This scene tore his heart from his eyes.

At that time, Su Ling clearly realized that Xiao Ning was holding her tighter and tighter. Everything was a foregone conclusion and she was still awake. Su Ling couldn’t help but chuckle and ask, "Xiao Ning, you just appeared to let this happen?"
Su Ling’s wrist also cleverly attacked his back, and at the same time, his fingertips were slightly closed and he suddenly pressed his wrist pulse door!
For a moment, Xiao Ning let go of his pain and then lowered his eyes to see Su Ling’s eyes, but there seemed to be some complicated dark mans.
"I’m just trying him out for you! But now it seems that he doesn’t believe you that much! " Xiao Ning tone is quite a bit suspected of being somewhat sarcastic.
But these Su Ling seems to gradually make her look scornful. She glanced at the third place and Gulan outside the window, and she also saw Gulan’s cheeks flash and grieve.
Is she being outraged by an injustice? !
Oh, how ironic!
See Xiao Ning and Su Ling window low shallow language burn out of the window old nearly lost his mind by a fire!
But just he still controlled the emotional pace slightly heavy slowly before eyes moment not blink Xiao Ningdao "distant restaurant shopkeeper Xiao Ning? !”
I once met Xiao Ning once, and when I saw his familiar face again, I told him his identity.
Even he still remembers that he and Su Ling returned this Xiao Ning tit for tat!
Mind deep as burn old he would have doubted Xiao Ning identity has a problem!
But a few months ago, he suddenly left Beijing and disappeared, and the people he sent to investigate did not get any clues.
He hasn’t been seen again in such a long time, and Lao Huang will skip it directly.
But he once thought that it was because of his little negligence that he created such a scene today!
After hearing Huang Lao’s cold and complete cavity, Xiao Ning’s cheek suddenly appeared with a cool smile, and he nodded slightly at him in his spare time. "I didn’t expect such an identity to make the king of Qi and Chu dust worry. What a blessing!"
Xiao Ning words fall international burn old figure has come to the window.
And the two men stood outside the window one by one, and each other gradually developed a cold war!
After the rain, the cool breeze slowly blows in their ears, and the old three are cold and sharp, and Xiao Ning is in a fresh contrast at this moment!
"Su Ling, what do you say?" Burn old position eyes mercilessly setting Xiao Ning half xiang after his eyes light flashing and then look to one side will remain silent Su Ling tone is low.
Wen Suling’s pale eyes squinted at the old Mitsubishi’s lips without emotion and said, "Would you believe me if I told you?"
This is somewhat ironic!
And as Su Ling thought, she just came up after this sentence was exported to Gulan immediately, and her face seemed to be full of anxiety. She looked at the old burn again and said urgently, "Sister Wang, you and the Xiao Gong must have been an accident just now, right? You tell brother Chen that it’s not what we saw! Say it quickly! "
If Su Ling never doubted Gu Lanxin, what she said seems to be a dozen circles!
It happened that after the scene last night, the Gulan dialect Su Ling seemed to be completely ironic at this time.
Not to mention that she hasn’t cleared her mind yet, but what about the appearance of Yan Huang Lao and Gu Lan in the West Park at the same time?
Besides, how can everything be so just right that she has no room for manoeuvre? It’s as embarrassing as being caught on a couch!
"This is the heart of the dust king?"
At this time, it seems that it is not too much to watch the scene of bustle. Xiao Ning suddenly looked at Gulan and asked 1.
Now this kind of situation if there is no purpose in Xiao Ning, then Su Ling doesn’t believe it at all!
But she never thought that she would be so kind to save people in the near future to design her in fire and water!
But what really makes her feel ironic is that Huang Lao hates her expression as if she were betrayed!
What can she say? What else can she say?
She was the first to see them together last night! Whether it’s true or not, he and Gulan seem to have more emotions than she thought!
Xiao Ninggu Lan …
Today, Su Ling has clearly known that she was set up and really left her speechless!
She can’t explain what happened just now to burn old three!
She also put on her pride to look forward to the forgiveness of Lao Huang!
"Xiao Gong you don’t blather! Me and Brother Dust … We … We are just brother and sister! " Gulan cheeks suddenly flashed some hongxia after hearing Xiao Ning’s words, and then prevaricated to explain her and burn the third place.
But from her uncertain tone, it doesn’t sound very credible!
"oh? Brother and sister But there is no similarity in your looks! " Xiao Ning mouth again but what did he say Su Ling already won’t listen!
In a short time, she and Huang Lao looked at each other. At that moment, she clearly saw his eyes flashing disappointment with her. His outline was still divided. When Toshihiko faced her, he once again recovered to be so indifferent and bone-chilling!

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