"What’s the matter? Shy? Tell mom what happened today? Which one doesn’t want to be wronged by you? " Sue cotton laughed

"No …" Read the royal where will say it is not clear.
"Are you going to burn that is burn son bully you? I said she would go to Su Miandao.
"No burn son how can bully me," read the royal laughed.
"Royal son your mother said what you refused to get married? What kind of mother do you like to help you find Su Miandao?
Read the royal think he can hide from the world also can’t hide from Su Mian, but can’t hide from this matter, you don’t say it.
"Mother, I … I don’t have any different opinions. I wish my mother had a good eye." I always want to get married when I read Imperial Road …
"Ah … you this child is not I gave birth to this sex with who?" Su mian sighed
"Mother …" Read the royal don’t understand.
"Your mind don’t say niang know your dad also know your brother brother didn’t know there was a burn never thought there …" Su Miandao.
Read the imperial suddenly embarrassed.
"Sit" Su Mian waved his hand.
Read the royal sit bowed their heads and said nothing a face of guilt.
"Mother doesn’t blindly support you to do any big marriage, so naturally you all want to burn your son. If you don’t mean that, mother won’t force her. Now she doesn’t know that you are a stupid world, but she won’t say … Do you regret a generation after you get married like this?" Sumian avenue
Read the royal shocked at Sue cotton "niang … I … how can this be we are brother and sister …"
"Everyone knows your identity. I’m glad you didn’t force your father to change your identity. If you really became my child, you wouldn’t have to get up. Now you are brother and sister, but you are not her own brother and have no blood. You want her to get married." After all, your daughter knows best what Su Mian is.
Marry someone else, and she and Yan are supposed to worry.
Dae-yin’s only little princess, and other attractive conditions? So it is true that Su Mian and Yan Gui are both doubting her.
But if they love each other and kiss each other and raise their children, that’s 100% assured
This is also the reason why Yan Gui never talks when she knows that she has different feelings for Huang.
I love my daughter and feel that this child is not the only one that men deserve.
"But …" Read the imperial shock he can’t pass this but mother?
"Silly boy, your eldest brother and second brother all know that they are old, right? What did I say about you? Obviously, it’s okay to see you and burn the DiYan … The identity is not obvious, the origin is not simple, and burn the son is still small, even if he wants to be deceived. Let her be a white heart. "Su Miandao
Read the royal nodded, but didn’t say that DiYan would rather be injured than protect the burn.
Today, the sword can’t be recovered, but he still tried his best to deviate, otherwise even if he stabbed Di Yan, it would be a blood hole.
"Well, go home and think about it. Mother doesn’t want you to be unhappy. Even if Huang Er doesn’t, at least you have said that you have no regrets. You are all mothers. Mother knows that you won’t be embarrassed anyway, right?" Sue cotton laughed
Nianyu is a clever boy, even if he burns his heart, he will not ruin the brotherhood.
"It’s very kind of you to be a mother …" Read the imperial laughed.
"Go home, don’t be bored. If we know that DiYan is not a simple person, we should protect Huang’s son. Otherwise, we should tell her to go through something so that she will never know how bad it is." Su Mian said
"Yes, I must protect her mother and rest assured." Read the imperial surrender and quit.
After he left, Yan Gui came out from the inside. "Mianmian has the same mind as me."

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