Colchicine took the opportunity to be whimsical and clamoured to gamble with platinum people to give a loser to the winner, 1 yuan. Ye Yuhan was the first to respond. Of course, Li-na Bai would not object to looking at each other and nodding at the same time.

Looking at each other during the day with Xia Xue is also exciting. Platinum is willing to spend 30,000 yuan to celebrate their 5 th wedding. They have no reason to be afraid of losing RMB in cash.
It’s the first time for Yao Lin to encounter this kind of thing. She likes Qiushui very much and smiles, saying that she also wants to take part in Qiushui, but she can buy others to win or lose, but she can’t take part in it herself.
Yao Lin smiled humorously and said that she would bet on her. If they lost yuan, she would pay for it alone. If they won, she would not receive any money from Qiu Shui.
Qiushui laughed and jumped in the chair, shouting and urging them to hurry up. Platinum grabbed the square notes from the tea machine and sent them to several people. To be fair, everyone wrote the answers back to back with the wall facing each other.
Platinum’s last move, he closed his eyes and thought about the huge mysterious gift. What was the last surprise that was inconvenient to deliver to the room? Big screen night crystal vision? High-end speaker combination?
If you don’t immediately overturn these two possibilities, the video and speakers are too ordinary and meaningless. What kind of huge gift does the couple have? He estimated the price of the 5 th anniversary high-end wedding, and a smile floated around his mouth. He almost certainly thought about what the mysterious gift was, and added some modifiers in front of the car.
At the same time, they turned around and handed Yao Lin the note to see the platinum writing. She was dazed, but it was the first time she saw such a natural and unrestrained line.
She looked at the answers one by one, smiled and said that there was a platinum answer, which was the closest to Liu Xinyu’s. Unfortunately, the word car was written without special modifiers, and the final winner was Platinum Qiushui, who giggled and quickly helped him collect money.
The mysterious gift is of special significance. The total value of couples’ cars is about 68 yuan. The car body has a hotel logo and a 5 th anniversary wedding commemorative badge. The hotel is responsible for 5 years. Except for replacing accessories, it does not charge for enjoying life in the same city. Outside the city, you can go to the designated place of the card for maintenance. You need to bring a maintenance card for maintenance. There is no extra charge.
During the day, I stammered that they couldn’t even drive. Can they return the equivalent cash? Yao Lin smiled and shook her head. Bai Lina pulled during the day and Xia Xue smiled and said that she just didn’t have a car and they wouldn’t give her a transfer gift.
Qiu Shui laughs humorously, saying that others will laugh when they see the 5th anniversary wedding badge of the car body. Isn’t it funny that she is under 5 years old and is running around in the 5th anniversary wedding car?
Yao Lin doesn’t agree with Qiu Shui’s explanation of smiling. No one stipulates that the wedding commemorative car must be a wedding ceremony. It is a kind of commemoration for couples to be happy. Who makes this car mean the same thing?
Qiushui snorted and asked her to pay. Yao Lin smiled humorously and said that she wouldn’t run away. Besides the mysterious gift, there was also a small gift.
Everyone was very curious. Yao Lin pointed her head at the positive DV camera and smiled at the boys. She said that this DV camera was imported with a total value of about 10,000 pixels in 6 yuan.
With this DV camera, you can shoot every bit of life, sadness, joy and sorrow, and memories can be made. The front part has been shot and the back part can be taken by the hotel full-time staff. If they feel inconvenient, they can shoot by themselves.
Colchicine giggled and stretched out his hand and grabbed the smile and said that she was the best at it, ensuring that it was better than the full-time staff of the hotel. Yao Linxiao took out a yuan cash smile from the red wallet and handed it to Colchicine.
Colchicine didn’t answer naughty. It’s a joke. Don’t take Yao Lin as a serious speaker. She is willing to lose the bet. If she feels bad, a wedding couple will introduce her to another couple.
Qiushui giggled unceremoniously and took the money. Yao Lin quickly handed the business card. Qiushui glanced at it and stuffed it into a small bag. He smiled and said that if there is a suitable object, he must introduce her.
Looking at a table full of dishes, Xia Xue and I didn’t know each other during the day, and their right hand was shaking. They knew that tonight they were eating colorful banknotes instead of vegetables, and 30,000 cash was piled up in 1 yuan denominations, which was enough for them for a while.
The dinner was almost over, and the band entered, danced and sang for a long time. During the day, Xia Xueji didn’t make any money for nothing. He waved to the petite little girl, smiled and walked over and politely asked him what he needed in particular.
He whispered a few words to the little girl. The little girl turned around and left the room for about three minutes. Yao Lin just presided over the wedding ceremony and entered the room. You’re welcome to come straight to the point and say his thoughts.
Don’t talk about the concept of customers, just focus on the word wedding, we must have characteristics, and we should try our best to think that the dance and music just now are quite good from the professional level.
But this is not a theater stage. The purpose of their performance is not to please a large audience, but to marry the couple. All the key points must be the wedding couple center
As soon as the guests enter the room, they start to understand that according to the guests’ likes and dislikes, they set up distinctive programs according to their living habits and social status and life circle, and the subjective idea of arranging this program is a bit like painting a snake.
Yang Qinghua was silly. No one thought platinum was so direct. They didn’t think Yao Lin was not angry, but made a sincere ceremony. After accepting his views and expressing them in public, she must improve.
Qiushui climbed to the platinum back and proudly said that she is the best at checking someone’s information. She needs to have a photo and get it done in 9 seconds. If the hotel doesn’t have such a master, she can be hired.
She doesn’t need hotel classes every day, and she doesn’t take a fixed salary from the hotel. When necessary, she can directly give her the pictures, regardless of the number of years. Every couple receives a mid-range wedding in 1 yuan, a high-end wedding in 3 yuan and a 5 yuan.
She can give extra money, analyze the personality and preferences of the wedding couple according to the information received, and make appropriate suggestions on whether the hotel adopts her method or not, and she doesn’t want to influence others’ decisions.
Yao Lin likes Qiu Shui very much, and solemnly states that she will seriously consider it and inform her as soon as she has the result. Qiu Shui is trying to say that she doesn’t know what she is saying. Yao Lin asked for her mobile phone number and email address.
Chapter 136 The beauty in the bridal chamber
Wang Lan was the first to rush into the room and poked around and found that Yang Qinghua, who was not wearing platinum, was still dressing up when she was away from home. Her eyes widened and she was curious to ask who was getting married.
Zhao Yanli sounded at the door, surprised and asked who was the platinum bride? Ye Hong followed closely and kept asking who was the bride?
Leaf sloped laugh pointed to wear bright red and smile with Xia Xue during the day to explain that there is a significant difference between making a new house and making a new house. There are no other relatives and friends in a foreign land, and there are too few platinum people around. Please come and make a new house with the three of them.
Platinum gave a brief introduction to Zhao Yanli. Three people were surprised and shouted from ear to ear. Tonight, we must make an all-nighter. Bai Lina quickly pleaded for her parents. After flying to the hotel for about two hours, she didn’t rest. She was worried that Xia Xue’s body could not stand it.
Zhao Yanli three people giggled, and Wang Lan squinted and said that there would be no daytime wedding tonight, and then she and Platinum bridal chamber would stay up all night, so they must enjoy themselves so much that they could not sleep that night.
Bai Lina glanced at Platinum with a reddish cheeks and said shyly that if Platinum really chose her for her wedding night, everyone who started a new house would have red envelopes, and the more red envelopes she made, the more she would like to stay up that night.
Laughing, especially Xia Xue and Ye, who had a stomachache during the day, smiled and asked if she was in a hurry to get married. Bai Lina smiled shyly and nodded, saying that she was almost five years old. The first time a man was emotional, of course, she wanted to get married early.

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