandy, let me tell you." Those memories were deliberately sealed for many years, which also made Nangongche feel guilty for many years. Did you deliberately forget them completely today?
Nangong Sandy has never seen his father so fragile, and somehow he doesn’t want to know these things. He doesn’t want to see each of their faces hurt. Chapter I will surely cure you.
"Before your mother gave birth to you, she had a miscarriage and suffered from some cold. Now it’s once a year."
Simple words are just such words. After Nangong Che finished, he still couldn’t help stabbing pain or feeling guilty.
He didn’t want to appear fragile in front of his daughter and closed his eyes.
The nangongshan Sandy has stayed. Is it so similar for mother and daughter? Besides, there was Feng Chen Yuan’s mother behind her at that time, but she was alone. It must have been despair at that time …
"Sandy has been fine for so many years, and those things are almost forgotten by me."
Redjade’s eyes were a little nervous. Nangong Che didn’t know about Sandy’s miscarriage. If she knew … They …
"Is there no radical cure for the father?"
His hands ached faintly, and Sandy felt limp and numb. Looking at the exceptionally sunny weather outside, there was a saying in his heart that the weather was going to change again.
Nangong Che has searched for thousands of ways, but none of them can cure cold syndrome and monthly illness in the middle of the month, but she has seen such pain in childbirth. How can she be willing to let her go through the ghost gate again?
"Father Nangong Obsidian has a doctor who is said to be unable to find a way for his daughter to ask for it later!"
Suddenly, I thought that there was a glimmer of hope in the heart of the imperial doctor around Nangong Obsidian. Even the poison-free pills could be developed. Is it natural to talk about maternal illness?
Redjade couldn’t bear to say anything when she looked at her face. She had seen too many so-called imperial doctors, even herself, but every time she was full of hope, she turned into disappointment …
The nangongshan che is to have a glimmer of hope and don’t want to give up. "What you said is true?" Is that imperial doctor really curable? "
The nangongshan Sandy real heart also don’t know, but see father’s eyes too much emotion, remorse, guilt, how can you have the heart to let him down and nodded.
Nangong Che was as excited as a child who got candy and said to Redjade. "Did you see that? I told you not to lose hope. Now that Sandy has said it, he will be able to cure you. Will you be good?"
Redjade’s eyes have been wet for so many years. Although this man didn’t say anything, whenever she relapsed, his eyes were deeply tormented by guilt and remorse. Although he had experienced so many disappointments, he still believed so.
"Well, I see. Will you show me the snow-capped mountains when I get better?"
It was that two people had already agreed, but they hoped to fall behind every year because of typhoid fever, but they repeated the same words every year.
Sandy’s tears have already filled her eyes, but she dare not let them fall. Father and mother must be happy.
"Sandy, are you all right?"
Redjade looked strangely at her daughter’s heart and felt distressed. She knew that her hands were hurt, but she never told her to what extent.
The nangongshan Sandy grinned a drop of tears, and his lips were infected by tears and felt a little bitter. "Mother, you don’t have to worry about me when you see me. Chapter 1 He is alone in the dark!
"Sandy, what’s the matter with you? Are you hiding something from me? "
Looking at the interaction between the two people, Nangong Che feels strange. Isn’t her daughter always good? Although she was injured by Nangong Obsidian, Redjade’s tone was so wrong.
"You don’t know?"
The Nangong Sandy words blurted out that Redjade wanted to stop but didn’t have a chance … She had to help lie, "Don’t you know about Sandy and Obsidian?"
But Nangong Che didn’t answer her words and looked at Sandy intently. "What should I know?"
It’s over … This is Redjade’s only idea now. When she was discovered, she looked at her daughter Nangongche with a sympathetic face. Since that incident, she couldn’t wait to give her the best thing. If she knew that they had experienced the same thing …
The nangongshan Sandy couldn’t wait since the mouth this good father is not very satisfied with her and her brother this time …
"That … father really nothing is mother said those things! That what you chat first I go first … "
Say that finish and want to run away …
"live! What the hell happened! "
She escaped and let Nangong Che know that something he didn’t know must have happened and it was very serious!
There’s something going on in Naidao, Sandy, the Nangong, and even the things that hurt her hands are hidden. But if she is known … I’m afraid she will die even worse …
As the last word fell, the atmosphere resumed. Just silence was the nangongshan’s face …
"So you can’t lift heavy objects now because you were injured at the beginning?"
Nangong Che said it was calm, but both of them felt the anger in the words. Redjade had to pull her daughter behind her and squeeze out a pale smile. "It’s all in the past. What did you do to scare Sandy?"
"Do you know about this?" The anger hidden in Nangong Che’s eyes made Redjade cry. Can she pretend that nothing happened?
"Male and female servants know because the emperor was too busy at that time …"

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