"The breeze!"
"Ink shadow!"
Burn old dye cold forehead his thin lips spit out a chill and call out four close-fitting dark guards!
Every time I speak, I am accompanied by a ban on the line!
While he wore a black brocade robe, although there was no pattern, it happened that he gradually dispersed and came out with awe-inspiring temperament. His independent posture was like the arrival of a dark god and his whole body was full of arrogance.
This sudden change in momentum will make the whole Su Fu door show a stagnant state for a short time.
Almost everyone’s eyes stopped at him. When this man appeared, he didn’t seem to attract the attention of the outside world, but at this time, his sudden momentum was ignored by people.
Not only because of his extreme indifference, but also because of his cold eyes, it’s as cold as frost in the freezing December!
What is the origin of this man!
"Clean up everything!"
When burn Yin dust eyes inch by inch slowly lift looked at the mansion door many dull in situ men make four dark guards blink Su Fu door, there is no endless busy scene!
His wife can’t be robbed by others!
His low profile will also let one person enjoy it!
This is the third night. I finished updating Chapter Sanqi today. I’m sorry dad is late.
Blink of an eye All the foreign capital men in front of Su Fu were cleaned up by Yushu and others, and there was no hair left!
Everyone didn’t expect this man in a black brocade robe to be so arrogant!
You think this is your home!
However, in this case, everyone will dare to condescend. After all, they can be beaten if they are not as good as others!
Seeing this scene with your own eyes is a strong visual impact for May!
She came to return her father’s soft persimmon, but now it looks like a dormant tiger!
After waiting for the scene outside the door to instantly turn into a crowded place, it was a bit hot to watch the old man burn suddenly and change his posture in May.
This man is her father!
Perhaps compared with May, I am curious about the third child, but the latter is particularly calm!
However, in May, when I looked back at the old burn and walked steadily into the mansion, I just thought about making things difficult for him again. As a result, I was stupidly guarded in May, and I felt that my small body was a little high.
Tighten your eyebrows and look around just to see the head-up burn old and then look down at your situation in May, the in the mind a little trance.
When was she hugged by her father?
Why don’t you feel anything? !
"Uncle …"
"Call dad!"
Smell Zheng in May!
This rhythm is not quite right!
"How did you …" May’s round eyes revealed incomprehension, but I really can’t deny that it was rare to feel a deep sense of security when May was surrounded by the powerful arms of the old burn.
It’s not that she hasn’t been hugged by his uncle, but she only burns her old body. She seems to feel that kind of in our nature’s safety.
"Calculate your dad bravery is not small!" Until this moment, when Huang Lao’s cold eyes faded from all camouflage and lengli, he looked at his arms and carefully looked at her eyes, which were almost the same as himself, in May.
However, in recent years, he has become more and more convergent. Although he has not shown much emotion, his arms are getting tighter and tighter, which makes May feel a little trembling.

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