She really doesn’t understand.

"Luo-"The door was gently pushed, and a young waitress came in slowly, bowed respectfully to the evening and said carefully, "Queen, you’d better eat a little if you don’t have a meal tonight."
"Go out" turned away and didn’t want the waitress to see her face with tears.
"Queen, if you don’t eat and starve, won’t you be able to go home?" The waitress is very persuasive.
I’m shocked. Yeah, if I’m sick, how can I fight with him and let him let me go? Thought of here, Xi couldn’t help looking up at this waitress, who is new and she hasn’t seen it before.
"When did you transfer?" Evening bed waitress immediately picked up a robe for her and said earnestly, "I just transferred back to the queen."
"Just now? What about Xiao Yun, who served me before? " Xi feels very strange. Why did you suddenly change people?
"She was killed by Wang Ci," the waitress replied very little.
"Give me death?" Evening startled stare big eyes.
"Because she didn’t take good care of the queen, she let something that you shouldn’t see get in …"
"You mean those two newspapers?" Evening was livid. "It turned out that he didn’t want me to know that this matter had been closed. I didn’t expect Xiao Yun to let me see it because of his negligence. He blamed Xiao Yun for all the crimes and actually gave her to death. What did his heart do? What is so cruel and vicious? "
"The queen you mean the king? This is our dark night rule. You can’t blame him. "This new waitress is different from other waitresses. She seems to have the courage to say so much in front of her, and her lips always look very flattering with an earnest smile, but she finally feels a little abnormal and doesn’t know anything.
(please support the baby another company "sky-high bait Chapter two hundred and twenty fanning the flames.
"Rules will kill koo? Kill people at every turn. What is this place? " Evening anger swept the food on the table.
"The queen is angry." The waitress immediately knelt down and gently advised, "You really don’t have to care too much about this kind of thing. It’s been like this for decades. We are used to it that the dead king ordered the waiter not to count. You don’t have to care too much about asking the king to be nice to you."
"What? How many people has he killed? " Open your eyes in the evening
"This method is calculated," the waitress replied in a low voice.
Xi Yu is tired of her. She is really tired of this place, this terrible place.
"Queen, I’ll go and prepare some snacks for you. If you are hungry and sick, I will end up in Xiaoyun’s field," said the waitress pitifully.
"All right," Xi sighed and nodded. "What’s your name?"
"Green" waitress replied with a smile.
"Well, go green." Evening got up and went to bed to sit.
"Queen, you may have to wait a little longer because I have to go to the housekeeper’s mother-in-law to get the medicine," Green said as she cleaned up the mess.
"What medicine?" Evening doubt looked at her.
"Birth control pills! The queen will add some birth control pills to her food every night so that the queen won’t be pregnant …"
"What did you say?" Xi excitedly screamed, "You mean I added … birth control pills to my dinner?"
"It turns out that the queen doesn’t know yet." Green son kept kowtowing and crying in panic. "Queen, please don’t tell the king that I said it, or I will die miserably. Please."
"You get up." Evening picked up the green son. "I won’t tell him, but you have to tell me what’s going on. Whose idea was this? What birth control pills? What won’t have children? Is it temporary or forever? "
"Queen, this is the king’s order." Green is a novel. "Because the king doesn’t want you to have a baby, let the housekeeper’s mother-in-law add birth control pills to your dinner every night. I heard that this contraceptive pill is specially refined by seven instructors, but after eating it, you will never get pregnant. The king can rest assured that you can sleep together temporarily or forever. I’m not sure about this. I heard the housekeeper’s mother-in-law say that if you eat too much, it seems like …"
"Can’t have a baby?" Evening took green son’s words and felt that she was about to collapse. She respected the king and had compromised with her about the baby. He also promised her that if she really had a baby, she would stay. I didn’t expect him to be so mean and secretly give her medicine.
Does he want her so fiercely every night but never worry that she will get pregnant? It turns out that he had planned why he refused to have children. Why don’t you want me to have his baby? What?
"Uh-huh" green son nodded. "The queen is really painful. How painful it is for you to have a baby. He doesn’t want you to suffer this kind of pain. He is not so kind to other women. I heard that he won’t give her birth control pills when he enjoys seven instructors during the day, but seven instructors don’t know what and have never been pregnant."
"What did you say?" Evening shocked eyes wide open "you mean he will … and LengQin during the day? Is it before or now? "
"Now" green son timidly looked at evening "queen you won’t mind these things? It is normal for Wang Zun to enjoy several women at the same time. I … "
Evening limped and sat on the bed, feeling that the sky was about to fall. Since she bumped into King Zun and Leng Qin’s passionate lingering, he never summoned Leng Qin to St. Tianbao. They had nothing to do. I didn’t expect him to move his position, but she still trusted him so much. He said that he didn’t really enter her, so he believed that he didn’t expect him to lie to her.
"The queen you really mind? God, I said I shouldn’t talk. I’m damn it. "Green keeps hitting her mouth.
"Are you telling the truth?" Evening suddenly staring at the green son.
Green son hesitated for a moment and knelt down timidly and said, "Although I said I shouldn’t speak, I swear there is absolutely no lie. I dare not lie to you. We waitresses may be demoted as comfort women if we say something wrong, but if we lie to you and Wang, we will be given a death and die miserably. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the housekeeper’s mother-in-law to investigate the matter of instructor Wang Qi, and you will have your own test."
"Well, I’ll test you. If you tell the truth, I won’t treat you badly, but if you lie to me, tell me that you have bad intentions, and I will never spare you." Evening stared at the green son coldly and said.
"Yes" green son hung his head and passed a cold light in his eyes.

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