It’s time to reward this battle on merit. People like Brother Maitreya, Qing Si, Chang Chong and Xia Zi must give some benefits for their efforts. There is still a need to balance the old and young people in a group department with some influential bosses, and the rest is naturally Mr. Worm.

But today, Mr. Worm smiled after hearing Hu Yidao’s distribution plan with a frown. "Supposedly, the distribution is good, but one person is omitted …"
Everyone looked at each other, and Hu Yidao was even more confused. Last night, he approved the plan again and again for fear of forgetting who was missing today.
"That child! Out of the strong child … "Mr. Worm leisurely tunnel" If he didn’t land in the sky, he wouldn’t be able to get into the number. It’s so easy for us to take over! "
"But?" Aside the king monkey frowned. "He is not a Taoist priest …"
Worm Sir Zhong light tunnel "I know! Give him my share, and each of you will pad it. Give him a share as a gift to the upstart! I don’t want him to let Lu Fangtian out on a whim that day and give him another hand? "
They were silent, but they also knew that Mr. Worm was right.
Mixed roads look imposing. In fact, most of the time, nothing is someone else’s pawn. It’s like taking the blame for demolitions. Most of them are friends. These people are also the ones who make the most money, but they are the businessmen who are integrated with the government.
Chapter 41 Luyankai Sese Pain
To say that Liu XIII’s ability to handle affairs is really not built. Just after the first class, he thanked Cunguan, the well-connected housekeeper, and called in and said that the car had got him in the playground next to the teaching building.
In the past, Xie Cunguan liked a 60% to 70% new Giant Hunter car, which was exactly what Xie Cunguan liked. When he was at sea, Xie Cunguan had a car like this, but his car didn’t have a back seat. This car had a back seat, so it was good to bring people to Xie Cunguan’s mind. At this time, Liu Thirteen looked at him and smiled. "I don’t like the car, so it’s a bit excessive to spend forty dollars on a back seat .."
Xie Cunguan root didn’t have the heart to listen to what he said. He had already trotted in the cart for two steps, and once he spun around the playground, he climbed into the car and rode around for half a circle to have a good time. Then he went back to Liu Thirteen to see his heart and became smiling. After thanking Liu Thirteen, he looked at the uncle and was in a good mood. There was a carport in the school. He planned to send the car to the carport. As a result, he heard someone shouting, "Ah Cunguan has a car and has a car family .." He knew that it was Lu Yankai without looking up.
Then I heard Li Bo say, "Who else is there for the mountain bike?" There is a thick smile in the sound, which naturally means something else. After two conflicts, Li Bo has a deep friendship with Xie Cunguan. After all, it is enough for Li Bo to be friends when he meets something and never gives up or runs halfway.
"No matter who I take, I want this car to be a virgin!" This is Guo Ta Lu’s teasing sound. A pair of ready-made car samples scared Xie Cunguan to drive his car and flee. Guo Ta Lu’s body, he sat down and estimated that Xie Cunguan would have to go to the circle! Moreover, the new back seat may deform his "fat ass" when sitting.
Guo stepped on Lu haha laughed and looked at fleeing and went to Xie Mouren shouting "Not enough meaning …" He and Xie Cunguan were naturally the most iron couple.
Lu Yankai smiled and looked at Guo Tanlu and Xie Cunguan with some envy. He was a sensitive person and naturally felt their extraordinary feelings. It was a tacit understanding of life and death that could be entrusted, but he envied but was not jealous because he knew that friendship in front of these temperament Han people needed sincere exchange, so he would certainly be able to get their life and death promises, but Lu Yankai would not blame himself and regret himself when Uncle Wu died, which had made him look down on these things.
Think of uncle Wu Lu Yankai, and a thin and lean Han image will appear in front of him.
Smile with a feminine look and always look at you gently. No one can connect such a gentle person with others, but Uncle Wu is really mixed and mixed fiercely. When he was a child, Lu Yankai liked Uncle Wu very much, because this uncle would take time to play with him and teach him kung fu, and every time he came home, he would bring him a lot of delicious food. At that time, Lu’s business had not improved, and his father was still a small cloth vendor boy in the wholesale market. Lu Yan always liked the hero image in his heart. Kay remembered that several times when someone was looking for something in his father’s shop, his father always accompanied him to answer carefully, but several times when he was upset, Nai called Uncle Wu, and then Uncle Wu came into the shop alone to reason with others. As a result, there was a conflict. At that time, Uncle Wu reached out and picked up his father’s cloth and bamboo, and he put five or six people with machetes down in the cloth market.
Later, an accident happened to Uncle Wu, and it was also because of a family affair. People threatened to let his blood go. My father sold his business to make money and asked someone to make peace, but the other party refused to allow Uncle Wu to have an accident before he wanted to run away. He just wanted to tell his father that he had been attacked at the door of their family’s hospital. At that time, he was going to run into that family’s hospital and call the police directly at the road home, which was sure to save his life.
But he didn’t go into the relatives’ hospital, didn’t go into the road home, but chose to kill him from the small street that had been crowded to the other side. He didn’t want to bring trouble to the road home! So in that 150-meter-long street, he forcefully rushed out of a triangular scraper with a handle of more than 100 meters. He stabbed the other side. Eleven Han were seriously injured, five people died and six people were killed. He was alive with 27 knives in his body, and the last drop of blood was still in his hand, but he was still holding a Transformers robot. That was the latest Optimus Prime that Lu Yankai had always wanted.
That year, Lu’s family spent almost a bleak time.
When my father learned of Uncle Wu’s death, he smashed all the things that could be smashed in the whole house, and then he cried all day long to drown his sorrows. The Transformers were forever collected in the Lu Yankai frame, never opened, and didn’t even wipe the blood. I didn’t know if it was Uncle Wu or others. From red to brown, from brown to black, I gradually couldn’t tell what it was, but I was always glaring with a finger.
In the second year, my father finally got up from decadence. My father changed from an angry man to a philistine businessman. He was no longer so fussy about whether the protection should be handed over. He was very good at cracking down on competitors and buying off those who came to collect the protection and let them smash other people’s stores. He made a business deal, drank and vomited, went to the toilet and then went to talk and laugh. He managed a business deal, took care of a complete stranger, and even despised himself. He called me brother and kissed him more than his own brother.
However, it was only when Uncle Wu died that the cigarette butts were not extinguished in the room all night that Lu Yankai was presented with the original father. Lu Yankai knew that his father was desperately making money. It was not two things. One was to avenge Uncle Wu, and the other was to find Uncle Wu’s wife and daughter. After giving birth to his daughter, Uncle Wu’s wife advised him not to stop. She secretly went back to her hometown in Hunan with her daughter. Yan Kai was the same age in the same hospital. At that time, when they gave birth to the two children, the two fathers joked that they would form in-laws.
But uncle Wu’s wife took her daughter without saying goodbye.
Later, I killed Uncle Wu and messed myself up. I was shot by the police and asked about it. In those days, I lived with Uncle Wu for three years but didn’t get a license. Xiangmeigen never came back to my hometown.
Lu Jia’s business started because of this, but Lu Yankai felt that for his father, no matter how perfect the family is or how big the career is, he will never be able to turn over the one that is full of blood and blood! Therefore, although he envied Xie Cunguan and Guo Tanlu’s friendship, he didn’t want to learn from them. It was enough for him to be sad by one person and one generation of family members. Uncle Wu and his daughter Wu Xiao, who had no roots in his memory, were a pain in the hearts of Lu family members!
No one knows what Lu Yankai thinks in his heart, and everyone can see his face and smile.
Freshmen are busy at noon. In general, Xie Cunguan and Guo Tanlu are arranged in the library. It is said that they divide library reading study into three parts, one is professional development study, the other is knowledge development study, and the other is that ordinary college students don’t pay attention to reading ancient books and classics.
The people’s library is extremely rich, which makes them feel at home.
Most of the ancient books they read are Taoist scriptures or five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, because there are many practices in Xingyiquan, which are closely related to each other. China’s ancient regimen is as freehand as Chinese painting, and one person understands one person and practices another, but he can always find the same way by different routes.
It’s like telling you that a place is in the south of the city, and then telling you the way to tell the direction, you will find your own way to the south without telling you that you will turn left at this street corner and turn right at that street corner. China culture will see a hundred schools of thought contend, and China Boxing will see a hundred schools of thought.
The two of them are 100 ~ 10,000 in the afternoon! I will find a secluded place to exchange and practice boxing at night.
Although it’s hard to find a secluded place in the National People’s Congress, it’s limited to a shy boy like Xie Cunguan. For a frank life like Guo Tanlu, things are much simpler. He’s just like you talk about your love and I practice my boxing. But when you fight here, others are in the mood to fall in love. Of course, this is also beneficial to his unusual physique. Generally, boys will have no conflict when they see him. Although being a hero in front of women is awesome, it’s definitely worse when being beaten into a bear in front of women.
Most men and women who are disturbed will scold a psychopath and leave.
After a long time, it has become a good place for Guo to monopolize a piece of practice. No one wants to come here and find it hard. As soon as Xie Cunguan came to this place, he immediately liked a piece of hard land. There is a big pine tree in a dozen square meters, such as an umbrella, surrounded by a circle and a half of holly and small trees. It is indeed a blessed place for them to exchange and practice boxing with two bottles of water here.
Xie Cunguan took a deep breath to Guo Tanlu and sucked into the heel practice. The main thing was to practice the top strength in one breath. Guo Tanlu gave Xie Cunguan the three-way drum-up abdomen method.

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