It’s impossible for Arroyo to deal with Louxia himself. All actions are so consistent, and Arroyo can’t fight Louxia without relying on himself. That is to say, Arroyo deliberately revealed the news of the magic baby flower to Louxia through Luo Lang to design all kinds of things now.

Unconsciously, I was actually designing myself.
It’s an exquisite chess game!
"I …"
Arroyo bit her lip and bowed her head. Suddenly she raised her head and exclaimed.
at dusk
There are still wonderful flowers floating in the new house.
A ray of setting sun sneaked in from the windowsill, reflecting the carved pattern of the window leaf on the wooden floor, and the evening breeze blew in a bit comfortably.
"You’re awake."
Arroyo sat in front of the bed until she saw Qinchuan open her eyes and asked earnestly.
As early as the peak square, Qinchuan blocked the summer blow for her, but she fell into a coma because of the poisonous hidden in the Wujin long staff.
"What poison is this?"
Qinchuan asked a lie on the couch is still feel tired than mind and body.
Smell speech Arroyo’s heart warms up, but it is very touching to think of the early days. Suddenly, in the summer, she targeted a swift and violent blow, which she didn’t expect, but Qinchuan was desperate to stop her and almost lost her life.
If you go half an inch further …
"It’s okay. Just rest for a few days."
Arroyo stroking Qinchuan’s chest and fingertips touching the white gauze that he had just changed, feeling that he had suffered trauma. "You are injured here …"
"If the magic baby flower is fake, I will kill you myself."
Qinchuan interrupted her, but because she had no strength, Arroyo could caress her wound.
At that time, I really didn’t think about many things, but I didn’t know that Arroyo was blocked without any hesitation, but I didn’t want to know if I was saved.
Get rid of the immortal order and this place will never come again!
"I know"
Arroyo nodded silently. She really benefited Qinchuan, and she can rely on it. Qinchuan did this to her, but she also deserved it.
"Give me the magic baby flowers."
Cold way 1 Qin Chuanjiang walked with a sitting up from the bed.
"No, I can’t give it to you until seven days after your poison has been completely removed."
Arroyo stopped
Lou Xia Shi’s poisonous poison would have been solvable if he hadn’t learned the Wu Dian himself. Even if he barely got rid of some at this time, he would never be able to recover immediately. Plus, it is already the last bottom line that seven days of trauma is difficult to heal due to poisoning.
Otherwise, she doesn’t know the consequences.
"Give it to me!" Qinchuan chidao
"Will you give it or not?"
Arroyo clenched his teeth and never let go of his eyebrows. A pair of clear eyes stared at Qinchuan’s cheek. If Wang Chunshui spoke tough but begged.
Qinchuan looked at her and always gave up.
I don’t have so much strength at the moment. She can argue that she is Hu Fei and the magic baby flower is medicinal. It is not clear for the time being. If the residual poison is not clear, it is impossible to say that there will be future trouble.
Arroyo is also good for himself.
Then he took a cross at Arroyo and lay down again to close his eyes and stop talking.
Full house fragrance
Arroyo walked with Ba quietly staring at the man in front of her husband. At this moment, she no longer has the majesty of the wizard leader, just like an ordinary wife.
The wedding in her heart is real.
In the next few days, Qinchuan is still weak and has been taken care of by Arroyo.
Now the huge hidden danger of building summer in the holy witch religion has been removed; Seeing Arroyo’s means and adding more body often makes Sang Na completely declare her loyalty to Arroyo. Of course, she has no choice but to make it worse. If leading Arroyo is really a conscientious leader.
There is even a few cents left.
Wu Wei was set up again, and Luo Lang was loyal; And the maple messenger was killed for treason, but the whole maple clan was saved. Aloye also let the maple messenger take over.
So the maple family is naturally grateful, even if there are some reactionary forces, it is difficult to support themselves.

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