However, Qi Zhong said that Feng Yang did well, but he didn’t mean by Feng Yang Operator Technician Association, but said that he is doing well now, and he didn’t show nervousness and cowardice in the face of himself. His mind is really good.

"I’m flattered by my predecessors," Feng Yang said humbly. His purpose is to make more friends who can become his own amulets. In front of the strong man, he gives him a strong threat and shows his strength. He is too much higher than him. It is absolutely stupid to show too much pride in front of this strong man and leave a bad impression on others.
"By the way, how many days have I been in a coma?" Feng Yang remembered my question.
"More than 20 days," said Qifei, somewhat surprised. "Do you have any illness and didn’t see what injury you suffered? You were in a coma for more than 20 days."
"What more than twenty days?" The wind Yang heart in a surprised eagerly said "elder Qifei I have something to leave these days to talk about another day to visit" said the wind Yang cast out the phantom of the opera Feng Ling in situ to leave a phantom while his body has rushed out of the hall more than ten feet away as the phantom disappeared, and the wind Yang has disappeared.
"Good speed" Qi Zhong couldn’t help but feel a little stunned. The speed of the wind just made his eyes see clearly and he could see a fuzzy streamer.
"It should be a step posture?" QiFei suspicious looking at grandpa QiZhong.
"Less is the intermediate level" Qi Zhong’s eyes and experience made him have a strong judgment, and he guessed the wind posture and Wushu level at a glance.
Feng Yang anxiously rushed to Hu Die Fox Fairy House for more than 20 days. He really can’t guarantee what is going on in Wuhua, and he doesn’t know whether the holy master has come back or not. If the holy master Bai Jie comes back once and happens to be absent himself, let him continue to travel around the world, then I really don’t know if he will have to wait until years later.
Back to the fox spirit in the wind Yang has not come to see Wu Hua, but he has been scolded by Hu Die outside. "You are sick and disappeared for more than 20 days. You also said that what is a good brother? I think you came to Sunset City and were fascinated by the flower girl here, so you went fooling around for more than 20 days."
"You misunderstood" Feng Yang was too lazy to explain, but seeing Hu Die’s overbearing expression without explanation, Feng Yang could also explain "I am a test operator technician of the Operator Technician Association, but I suddenly fainted on my way back, and a good-hearted man was in a coma for more than 20 days."
"You are really sick and unconscious, so thrilling." Hu Die pie mouth said that it was obvious that Fengyang had made up a clumsy and naive reason to fool her, but it also made a little room for Fengyang to pass.
"Your master hasn’t come back yet?" Feng yang asked
"I’ll go and see Andy first," said Feng Yang, stepping in.
Hu Die couldn’t help but muttered, "Now every man has a responsibility to let his eldest daughter as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade get married for a long time."
Wu Hua must lie in the coffin of Haibo Ice Spirit at this time, so as to maintain his body function without damage or decay and then maintain a little vitality. Although Wu Hua’s face is no different from that of normal people, Feng Yang will involuntarily give birth to a sour feeling when he sees Wu Hua lying quietly in the coffin of Haibo Ice Spirit.
For more than 20 days, Youxueer stayed with Wu Hua, even though she knew that Wu Hua might not be able to hear the sound, but as always, she told Wu Hua her heart day after day, and it seemed that she would know everything for so many years.
She also seems to have betrothed herself to Wu Hua, who regarded Wu Hua as her own generation. The man released the girl with reserve and shyness, and served Wu Hua wholeheartedly to help him wipe his body every day. She looked forward to the day when Wu Hua woke up and could clean her face.
"Hua Zai, don’t worry that Brother Yang won’t let you sleep all the time." Feng Yang looked at Wu Hua and immediately came in. Hu Die asked, "Is there any way to contact your master?"
Hu Die hesitated for a moment and said, "Yes, but there is a very harsh one that most people can never do before."
"Let’s talk about it," said Feng Yang eagerly.
"I have a communication jade note with my master’s soul brand here, but I can trace the master’s trace through this communication jade note, which means that the master is outside the sensing range of this stunt communication jade note."
"What are the requirements?" Feng yang asked
Hu Die said seriously, "Yuan Soul Force is very strong. Yuan Soul Force urges this communication jade note to contain the master yuan soul brand. Leave a breath from the master yuan soul brand to track the master’s own yuan soul force, so that the news can be handed to him, but the demand for yuan soul force is too high. Once an operator tried to turn to the master for help, it failed to join the master in this way, and it was also very risky to do so. Once the master yuan soul brand was urged by his own yuan soul force to track it out, if the law was recovered, it would probably lose yuan soul force and die."
"I’ll try" Feng Yang said without hesitation.
"You try?" Hu Die looked at the wind with suspicion and horror and dissuaded him, "Calm down, this is not a joke. This way, the popular point shape is equivalent to letting the master yuan soul brand take you out to search for the master’s trace. If you are not careful, you may face the death tragedy caused by the yuan soul force method."
Feng Yang’s look is firm and his tone is firm. Wu Hua woke up a little more one day after being treated. I hope that although he is not an acute person, he can’t wait for this matter.
"Brother Yang doesn’t need to do that. Wu Hua can wait. If the master doyen didn’t notice it, it would also hurt your Wu Hua character. Even if he wakes up, he will feel sorry for the painful generation." You Xueer helped persuade her that although she also wanted to see Wu Hua wake up as soon as possible, she didn’t want to see Feng Yang put herself in a hopeless situation because of this matter.
At Michelle and Wu Hua, he nodded heavily and said, "I am measured."
I don’t know to see the wind Yang this look Hu Die heart involuntarily gives birth to a kind of tie will pass the special communication jade note to the wind Yang and guide the wind Yang such as manipulation.
Hu Die guided Feng Yang to teach himself that Yuan Soul Force urged the communication jade note Yuan Soul Brand to urge the master Bai Jie Yuan Soul Brand to go out, and Yuan Soul Force locked this Yuan Soul Brand to track Bai Jie’s trace.
In order to enlarge the tracking distance, the wind kept injecting the Yuan soul force into the communication jade note, which also made him more and more take away by Bai Jieyuan soul brand.
At the same time
The leaders of several major forces in Sunset City all appeared at the same time, and their respective forces looked at Sunset City from the roof.
Qi Zhong, the president of the Operator Technician Association, looked dignified and was somewhat amazed and puzzled. "When did the Yuan Soul Force Sunset City come? Is the Yuan Soul Force so powerful and strong that it is the old man Tang Zhuotang coming to Sunset City?"
In his mind, there are three great martial arts heroes, one Tang Zhuo Tang master, who has this kind of soul force that can make thousands of operators and technicians stunned.
Qi Zhong cried and took out the communication jade note to "pay close attention to the operator technician association these days to see if there are any strange faces entering the operator technician association"
Ghosts teach Xuan Ming old ghost Zhao Han’s look is exactly the same as Qi Zhong, the president of the Operator Technician Association. Although he is not strong, he can clearly sense this powerful soul breath. People who can have such a strong soul force are not first-class super strong or high-order operator technicians.
After all, the stronger the yuan soul force, the greater the fact is, which is also of great benefit to the cultivation. The stronger the yuan soul force means, the higher the understanding will be, and the more memories you can have, the richer the experience you can accumulate, which will make the cultivation of Wushu and achievement methods more effective.
"Such a strong yuan soul force seems to have flown out of Sunset City. Who will it be?" Zhao Hanshen, an old ghost in Xuan Ming, teaches the ghost leader, but he also has some fears about just sensing Yuan Soul Force.
Zhao Han, a "mastermind", drank lightly and drank low, and his face was distorted, which made people unable to see his true appearance. The whole face was like a mass of squeezed fat men suddenly emerged from the ground, kneeling in front of Zhao Han and respectfully saying, "The leader has orders."
This face is twisted, ferocious, horrible and ugly. Compared with a man, it was that day that he stole Feng Yang’s father sadly and the wind rose and fell to Yifan. There was a battle between the masterminds. At that time, Feng Yang killed two people and the mastermind escaped.
"Pay close attention to the situation in Sunset City these days. If you find that Yuan has a strong soul, don’t offend easily and report it immediately." Zhao Han, the leader of the Ghost Sect, said with dignity.

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